Superscreen Rethinks How You Engage with Your Smartphone


Or even worse, it relies on screencasting technology that is dependent on a WiFi network. Smartphones are the primary tool used to engage with the digital world.

What Media Execs Missed about YouTube Stars

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We watched as PewDiePie would do screencasts with his fans, Cenk Uygur would talk to his audience on The Young Turks and the like, Hannah Hart would drink and then cook for us. For Father’s Day I was watching the most heartfelt movies I’ve seen in a long time, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.”

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Is WebEx “Dead Man Walking?”

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And when we asked him to demonstrate his product he reverted his Skype session to a screencast (e.g. This week I was preparing for my weekly This Week in Venture Capital web show and was researching some of the deals that were announced for the week.

Sprouter: Providing Value Without The Noise

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You can also checkout their screencast here: Tags: frontpage We caught up with Erin Bury , Community Manager of Sprouter to help explain what they are all about.