Intro to Search Engine Optimization

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Thursday, September 6, 2012 -- Intro to Search Engine Optimization. What is Search Engine Optimization? This class is designed to teach you how to drive more traffic to your web site and increase sales, by using tools suited for anyone! ll cover getting on the first page of search engines (results not guaranteed), getting more web traffic without spending money on advertising, and strategies for onsite and offsite website optimization techniques.

The Art and Science of Search Engine Optimization

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 -- "The Art and Science of Search Engine Optimization" LABTC. This two hour workshop at the Business Technology Center, one of the largest incubators in California, offers business owners and their marketing staff useful insight into the fast changing techniques necessary to move their online businesses higher in the search engine rankings, and draw more traffic to their web sites.

Covario Targets Mobile Web Sites


San Diego-based Covario , a developer of search engine marketing and search engine optimization software, said today that it has launched a new product focused on creating mobile web sites. According to the firm, its new product--Mobile COntent Optimizer--helps advertisers create mobile-friendly web sites. Tags: covario mobile site software

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The Search Agency Unveils New Offering


Los angeles-based online search marketing provider The Search Agency said it has released a new offering today, which it is calling h(SEO). The Search Agency called its new product a "new holistic approach to search engine optimization (SEO)".

How to Get Your E-commerce Site Noticed In A Global Market

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As the Internet continues to become populated with e-commerce sites, it’s becoming more and more difficult to generate web traffic, leads, and ultimate the sales for your website. Increase Your On-Site SEO. Incorporating a Site Map.

4 Essential Webpage Elements for Getting Site Visitors to Convert

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Much effort and study has been expended to determine how a web site can better convert its visitors to paying customers. Sites like place their free demo button above the fold and make it as visible as possible. Site Speed .

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Have you set your social media listening posts?


You can do the same for the various social media and streaming sites at or by subscribing to a tool like You will be able to control (to a degree) the placement of your name in the rankings with a little work one step beyond search engine optimization.

Covario Buys Netconcepts


San Diego-based Covario , a developer of search advertising and web site optimization software and services, said today that it has acquired Netconcepts, LLC , a website search engine optimization firm based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Idealab Launches


As part of that service launch, the firm will donate 10 cents to the Greater New Orleans Foundation's new Oil Spill Fund every time a user provides feedback on any business, person, event, product or topic on the site until July 23rd, up to a maximum donation of $50,000. In addition, said that any user adding feedback to the site will get a chance to win an Apple iPhone 4.

ReachLocal Launches Trio Of Products, Targets Home Services


ReachSite helps provide search engine optimization, content optimization, and lead capture for companies, to help companies convert visitors into customers. That new consumer site lets users book home services online or via a mobile app--letting users find a plumber, air conditioning repairman, electrician, locksmith, home cleaner, and more--including setting up an appointment window, and handling payment.

Covario Rolls Out New Offering


San Diego-based Covario , a developer of search engine marketing automation tools, said earlier this week that it has rolled out a new product which the firm will further automate keyword marketing for customers. According to the firm, it has launched a product called D3- Data Driven Decisions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Tags: covario search engine marketing software

Perfect Market Names Advisors


Perfect Market is looking to apply search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques to what has traditionally been considered "archive" content--for example, old advice articles from newspapers and magazines. The firm is hoping its automated tools can help large, branded content publishers a way to drive traffic to their sites.

SEO for Startups


They went on to describe a fairly common type of site that has some original content, but not much. They are in a space where there is lots of search traffic, but they didn't have anything particularly interesting to say about how they were going to get ranked.

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Mafia Sourcing – How Insider’s Game User Generated News

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I had previously believed that the world of user-generated news sites were run on a open, crowd-sourced model. What I learned 18 months ago is that sites like Digg traditionally have not been “crowd sourced&# so much as “mafia sourced.&#. The Web.

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IT Department and Web Teams | Who Does What Now?

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Network engineers and programmers are essential in designing platforms and up-keeping them. Then there is a Network Engineer that will make sure that communication lines stay open between everybody.

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Interview with Lolita Carrico, Gloss Network


Our interview this morning is with Lolita Carrico, founder of Gloss Network for Women (, an online network of sites focused on women. Are sponsors interested in such highly targeted sites, rather than the broad reach?

Interview with Sam Rogoway, Near Networks


We've also found that online video really helps with search engine optimization. There was a recent study which showed that adding a video makes it 53 times more likely that you'll have a Google first page search result. Normally, SEO is not cheap, and video is a very affordable way to boost your businesses search engine optimization, and help you to get discovered.

7 Facts You Need to Know When Creating a Mobile App

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Companies are spending more time and money on their mobile sites than their full-fledged website. I thought it might be valuable (and fun) to share some of those “mobile surprises” with you: SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That’s because those developers optimized.

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Product Manager Entrepreneur Mark Geller


In addition, I do a few consulting projects on the side, in the areas of product strategy, search engine optimization, and intellectual property. Of course, you should monitor social media such as Twitter, the social news sites, Facebook, etc.

Pour And Stir II – Managing Your Cost Per Customer


There are two ways to decrease your cost per customer; (i) optimize the amount of money you pour into the top of the funnel and, (ii) increase the rate by which you convert potential customers into actual customers and thus increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.

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Interview with Robert Flynn, Aggregage


Los Angeles-based Aggregage ( is looking to help aggregate the content across multiple blog publishing sites, and curate that information into specific, B2B niche vertical web sites. He found it was difficult to build an audience up, and really looking into the whole search engine optimization necessary for this kind of long tail content. In the learning space, is the most highly trafficked site in the space.

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Improving Website and Wordpress Performance with Hard-Coded Share Buttons

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Wordpress in particular is fairly resource heavy right out of the box so speeding up everything else is a critical piece of running a site on this platform. Your content gets to the share site just as it would with the Javascript, sometimes even faster. site).

TZ Startup Hot Seat | Joey Flores CEO of Earbits

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In this interview, we catch up with an amazing TechZulu Spotlight alumnus, Joey Flores, CEO of Earbits , a hand-curated music discovery engine that allows its bands and artists to advertise and promote their own material, events, announcements, contests, whatever.