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The titles were: Mobile First, Web Second. Mobile First, Web Second (continued). People forgot that Fred also wrote “Web Second.” ” So I’ve had to encourage an entire cohort of startups that I’ve met not to ignore the power of the web.

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Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


” In our performance consulting work, we often hear variations of the following: “Our web application was running fine with a few hundred users. Web application performance is a broad discipline. However, most web applications are not blogs or news sites.

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Raken Aims for Growth in Mobile App for Construction Site Reporting


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Tealium Takes On Web Tags


San Diego-based Tealium , a firm started by Websidestory/Visual Sciences/Omniture vets, said today that it has launched a product to help web marketers manage their digital marketing products. The firm said its Tealium iQ software allows marketers to easily add, remove, and modify web page tags which are used for data collection, measurement, behavioral target, and online optimization. Those tags are used for web analytics, affiliate marketing, retargeting, and more.

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LA Rolls Out Slick Open Data Mapping Site, GeoHub


As part of the city's efforts to make more of its data accessible to citizens and others, the City of Los Angeles rolled out a new site, Los Angeles Geohub , powered by GIS technology from Esri. The new site allows citizens and others pull up a large library of open data, and browse that through a map interface. In addition to the online browsing of that data, the same information can be access by developers via an SDK, and incorporated into web and mobile apps.

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4 Essential Webpage Elements for Getting Site Visitors to Convert

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Much effort and study has been expended to determine how a web site can better convert its visitors to paying customers. Sites like ww1.novarad.net place their free demo button above the fold and make it as visible as possible. Site Speed .

AnyMeeting Updates Web Conferencing Service


Huntington Beach-based AnyMeeting , the provider of free web conferencing and webinar services, has updated its site, in a major update for the service. The update--which went live Friday--includes a redesigned interface, faster screen sharing, and better overall web conferencing management features. The new service also includes a 6-way video conferencing feature specifically aimed at hosting mall video conferences.

Group: California Internet Tax Bill Will Harm California Web Businesses


California's move yesterday to tax out-of-state, e-commerce retailers, will cause "immediate devastating loss of income" to web-based business in California, says a group focused on the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate programs allow website owners to collect a small fee for referring customers to e-commerce retailers, and have been a common way for web sites to monetize their Internet traffic.

Arterys, GE Healthcare to Roll Out Next-Gen MRI Scans of Heart


That’s because GE Healthcare, by tweaking its traditional MRI scanners, was capturing so much raw data on the heart that on-site hospital scanners and computers couldn’t assemble it into images that doctors could intuitively interpret.

5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

From the Venture Trenches

It will cost them too much and will create more work for them once the site has been deployed. The pride and effort they have placed in building up their business should be reflected through their web presence. Basically their site will need to be re-built from scratch.

Crowdfunder Gets $400K For Crowdfunding Site


Los Angeles-based Crowdfunder , an online crowd funding site headed by Chance Barnett, has raised $400,000 in seed funding, according to reports today. The firm offers up an online web site where companies get solicit funding for their startups, providing a pitch, supporting documents, and other information on their firms, and people can follow companies they might be interested in funding.

Qualaroo Launches New Product, Helps Convert Web Visitors


Qualaroo , a developer of website conversion and analytics software which helps web businesses improve the experience and conversion of their visitors, has launched a new product. in funding from Polaris Ventures, True Ventures, Index Ventures, First Round Capital, and 500Startups--uses on-site surveys to collect feedback from users, and helps improve the experience of those users based on the data form those surveys.

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Hacking Hacker News – How Wily Startups Leverage Social News Sites


The lessons learned by Divshot confirm that obtaining, and more importantly maintaining, visibility on the front page of a major social news site results from the congruence of three factors: audience, timing and engagement. This article previously appeared in Forbes.

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Connect6 Aims To Bridge The Web, Real Life Contacts


A new, Los Angeles-based Connect6 launched this week, with a new, Chrome browser extension which looks to bridge the web--and such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and other services--with LinkedIn-like information on potential contacts. The company''s software discovers contacts online, and allows users to click on an icon to pull up important business details, like job title, employer, job skills, email address, phone number, and more.

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The 7 “Free” Ways to Get Traffic on the Web

Jason Nazar

The 7 Ways to Get (unpaid) Traffic on the Web. “If There are 7 Ways to Get Traffic on the Web, in no weighted order they are: 1.) Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK redirect billions of searches everyday.Search engines have the potential to drive millions of visitors to a given site.Wikipedia and About are two of the most popular sites on the web, but the majority of their traffic comes from referrals from search engines, not people going directly to their site.To

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StockTwits Ties With Investor Relations Web Developer


San Diego-based StockTwits , the online, finance-focused messaging service, said today that it has partnered with Q4 Web Systems , a developer of corporate websites and social media products for public companies. Q4's software powers Investors Relations sites for a wide variety of public companies.

Two San Diego Sites Rank Tops In Rising Social Networking Interest


A report issued this week by Experian Marketing Services has identified two, San Diego niche social networking sites as being among the fastest growing sites between July of 2011 and July of 2012.

Sweety High Launches Site for Tween Girls


Sweety High , a new startup based in Manhattan Beach, is hoping to reach tween girls with its new social gaming and entertainment site, saying this week that it has launched out of private beta. The site says it is hoping to create a social game platform to allow girls between 8 and 16 to "express themselves fearlessly".

5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

From the Venture Trenches

It will cost them too much and will create more work for them once the site has been deployed. The pride and effort they have placed in building up their business should be reflected through their web presence. With over three billion local search queries in any given month on Google alone, no business can afford not to be on the web. And with 20% of traffic coming from smart phones your site has to be mobile friendly.

Internet Brands Buys Two Women's Sites From eHarmony


Los Angeles-based Internet Brands said Monday that it has acquired two web sites aimed at women, Weddingbee.com , and JustMommies.com from Pasadena-based eHarmony. Internet Brands and eHarmony said that eHarmony had been operating the two sites for "several years" before the sale. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Weddingbee is an online blog focused on the wedding industry, brides, and wedding planning, and was launched in 2006.

CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

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CreatorUp is the online web series school teaching the next generation of web series creators how to make and market their own new video projects on the web. We also host video-conferences with students who want to learn specific topics around web video.

AudioMicro Scores Funding From Stock Photo Site Fotolia


Los Angeles-based AudioMicro , the provider of royalty free music and sound effects run by Ryan Born, has scored a round of financing from micro stock photo site Fotolia. AudioMicro operates an online web site which allows users to license royalty free music and sound effects for their video products, YouTube videos, and other uses.

Pxldust.com Launches Art, Photography Competition Site


Hollywood-based Pxldust.com , a new web site focused on allowing artists and photographers to showcase their work, said this week that it is looking to let artists to compete for prizes and show off their artwork to others through its site. The site allows artists to submit their work, and have that work voted on by visitors, with the top artwork receiving various prizes, including gift cards, consumer electronics, and more.

User Interface Beyond the Web Site


Normally the product is defined as a web site. Most founders are fairly passionate about the features and functions of the web site, iPhone application, Facebook application, or whatever web application represents the product. What applications and web sites have you been using? Then I spend time in all sorts of other applications and web sites. To see the contents you have to click a link to go to the site.

Covario Targets Mobile Web Sites


San Diego-based Covario , a developer of search engine marketing and search engine optimization software, said today that it has launched a new product focused on creating mobile web sites. According to the firm, its new product--Mobile COntent Optimizer--helps advertisers create mobile-friendly web sites. Tags: covario mobile site software

Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

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Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube and other content streaming sites have all but obliterated the independent DVD rental business of yesterday. Shows on the site are handpicked by a team of editors and organized into several categories.

Payoff.com Launches Personal Finance Site, Backed By $3.5M


Los Angeles-based Payoff.com , a new startup led by Scott Saunders, said Tuesday that it has officially launched its free, social finance site. Payoff.com's web site centers around sharing dreams and saving goals with others, and earning special badges for reaching steps along the way to those goals. The firm said it is backed with $3.5M

Curating The Web Using PublishThis, with Matt Kumin


If you're a web publisher, or even a brand developing your own outreach to customers through a newsletter or microsite, how do you efficiently gather and curate all of the news and information out there? It's all about what is happening on the realtime web.

SheKnows Powers Site For Patti Stanger


Los Angeles-based SheKnows , the online women's publishing community and site which is part of Evolve Media Corp.'s s AtomicOnline unit, reports today that it is powering a new web site for Patti Stanger, best known for hosting Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker. SheKnows said that they are helping to launch Stanger's official site, PattiKnows , which will feature daily content from Stanger, video diaries, and other features.

Selecting a Web Development Company


I''ve written before about finding Web Development Firms in Los Angeles. How good is the company''s own site? They shouldn''t be showing you that they don''t care at all about looks and content on their own site. What do they do after the web site is launched?

NationBuilder Raises $6.3M


Los Angeles-based NationBuilder , a startup developing an online system to help political candidates and other organizations to create web sites, organize volunteers, coordinate campaigns, and more, said Thursday that it has raised $6.3M nationbuilder venture capital politics politicians site creator andreessen horowitz

Internet Brands Buys Three Web Sites


Los Angeles-based Internet Brands is continuing to buy up small, vertically focused web sites to add to its various consumer focused content networks, saying Wednesday that it has acquired three websites. Tags: domain site acquisition merger brands internet The firm said it has acquired BusinessMart.com and BusinessFinance.com for its Money and Business vertical, and KidsCamps.com for its Travel and Leisure vertical. Financial terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed.

eHarmony Launches Site For Spanish Speaking Singles


Los Angeles-based online matchmaking site eHarmony said Thursday that it is expanding its market, and has launched a brand new site, specifically aimed at Spanish speaking singles. According to eHarmony, its new web site is built to serve both Spanish speaking singles in the U.S., eHarmony said the new Spanish site will be launched into several other countries, including Mexico and Spain, over the course of 2016.