Snapchat will make Los Angeles a stronger tech hub

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It’s quite possible that Snapchat could do the same for L.A. Column Social TC Los Angeles Snapchat PayPal Mafia Evan SpiegelIf you were to write a history of Silicon Valley, you could do it by looking at a series of major diaspora.

Snapchat Plans Bitmoji Cartoon Feature


Venice-based Snapchat is planning to launch a new feature in February, which will feature users' Bitmoji avatars as the main characters in a custom cartoon. A number of users have posted the teaser for Bitmoji TV that Snapchat apparently sent out over the last couple of days. bitmoji snapchat avatar cartoon comic entertainment social

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Snapchat To Launch Mental Health, Wellness Tools


Venice, California-based Snapchat is getting set to launch a new set of tools around mental health and wellness , according to a report today. snapchat snap mental health wellness resources anxiety socialThe new tools--expected to launch today--will offer up resources for dealing with anxiety, mental health, and suicide, according to the report. The features will reportedly surface when users search for certain keywords and topics related to mental health and wellness. READ MORE>>.

Snapchat To Debut Wellness Tools As Virus Threat Ramps


Venice, California-based Snapchat is launching its new set of health and wellness tools, well ahead of schedule, due to the growing threat of the COVID-19 virus threat, and will surface educational information on the new virus and health measures, as well as mental health content. Snapchat had earlier announced plans for its Here For You tool in February, offering up relevant content when people search on terms related to mental health, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Facebook Sending Message to Snapchat

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Facebook has launched an unfriendly feud by aping the features of social media upstart Snapchat

Report: Snapchat, NBC Team On 2020 Olympic Summer Games Coverage


Los Angeles-based Snap , the parent company of Snapchat , has inked a deal with NBC where NBC will produce four, daily original shows on the Olympics and Team USA for Snapchat, according to Variety. The move most likely will help Snapchat cement its place among millenials and Gen Z as a major distribution route for content to younger demographics. snap snapchat summer olympic games 2020 content publishing

MomentFeed Links With Snapchat


Los Angeles-based MomentFeed , which develops social marketing software to help multi-location, retail brands better manage the information about their local stores, has linked up with Snapchat's partner program, according to the company. Snapchat said that MomentFeed is now one a number of "Snapchat Partners", which lets MomomentFeed's customers execute targeted, location-based paid advertising campaigns using Snap Ads and Geofilters.

Report: Snapchat Raising $100M


Venice-based photo messaging service Snapchat is reportedly raising $100M in funding, at a valuation of half a billion dollars, according to a report Friday. snapchat venture capital rumor valuation photo messaging mobile

Snapchat Set To Release Feature To Insert Faces Into Videos


Venice-based Snapchat is apparently testing a feature that will allow its users to insert their own faces (or those of their friends)--"deepfake"-style--into other people's videos, and has been testing the feature in France , according to French users. Snapchat said today that the new feature will roll out globally on December 18th, allowing iOS and Android users to insert their faces into more than 150 videos. snapchat faces video deepfake content

Snapchat's Gender Swap Filter Takes Down Cop


In an unconventional, and probably unintended use of the Snapchat "gender switch" filter, a Bay Area college student has snagged a cop , who allegedly was looking to "hook up" with a teenage girl. The Snapchat filter--which went viral in May--makes users photos look like the opposite gender, by modifying photos to change face shape, skin texture, hair length, and other characteristics. Snapchat is based in Venice, California.

Snapchat: 35 Employees, Great Place To Work


Venice-based social networking app developer Snapchat looks to be on the prowl for employees, based on a new recruiting video released onto YouTube by the company Wednesday morning. In the video, Snapchat''s employees -- of which there are 35 -- talk about working at Snapchat and in Venice.

Report: Snapchat Files For IPO


A report on Tuesday afternoon from Reuters says that Venice, California-based social communications and networking app developer Snapchat has filed its paperwork for its IPO. snapchat merger acquisition exit social networking communicationsNo terms or details on that IPO have been yet announced by the company, which has been rumored to be working on an IPO for months. READ MORE>>.

Half Lives. Social Media. And Snapchat Stories.

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And Snapchat has changed the game and in ways that I think the community doesn’t even quite understand yet. (If If you’re not a Snapchat user and want a taste of what I do there check out: where I save the videos permanently.) But here is what I’ve learned about Snapchat.

Introducing Why, oh, why Snapchat?

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For the past few months I’ve been doing nearly daily “Snapstorms” or short videos with startup advice released on Snapchat. Among the most comical things to me in the past few years is just how much it annoys some people that I use Snapchat. Snapchat is faster and easier.

Snapchat Sued Over Obscene Snapchat Discover Links


Venice-based Snapchat has been sued in a class action lawsuit , over what the lawsuit says are obscene news stories published via Snapchat Discover. The lawsuit alleges "willful and intentional violations" of the Communications Decency Act by Snapchat in linking to media partners such as Buzzfeed, Vice, and MTV. snapchat lawsuit legal discovery obscenity geragos buzzfeed clickbait

Snapchat Parts Ways With COO


In what has been a constant, Snapchat -all-the-time news week, the Venice, California-based messaging company has apparently cut loose its COO , Emily White, as CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel has decided to take a more hand-on role at the company. White had only joined Snapchat in 2013, having formerly been Instagram''s Director of Business Operations. snapchat executive emily white evan spiegel instant messaging

How Snapchat Is Taking a Crack at Stopping Fake News


Now Snapchat has stepped into the fray with its own solution. The New Snapchat. Will the new Snapchat actually cut down in the divisive problem of fake news? Social Media algorithm Facebook Fake News news feed snapchat

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Snapchat 101 for VCs and Old Folks

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Thus begins Snapchat and why you don’t get it. Snapchat will be used for both like the Internet (and TV) are. I just need to break you of the idea that Snapchat is for one thing – it is not. You can follow me on Snapchat here or by searching in the app for msuster.

Snapchat Planning First Ads


Venice, California-based messaging app developer Snapchat is planning to roll out its first advertising effort soon, according to CEO Evan Spiegel, who said this week at the Vanity Fair New Establishment summit. snapchat advertising message instant disappearing social mobile smartphone evan spiegel

Report: Snapchat Employees Abused Tool To Spy On Users


Employees of Venice-based Snap , the parent company of Snapchat , have been abusing access to a tool--SnapLion--that allows them to retrieve user data, including saved Snaps, location information, phone numbers, and email addresses, according to a report. The report--from Vice's Motherboard--claims that Snapchat employees have abused that data access to spy on users. snap snapchat spying snaplion cybersecurity security privacy

Snapchat Raises $485.6M In New Funding


Venice, California-based Snapchat has raised an enormous, $485.6M The funding appears to be linked to an earlier reported funding effort by the company this year, led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which reportedly values Snapchat at over $10 billion. snapchat venture capital investment kpcb social messaging instant kleiner funding round, according to a regulatory filing from the company on New Year''s Eve.

Snapchat Eyes IPO


Venice-based Snapchat , the high flying, high profile startup led by Evan Spiegel, is planning an IPO, according to Spiegel, who talked about the company's IPO plans at a conference on Tuesday. The plans for an IPO are not a surprise, given the ultra high valuation that Snapchat has been getting in its latest private funding rounds. snapchat merger acquisition evan spiegel

Snapchat Rolls Out Security Updates


Venice-based instant photo messaging service Snapchat has released an update to the company''s software for both Android and iOS, in response to the major security breach over the holidays resulting from the abuse of its "Find Friends" feature.

Snapchat Raises $13.5M


Venice Beach-based Snapchat , the developer of a popular mobile application which lets users take "self destructing" mobile photos of themselves that they can send to friends, has raised $13.5M Snapchat develops a somewhat controversial application popular for "sexting".

Report: Snapchat Acquires Bitstrips For Around $100M


Los Angeles-based Snapchat has acquired emoji software developer Bitstrips , in a deal worth around $100M in cash and stock, according to a report this morning. cartoon emoji animation software acquisition merger snapchat bitmoji

Snapchat In Major Security Breach


Venice-based social photo messaging service Snapchat had a major security breach over the holidays, when at least 4.6 Snapchat has not yet responded to the reports on the leaked data. snapchat social mobile startup instant photo messaging security

Snapchat Announces $60M Funding


Los Angeles-based Snapchat has officially announced its Series B funding, raising $60M in a round led by Institutional Venture Partners. Snapchat said the funding will go towards building a bigger engineering team, and also to "figure out how to pay our server bills."

Snapchat Theme Drives New Playboy Issue


In a bid for a new generation of readers, Playboy , the men's magazine best known for its long history of nude photo pictorials of women, has launched a new "non-nude" era of the publication, with a Snapchat-like front cover.

Study: Tinder, Snapchat Users More Accepting Of Cosmetic Surgery


Users of social media applications such as Tinder and Snapchat are far more willing to consider cosmetic surgery--a side effect of the popularity of "filters" on those apps--according to a new report from the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal. According to the study, there is an "increased consideration of cosmetic surgery" from users of social media platforms, and specifically those who had used specific applications, such as YouTube, Tinder, and Snapchat photograph filters.

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Snapchat Sued By Ex Employee


the parent company of Snapchat , has filed lawsuit in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleging that he was fired for refusing to tell lies to potential IPO investors. The lawsuit, filed by Anthony Pompliano, claims that Snapchat used false statistics on user numbers to recruit Pompliano from Facebook, and that Snapchat has since made it difficult for him to find a new job. snapchat legal lawsuit merger acquisition anthony pompliano court facebook

Snapchat Names SVP Finance


Los Angeles-based Snapchat has hired Drew Vollero as SVP of Finance, and acting Chief Financial Officer, the company said this week. snapchat finance drew vollero mattellVollero was former at Mattell, and also has served at Taco Bell, Yum! Brands, and ZS Associates. Vollero was most recently SVP Corporate Strategy, Development, and Investor Relations at Mattel, where he had been for 15 years; he lives in Orange County. READ MORE>>.

Snapchat Confirms Acquisition Of Bitmoji


Venice-based Snapchat has confirmed its acquisition of Bitmoji, the developer of software which lets people create their own, personalized "emoji", which they can insert into Snapchat. The company--which announced the deal via a comic strip on Tuesday--said Bitmoji's team has joined Snapchat as part of the deal. Snapchat reported paid around $100M for Bitmoji's parent company, Bitstrips. merger bitmoji snapchat acquisition comic strip emoji software

Snapchat Eyes News, Advertising


Venice-based Snapchat has plans to add news articles, advertisements, TV, and movie clips to the service, according to reports this week, in a new service called Snapchat Discovery. The new service, which is expected to debut in November, would be the first attempt by Snapchat to convert the popularity of its disappearing photo messaging service into actual revenues. snapchat news advertising photo messaging disappearing social

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Snapchat's Age Verification Under Fire In The UK


Venice, California-based Snapchat , the social networking service that is part of Snap, Inc., Snapchat is under the microscope from UK lawmakers related to a criminal case where the family of a murder victim was taunted via Snapchat by a killer from prison. snapchat verification algorithm software international social media communicationsis under fire in the UK, after the company admitted that its age-verification system "doesn't work" to UK lawmakers.

Snapchat's Latest Product: Playing Cards?


In what might be the most unusual product to come out of Venice-based Snapchat , the company appears to have issued its own line of playing cards to inspire people to post Snaps of themselves on the service. Snapchat's official Twitter account tweeted out a link to the Official Snapchat Playing Cards , sold by Snapchat Inc., game drinking social cards playing snapchat snapkings kings alcohol