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Worlize | Virtual World Tied To Facebook, Twitter and Now Your Blog

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Worlize is a user-created social gaming and chat platform for Facebook and social networks including Twitter, MySpace and OpenSocial. These past few months we have seen the rebirth of virtual worlds. With sites like , Chill , and Shaker to name a few.

Interview with Ted Dhanik, engage:BDR


Ted was an executive at Myspace, as VP of Strategic Marketing, and was at LowerMyBills before that. What, if anything, did you learn from Myspace which you are applying here? It's funny, though I would say that a lot of the work we're doing here is similar to what we were doing at Myspace in the beginning. Initially, Myspace was competing with Friendster, and lots of influeners on MySpace were coming from Friendster, so we were doing a lot of outreach to those users.

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SEO in Social Media

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011 -- SEO in Social Media (Panel). Come to the SEO in Social Media panel moderated by a former MySpace VP and founder of, Sean Percival, on Tue, Sept 20, 2011 at BLANKSPACES in Santa Monica. Schmoozd. Wanna learn how search engines rank web pages and optimize yours to out-rank competitors? Or learn how to increase traffic via organic listings and avoid "spam" penalties.

Concerns Keeping You From Social Media

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While social media is a hot topic for individuals and businesses, you would be surprised to learn that some businesses and individuals are simply avoiding even checking it out. In a recent survey I conducted at couple of my BreakThrough Networking Training Sessions , results showed that there are 4 main concerns that are keeping EVERYONE from checking out social media or even considering tapping into it. #1

First Ever Biz2Beach Presented by CallFire Hits The Ground Running!

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At their respective discussions, they spoke about online marketing, mobile marketing, company culture, and social media ROI, among other topics. Having previously worked at notable companies including Myspace, PayPal, Yahoo!,

Evolver Launches New Avatar Tool For Social Media Sites


Aliso Viejo-based Evolver , the online avatar software site developed by Darwin Dimensions, said Thursday that it has launched a new web site that allows end users to create avatars for social media sites like Facebook and MySpace. According to Darwin Dimensions, the new site, , allows social media enthusiasts to easily create and upload customized, animated avatars for their social media accounts.

MySpace Completes Imeem Deal


Los Angeles-based MySpace said Tuesday that it has closed its acquisition of social media site imeem. Owen Van Natta, the firm's CEO, said it would use the acquisition to bolster MySpace Music, and also said, effective today, that the firm would redirect Imeem's users to MySpace Music. Tags: myspace imeem merger acquisition social music content The firm did not disclose any further financial details related to the acquisition.

SodaHead Ties With Google Analytics


Los Angeles-based SodaHead , the online social discussion and voting site, is one of the launch partners for the new Google Analytics Social Media features, Google said this week. Google said that it is launching new, Social reports within Google Analytics which helps businesses understand traffic coming from social media sites, and how they related to conversions for advertisers. sodahead google analytics social analysis traffic

Friendgiftr Expands To MySpace, Other Sites


Hollywood-based Friendgiftr , a developer of a social media service which allows users to send gift cards to their friends, family, and others, has extended its service beyond Facebook and onto MySpace, iGogole, Ning, and Bebo, the firm announced today. Tags: friendgiftr social gifting facebook gift card myspace bebo ning igoogle

Interview with Matt and Amanda MacNaughton, PromoJam


What's the best way to get the word out about your brand on social media? Amanda MacNaughton: PromoJam is an enterprise, social marketing technology platform. We also have a mobile platform, which integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Science Names Social Marketing VP


Los Angeles-based technology incubator and studio Science said today that it has hired on Matt Monahan as its new Vice President of Social Media Marketing. Science said that Monahan will head up social customer acquisition for its portfolio firms. Science is behind such companies as DollarShaveClub, DogVacay, HelloSociety, Ellie, Uncovet, and others; the company is led by Michael Jones, former CEO of MySpace. science executive incubator accelerator social alphaboost

Interview with Artin Nazarian, MySocialNightLife


In addition, we though we'd connect this to social media, as a forward-facing view for customers. I connected those two about three years ago--back when MySpace was actually MySpace, and Facebook was Facebook.

SocialVibe Launches Halloween Charity Effort


Los Angeles-based SocialVibe , which develops charity-focused, brand web sites and social media applications, said this morning that it has launched a new effort to help charities raise money on Halloween. The firm said that it is launching a new program called Click 4 Good , geared towards Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter users, which allows them to visit a "virtual neighborhood" online.

Africa’s Largest and Fastest Growing Social Network | Interview with LAGbook’s Chidi Nwaogu

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Today they say its Africa’s largest and fastest growing social networking utility with over 4,000 daily new sign-ups. They also add that LAGbook ranks #2 in the city of Yaba-Lagos, where the social network was incepted, and #37 in the city of Hirtshal, Denmark.

Silicon Beach Fest | Panels, Hackathons, and Much More!

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Chris Mortimer, Interscope Records UMG , Director, CRM & Social. Gretchen Fox, Live Nation , VP of Marketing, Social Media. Lindsay Gabler, The GRAMMYs , Social Media Specialist. MySpace Alumni, 10a-12p @ Hotel Erwin.

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Biz2Beach To Stream Live Here On TechZulu

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and most recently Myspace, where he ran an online marketing team focused on SEO, social media, and paid traffic acquisition. His firm works to infuse projects with the management, social and production assistance needed to break away from the pack.

SEO 25 Launches Social Fundraising Site


The firm, which is self funded, says that it allows individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to raise money for any project, using social media. calls itself a "social fundraising platform", and allows users to use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other means to promote different projects, handling the collection of funds for those different projects. Tags: investedin fundraising nonprofit demo launch startup social media twitter facebook

Ted Dhanik | Engage:BDR, LA Tech & the Marketing Scene

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I became friends with Tom Anderson and I jumped onto MySpace when it first launched. After MySpace was acquired by Fox, I learned that there was a huge market for ad inventory. I left MySpace in 2008 to help MySpace to monetize its inventory better.

Social Networking Addiction Bears Fruit

Eric Greenspan

I’ve been engaged with social networking for some time now, starting with Myspace and Facebook and just recently (within the last 30 days), Twitter. I was provided with introductions to execs at Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo!, Isn’t social networking amazing?

Facebook Doesn’t Seem to Care

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We are building our lives around this social network and we are dependent upon it for communicating with our friends and colleagues. But, do they have a chance at making Facebook become the next Myspace ? When I was working on Nintendo’s social media, they came to us in LA for meetings regularly, and we hadn’t spend any money on Ads. Delight Social Marketing

Email 22 Opens Registrations


domain name, and link that to their online social networking profiles and other social media sites. chimp domain profile social networking facebook myspace startup San Diego- and Honolulu-based has opened up registration for the firm's personalized profile and domain site. The firm said this moring that anyone can now go to its site, and select an available domain name. allows users to select a

Twitter’s Acquisition, Chirp & Managing Developer Relationships

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Ultimately to become defensible the client application would want to diversify its “stream&# so would start supporting Facebook, MySpace and perhaps even IM products. Tags: Social Media Tech Market Analysis So Twitter is buying and building Twitter clients.

Interview with Bryan Hertz, VoxOx


With the proliferation of social networks, communications clients and VoIP phone services, users often find they need to use multiple ways--Twitter, Facebook, phone, FAX, and more--to communicate with their contacts.

The Interaction of Our Lives | QR Codes and Augmented Reality

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These applications have quickly become a part of our daily lives from booking airfare, to social media, to streaming content, etc. There’s a good possibility there was a QR code on it offering you free tracks from the band’s MySpace page.

Why I’m Doubling Down on the Twitter Ecosystem

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Some will cite my investment two years ago in social-media advertising company Asymmetric – Before Twitter most social networks had “symmetric” relationships meaning that when somebody wanted to follow you, you had to follow them back in order for us to be connected.

Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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And thats not even counting MySpace, which Rupert Murdoch famously paid $580 million for in 2005. We have all the people who came out of eHarmony; who came from MySpace and Overture and PriceGrabber and and Shopzilla and CitySearch and all these places.

Join Us At Variety 2012 Venture Capital & New Media Summit

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TechZulu is proud to announce that we are a sponsor of the Variety 2012 Venture Capital & New Media Summit and will be there in full force bringing you all the action. Last July the Variety Venture Capital and New Media Summit was one of the best conferences of the year.

Beansprout, Where Single Businesses Find Love

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Let’s just hope Beansprout users post their real pictures and not outdated photos with deceiving MySpace angles. Business Culture Business Development Social Media Social News Startup Alex Kehayias BeanSprout Online Business Dating Online DatingWe’re going to open this article with some quick statistics on the online dating industry: The online dating industry is worth $1.049 BILLION per year. The industry is projected to be worth $1.3 billion by 2013.

Can You Really Build a Great Tech Firm Outside Silicon Valley?

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In my LA I often see computer screens open with entrepreneurs talking about digital media. I don’t see this changing much like I don’t see you building blockbuster movies outside LA or shift the media buying center of gravity out of NY.

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Demand Media Invests In CoveritLive


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the social media firm headed by former MySpace Chairman Richard Rosenblatt, said this morning that it has made a minority investment in Toronto-based CoveritLive. Demand Media said that the investment is part of a strategic partnership with CoveritLive, whre Demand Media will market, resell, and integrate CoveritLive's offerings into its various properties.

MTV Buys Social Project


Santa Monica-based Social Project--which was once known as Tagworld--has been acquired by MTV Networks, MTV said Monday. Social Project is behind the development of Flux, software which allows web publishers to create their own social networking web sites.

Digital LA: TV Goes Social Panel Live

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Tune in and join TechZulu as we bring you Digital LA: TV Goes Social panel Live tonight starting at 7pm PT. The panel will discuss trends in how TV shows and online video are using social media. The panel is right in the middle of the fall TV premiere week and Social Media Week LA! Dana Robinson, NBC Universal , Director of Social Media @NBC. Click here to watch live at 7pm PT.

Social Networking and Business Value


Just a quick note that I'll be moderating a Technology Council Event : Social Networking as a Business Strategy May 19, 2009 - Culver City Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. Corporations increasingly see social media as a key PR, communications and marketing medium.