The Convergence of Social Media & Traditional Radio

Eric Greenspan

What I mean by this is we do radio better by building it around the web, social media and traditional marketing strategies alongside, behind and wrapped around our radio shows. For one, we built a following by using Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites.

Social Media Faking It – Cheaper Than You May Think, But Still Not Worth It


How much will social media fame cost you in 2014? Social norming is powerful. If an article has numerous social shares (i.e., This reality encourages some high-profile individuals to manipulate their social media standing by acquiring fake followers.

Social Media for Service Professionals


I did a presentation about the use of Social Media to a great group of people who mostly are different kinds of service professionals (attorneys, accountants, consultants, etc.). But the web site visitors are accurate. I keep my blogs separate from by company web site.

Social Media Brand Image Guidelines for New Businesses

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For new businesses, social media marketing may seem a bit overwhelming. Here are four steps to help you get started building a great social media presence. Construct a social media style guide.

Social Media Week Lands in Los Angeles Sept. 24-28

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Social Media Week (SMW) helps organizations connect and share the latest social media findings through social, cultural and economic talks and workshops in major cities worldwide. They have broken events down by two hubs: Social Tech , and Entertainment.

SEO in Social Media

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 -- SEO in Social Media (Panel). Wanna learn how search engines rank web pages and optimize yours to out-rank competitors? Come to the SEO in Social Media panel moderated by a former MySpace VP and founder of, Sean Percival, on Tue, Sept 20, 2011 at BLANKSPACES in Santa Monica. Schmoozd. Or learn how to increase traffic via organic listings and avoid "spam" penalties.

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Evolver Launches New Avatar Tool For Social Media Sites


Aliso Viejo-based Evolver , the online avatar software site developed by Darwin Dimensions, said Thursday that it has launched a new web site that allows end users to create avatars for social media sites like Facebook and MySpace. According to Darwin Dimensions, the new site, , allows social media enthusiasts to easily create and upload customized, animated avatars for their social media accounts.

CrownPeak Takes On Social Media


Los Angeles-based CrownPeak has set its sights on the social media space, saying this morning that it has launched a new product which publishes content into social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. According to Crownpeak, the new product is called the Crownpeak Social Media Publishing Console, and will help marketers manage publishing content to both their own web sites and those social media sites.

Tech Leaders Weigh In On Tim Berners-Lee’s “Contract For The Web”


Looking back over the past two years, it seems that public perceptions of tech companies have shifted, compared with the eager acceptance that often prevailed as innovations from these businesses transformed social interactions, transportation, and other aspects of life.

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Social Media, Social Art and TheBlu

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 -- Social Media, Social Art and TheBlu. Wemo Media and ACM SIGGRAPH invite you to a special behind the scenes look at The Blu, a new on-line social media experience in collaboration with Hollywood and Academia. A special beta code for [link] will be given to meeting attendees.

Industry Trends, Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools

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Thursday, August 13, 2009 -- Industry Trends, Social Media and Web 2.0 Would you like to learn and understand the most effective ways to get the attention of the hundreds of millions of active social networkers around the world? The workshop is divided into two major subjects that are of significant interest to todays marketers: DIY Social Media and Social Media ROI. Tools. SoCalAMA.

San Diego Social Media Startup Soci Adds Austin Office, Raises $8.5M


Soci, a San Diego startup that created a Web platform for managing social media, has closed on $8.5 Soci’s software-as-a-service provides a “central command” that enables business customers to deploy their social media marketing strategies, customize their brand messaging, and control their customer.

Insights and Opinions: Social media: You at the Helm of Your Own New Starship


For today's Insights and Opinions article, we have a piece from Tracy Olmstead Williams, of Olmstead Williams Communications, talking about the bold new world of social media: Social Media, like Global Warming, has now left doubters behind. According to the brand-ranking database Engagement DB, companies embracing social media grew revenues by 18 percent in the past 12 months. Brands lagging in new media shrank by 6 percent.

Using Social Media to Market Your Business

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Thursday, June 25, 2009 -- Using Social Media to Market Your Business. Resistance to social media is futile. Millions of people are creating content for the social Web. Social networking tools are being integrated in the marketing efforts of many corporations, from start-ups to multi-nationals. Starting from a small base of enthusiast users, the service has rapidly risen to prominence in the media.

Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel Series: Creating A Web Series From The Ground Up

Tech Zulu Event

Last night we had an amazing group of panelist for the Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel series. They went over and touched on all the aspects that you would need to get your web series up and running. Topics such as branding, the importance of attending film festivals, when to go. Visit TechZulu for full story.

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How To Use Social Media To Extend Your Brand

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 -- How To Use Social Media To Extend Your Brand. AccessEN will present Steve Banfield, chief executive officer of MixerCast, in an interactive forum to help Orange County companies reach audiences across the social web using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other new media by discussing the latest trends in marketing and building applications using social networks.

San Diego Meets the Xconomists: When Social Media is Not Enough


View the Slideshow The technology for online social networks arrived practically hand-in-hand with the Internet. Since the advent of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s, we’ve seen such networks proliferate, from the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link (remember The WELL?) Nowadays, Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world , with more than 2 billion monthly active users. In San Diego, this higher order of social networking becomes apparent.

Blockchain, Banks & the New Web: Q&A With Ethereum Co-founder Lubin


Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin is calm and soft-spoken when he shares his vision of how blockchain technology and digital currencies could transform the Internet, the global economy, and many aspects of our daily lives. But what he’s talking about could become a raging tempest, and it’s worth paying attention to—especially given the vast sums of money pouring into the sector. Companies have raised more than $1.25

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Make It Work Expands Into Web Services


Santa Barbara-based Make It Work , the in-home computer and electronics service and help firm headed by Eric David Greenspan, said this week that it has launched a new web and social media services arm. The company said it will provide services such as site hosting, domain registration, social media strategy, blog installation, email newsletters, and other social media help to companies. Tags: makeitwork services social media

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3 Ways to Leverage Micro-Influencers and Grow Your Business


In fact, 71 percent of people say they make buying decisions based on recommendations they find on social media. These social recommendations often come from third party reviews, like bloggers and other influencers, leaving company ads less desirable.

Full Speed Ahead! Social Media Week Is Here!

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Social Media Week (SMW) is finally here and is set to be one amazing week filled with panels, discussions, networking, and much more. What is Social Media Week? Social Media Week is a global platform that connects people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media. Social Media Week as partnered up with Ustream to bring some of the events live.

Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

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If you’re a big supporter of indie films or web series you’re probably checking out your favorites on a variety of different sites on the web. Arts & Entertainment New Media News Review Social Media Social News Website

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TechZulu Partners with Social Media Club, Heads to SXSW

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TechZulu is pleased to announce we are now an official media and production partner for Social Media Club. Kicking things off, TechZulu will oversee production at the Social Media Club House during the upcoming South by Southwest festival.

Web Analytics Wednesday

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 -- Web Analytics Wednesday. Area web, social media, analytics and tech professional come together for an evening of networking and informal presentations. See [link] (more

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One Small Change I Made That Improved My Daily Mental State

Both Sides of the Table

At nighttime I don’t check my email or social feed right before bed, which helps me from having last-minute anxiety before going to sleep. But more concerning for me is that I often found myself checking email or social feeds in bed in the morning and this is a TOTAL waste.

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Latticework Launches Personal Hybrid Cloud for Private Data-Sharing


It’s a pretty tall order for a startup to build a consumer data storage service to rival services like Dropbox, combined with a social network. servers social media Software Startup Formation startups Streaming Video Web Web-based services wireless

A Comprehensive View of Social Marketing, Social Media, and Social Networks

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 -- The MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast Presents: A Comprehensive View of Social Marketing, Social Media, and Social Networks. With more and more consumers online though, its not enough to have a marketing strategy based on traditional media outlets  you need to have a significant web presence as well. Ron and Lorrie will also discuss ways to quantify social media as a marketing effort.

Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel Series: Mighty Fresh, McBeard Media, Distribber and IndieGoGo

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On Monday November 1, 2010 TechZulu will present Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel Series live at 9pm PST. You will hear from some of the most successful professionals of the new media space. Tags: Arts & Entertainment Business Development New Media Social Media Video Adam Chapnick Alec Distribber IndieGoGo McBeard Media McNayre Mighty Fresh Richard Frias Web TV Workshop

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IT Department and Web Teams | Who Does What Now?

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IT Departments and Web Teams are not synonymous. Web Teams are necessary to running websites and applications. Then, there are the creative peoples that help make the Web Team’s work stand out among others. The post IT Department and Web Teams | Who Does What Now?

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How brain-amputated developers created the social media plague

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Shortcut: Blog About Blogroll Links How brain-amputated developers created the social media plague Posted on 12 January, 2010 The bot playground commonly refered to as “social media&# is responsible for shitloads of absurd cretinism.

U.K. Slaps Maximum Fine of $645,000 on Facebook for Privacy Violations


Data Protection Act 2018 Web wireless xperienceThe U.K.’s

.Net 81

StockTwits Ties With Investor Relations Web Developer


San Diego-based StockTwits , the online, finance-focused messaging service, said today that it has partnered with Q4 Web Systems , a developer of corporate websites and social media products for public companies. StockTwits has recently expanded its service to help public companies use social media, yet still comply with disclosure and other regulations.

Mingly Launches Mingly Web and MyPeople | Manage Your TwitFaceMailBookLink

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The irony: a sad state that even with the huge number of social network applications we have at our disposal, we’re oftentimes lost, unable to keep up, or still lose touch so easily. It’s not your fault that we can only be social creatures to a certain extent before brain overload.

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Facebook Bars 800 Fake Accounts and Pages For Using Tactics Like Russia’s


In another wave of account shutdowns, Facebook announced Thursday that it disabled more than 800 pages and accounts to prevent groups that disguised their identities from flooding its network with inauthentic content—some of it hyper-partisan political messages.

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Social Web Startup Signs Deal with AP to Distribute Sports Scores


ScoreStream, a San Diego area startup providing a crowdsourced social media platform for reporting high school sports scores, said Thursday it has agreed to distribute high school game scores under a new collaboration agreement with The Associated Press. Under their agreement, this fall ScoreStream will begin distributing and publishing high school football scores across 42 states through the AP and other media networks (including ScoreStream’s own website).

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