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CrownPeak Gets $50M In Merger With UK Company


Los Angeles-based web content management software developer CrownPeak has raised $50M in a funding round, and merged with UK-based ActiveStandards , according to the two companies. Jim Yares, COO of CrownPeak, has been appointed CEO of CrownPeak as part of the deal, and ActiveStandards CEO Simon Lande and CrownPeak CEO Jim Howard will both remain as advisors to the new company. crownpeak venture capital activestandards merger acquisition international

CrownPeak Rolls Out Major CMS Software Upgrade


Los Angeles-based CrownPeak , the developer of software-as-a-service, web content management tools headed by Jim Howard, said today that it has rolled out a major upgrade to its platform. CrownPeak also said the update includes marketing integration tools, which allow marketers to target content on sites based on visitor behavior on their web site. crownpeak saas content management tool software

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Crownpeak Revs Content Management Software


Los Angeles-based CrownPeak , a developer of content management software, said Tuesday that the firm has rolled out a suite of new features for its CMS tools. The firm--whose tools are available as software-as-a-service--said that it has added a new, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) authoring environment; better connection to desktop development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, or Dreamweaver; and new analytics options.

CrownPeak Takes On Social Media


Los Angeles-based CrownPeak has set its sights on the social media space, saying this morning that it has launched a new product which publishes content into social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. According to Crownpeak, the new product is called the Crownpeak Social Media Publishing Console, and will help marketers manage publishing content to both their own web sites and those social media sites.

CrownPeak Adds URL Shortening To CMS


Los Angeles-based CrownPeak , a developer of software-as-a-service for web content management, is jumping into the URL shortening craze, with its own URL shortener. According to CrownPeak, its URL shortener -- at Crownpeak said authors and editors using its CrownPeak CMS tool can have the CMS auto-generate shortened URLs on their web content. Tags: system management content saas software shortening cpeak crownpeak

CrownPeak Expands Into Online Marketing Tools


Los Angeles-based software-as-a-service developer CrownPeak has expanded the breadth of its offerings, saying this morning that it has launched a set of content management and marketing tools. CrownPeak said its new offering, the Online Marketing Management Suite, is targeted at online marketers, and helps them test, target, and measure content relevance in its web sites, landing pages, banner ads, mobile devices, social media, and other channnels.

CrownPeak Targets Landing Pages With New Product


Los Angeles-based CrownPeak , a developer of software-as-a-service for web site management, announced this morning that the firm has launched a new product targeted at landing page management. CrownPeak said its new product--CrownPeak Landing Page Manager--helps website managers to create, manage, and track landing pages for their marketing campaigns. The company also said that online marketing and design firm Imagistic is also using the software.