Initiative to Boost SoCal’s Startup Scene Teams With GV Founder


A Silicon Valley entrepreneur has set out to boost the startup ecosystem in San Diego and the rest of Southern California—and he already has scored a coup by partnering with Bill Maris, the founder and former CEO of Google Ventures, now known as GV.

Accelerator Crazy In Southern California


What's the latest craze in startups in Southern Califonia? K5Launch , which was announced yesterday, is headed up by Amir Banafatemi, Ray Chan, David Cheng, and Kai Tao, four Southern California angel investors. The group's members include many member of the Tech Coast Angels, and has a goal of making Southern California, and particularly Orange County, a more vibrant environment for tech startups. It looks to be startup accelerators.

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Four Founders of Hot Startups With Links To Southern California


There''s also a similar argument, that if Southern California could only attract more of the students who go to school in the region''s many top universities , we''d have more of our share of the next generation of technology startups.

A History of SCaLE12X, 12 years of the SoCal Linux Expo

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This weekend marks the 12th consecutive Southern California Linux Expo, SCaLE12x. During planning of the fifth year, Scott Kilroy from the USC LUG and Lei Zhang from the UCLA LUG approached him about throwing a joint effort; pooling their talents to put together the first SCaLE.

University of California Plans $250M Venture Capital Fund


Startups related to the many University of California campuses in Southern California may soon have a new source of funding: The University of California itself, via a new, $250M venture capital.

UCLA Hack-a-thon Starts Today!

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This weekend, February 22-24th, will be your chance to attend UCLA Anderson School of Management’s 42 hour Developers Contest, hosted at ROC in Santa Monica. UCLA’s ASM has partnered with Microsoft, Nokia, WIX, Yahoo! The post UCLA Hack-a-thon Starts Today!

Congrats To The Spotlight: LA Tech Fall Presenting Companies at UCLA

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After months of submissions and the amazing help from our judges , the Spotlight is shinning down on awesome companies that were born right out of Southern California. This Spotlight takes place Thursday, October 27, at UCLA. If you’d like to see some of the best technologies and meet some of the brightest minds in beautiful Southern California, SIGN UP NOW. Where: UCLA Anderson School of Management, 110 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

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Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California


He talks about a bunch of the different networking events that occur in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. LA CTO Forum Dealmaker Media Digital Family Reunion Startups Uncensored Social Media Club, LA Twiistup Mindshare LA LA Hadoop Meetup Dorkbot Geek Dinners LA Cloud Computing LA Web Application Developers LA PHP Developers In addition to these, I'd recommend looking at: Technology Council of Southern California – Surprised John didn't mention this one.

Submissions Now Open For Spotlight: LA Tech Spring

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TechZulu and The Entrepreneurship Association at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management are pleased to announce Spotlight: LA Tech Spring. Spotlight: LA Tech is part of a quarterly demo series that will highlight the finest technology entrepreneurship in Southern California.

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Unusual Perk For SoCal Technology Firm: Unlimited, Paid Vacation


In what might be one of the more unusual perks for a Southern California high tech company, LRN , a developer of enterprise compliance and ethics software, has an unlimited, paid vacation policy. LRN--which is around the corner from UCLA--serves such customers as 3M, Dow, Johnson & Johnson, Loews, Pfizer and Siemens.

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Local Universities Get $360K From DOE For Cleantech Entrepreneurship


According to Pasadena-based green marketplace firm OnGreen , the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), UC Los Angeles (UCLA), and University of Southern California (USC) scored a grant from the U.S. ongreen ucla caltech education university school clean technolog

Interview with Adi Jaffe, All About Addiction


One of Southern California's biggest assets are the number of world class, local universities researching and developing technology and knowledge across a large number of disciplines. Adi Jaffe: I'm a UCLA addiction trained psychologist, specializing in addiction.

Startup UCLA Demo Day

SoCal Tech Calendar

Friday, September 14, 2012 -- Startup UCLA! Startup UCLA seeks to develop a culture of startup thinking on campus; to connect students with alumni who are successful in the startup world and with the rapidly growing Southern California startup community; to give students opportunities to learn the basics of startup thinking; and to provide a community in which students can develop and launch their early-stage ideas.

Steve Poizner Boots Up New Southern California Tech Nonprofit


Steve Poizner , the former California gubernatorial candidate and former founder of SnapTrack (which he sold to San Diego's Qualcomm), says he has created a new group called the Alliance for Southern California Innovation , which will focus on further developing Southern California's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Four Founders of Hot Startup With Links To Southern California


There''s also a similar argument, that if Southern California could only attract more of the students who go to school in the region''s many top universities , we''d have more of our share of the next generation of technology startups.

SoCal Inventors Recognized By Popular Mechanics


A number of Southern California inventors and companies have been recognized today by magazine Popular Mechanics , for their work on what the magazine says are "world changing" innovations. The last university team recognized by Popular Mechanics comes out of UCLA.

Report: Sling Media's Blake Krikorian Passes Away


Blake Krikorian , the UCLA graduate who founded Sling Media , the maker of the Slingbox, has died, at the age of 48, according to reports trickling out of Silicon Valley. Krikorian had received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA in 1990, and also played on UCLA's Men's Water Polo team. He moved to Silicon Valley after graduating from UCLA, but was also well known in Southern California's technology community.


Interview with Jonathan Zweig, AppOnboard


What we have done, is we take a part of the game out of the app, and put that on the other side of the fence of the App Store, so the first experience they get with the app is essentially a demo. We have already proven out that they are a high lifetime value user, someone who will actually stay in their game, so that they have higher retention, and the user ends up spending more money over time. I didn't ever envision all of that happening so quickly.

Inston, Cyberflow Advanced Towards $150,000 Cisco Innovation Award


Two, Southern California companies have made the semi-finalist list for the much-watch Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge competition, which promises to give out $150,000 to a company developing the "next best thing" in the Internet-of-Things area. CyberFlow Analytics is developing security software to detect anomalies in Internet-of-Things networks; Inston is a UCLA startup which is developing a new kind of memory.

Science37: Using Technology To Enable Remote, Clinical Trials, with Belinda Tan


The main problem which we found with trials being so slow, is not being able to recruit patients. When you think about the traditional clinical research opportunities, they are at the UCLAs and USCs of the world, the major research institutions. We also ship drugs to patients, so they don't have to go to a clinic to get those. Belinda Tan: My co-founder, Noah Craft and I, were actually both physician-scientists, and both trained here in Southern California.

U.S. Recognizes Southern California Technology Innovators


Several Southern California technology innovators from Southern California were recognized this morning in a ceremony at the White House, at the 2007 National Medal of Technology and Innovation awards. Bush awarded the 2007 National Medal of Technology and Innovation to a number of companies and individuals, including a number of Southern California technology pioneers.

Trojans and Bruins Battle on the Startup Field

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It isn’t the biggest secret that the University of Southern California (USC) Trojans and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins aren’t the best of friends, especially on the football field.


Gevo Sets Range For IPO


Gevo , the biofuels startup spawned out of technology from the University of California, Los Angeles and Caltech, has set an offering range for its IPO. The firm's technology is based on research form UCLA focused on producing next-generation biofuels through genetically modified Escherichia coli (E. Gevo is one of at least two firms whose roots are in Southern California to hit the markets in the past few months; Sunnyvale-based Inphi Corp.,

USC, New York Times Partner On Online Education Courses


The University of Southern California and the New York Times said this week that the two are partnering to provide online, continuing education courses this fall, across seven different study areas. nytimes university school courses education learning online california southern times york

ZipCar Ramps In LA


ZipCar said that it now has over 125 vehicles throughout the city, including those in Hollywood and vehicles on the campuses of Loyola Marymount University, Occidental College, the University of Southern California (USC), the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California, Irvine (UCI) and Pomona College.

Ten Tech Entrepreneurs Who Are Putting LA on the Map

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” Residents of Northern California (everyone north of Bakersfield) don’t understand how we do it, constantly touting Palo Alto’s tech scene. Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Econ/Business from UCLA and with a JD from UCLA Law, Brian Lee was a talented attorney.

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Startups Apply Now! TechZulu Week | April 24, 25, 26 #TZWeek

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Starting off in Santa Monica at ROC for a fireside chat with CBS Interactive, then heading to Westwood at UCLA for Spotlight: LA Tech, and ending at NextSpace / Amplify LA in Venice for TechZulu Final Friday. This Spotlight takes place Thursday, April 25, at UCLA Korn Hall.

Car Sharing Firm Zipcar Heading To Los Angeles


GetAround, another venture backed peer-to-peer car rental service, already has a Southern California beachhead in San Diego. It also looks as if ZipCar apparently has been quitely running programs on the USC and UCLA campuses, limited to faculty, staff, and students. It looks like Los Angeles is set to get access to peer-to-peer car sharing service Zipcar , as it plans to open an office in Hollywood tomorrow. Zipcar has been inviting the press to an event tomorrow with L.A.

Submissions Now Open For Spotlight: LA Tech Fall

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TechZulu and The Entrepreneurship Association at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management are pleased to announce Spotlight: LA Tech Fall. Spotlight: LA Tech is part of a quarterly demo series that will highlight the finest technology entrepreneurship in Southern California.

Zuma Ventures: Creating A New Technology Startup Model


So, I ended up leaving and started another company, Thoughtstar, which is much like Basecamp. David Carter: In my case, I really enjoy the culture of Southern California.

What Mattered in 2012: Kevin Winston, Digital LA


For the last week of the year, we're featuring the thoughts and reflections of some of the movers and shakers of Southern California's high tech community. So we did a one-day fall Silicon Beach Fest at io/LA in Hollywood.

NSF To Create Innovation Center In LA


The National Science Foundation is planning to create a new, innovation center in Los Angeles, in conjunction with the University of Southern California , the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) , and the University of California Los Angeles , the NSF said this morning. Size of that grant was not announced by the schools, however, a NSF award abstract says the award under the grant so far is around $1.18M.


Tilofy: Making Sense Of The World Around You Using Location Data


Over the last year or so we''ve created Watsup, the easiest way to figure out what is happening around you, at any time. So, the highlight could be a celebrity sighting, an accident, a New York fashion show, and so on and so forth. An example of that is the UCLA flood.