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Most Common Early Start-up Mistakes

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This is part of my ongoing series “ Start-up Lessons. &# If you want to subscribe to my RSS feed please click here or to get my blog by email click here. Imagine you pour 5 years of your life into your next gig and it starts to become successful. Many times the answer is ‘no.&# The problem is that you’re opening yourself up to a claim by one of these people that you somehow stole their ideas. Starting with 25% is even harder.

Spotlight: LA Tech SuperDemo Announced! | Mike Jones Former Myspace CEO

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We want to provide our audience with not only amazing presenting startups/newly released products (submissions still open Apply Here ) but also outstanding people that can help you grow as an entrepreneur and lead a successful business. Most recently Mike Jones served as the CEO of Myspace. In this role, Mike oversaw global business strategy and operations for Myspace, Myspace Music, and Myspace Mobile, which included board and strategic roles with Myspace China and Myspace Japan.

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TechZulu Presents 2012 Startup Forecast | Featuring Science, Tech Coast Angels, Amplify, StartEngine, upStart.LA

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TechZulu is excited to invite you to the 2012 Startup and Entrepreneurial Forecast taking place on Tuesday Jan. We have a line up of amazing speakers who will share their insights and forecast for startup trends in 2012. Former CEO of Myspace.

Entrepreneurs Should be Respected, Not Loved

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If engineering got the shaft because “we need 3 more weekends from you to get this release out the door&# … then there better be a solution to make this up to them and to explain your decision. There’s no place for that in a startup. MySpace dithered.

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“Built In L.A.” the New Online Community for Startups

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New entrepreneurs are setting up shop and the city is encouraging tech development with exciting initiatives. has to offer startups. Currently, it has been difficult to track the all the new startup activity, find out how large or small the team is and if they are funded or not.

Zuma Ventures: Creating A New Technology Startup Model


David Carter and Allen Hurff are two startup veterans, who believe they have a new formula to help create early stage, technology companies, through their new "startup studio", Zuma Ventures ( David Carter: I started out as an engineer.

Mike Jones Echoes Hollywood | If You Build It, They Will Come

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Mike Jones may be known for his most recent role as CEO of MySpace , but this Internet entrepreneur is no stranger to the startup world. Also find out when you can hear more from MySpace alumni Sean Percival and Tony Adam – two of the first entrepreneurs in residence at Science.

Science Inc. Re-Ups On Wealthfront


Los Angeles-based startup studio, incubator, and investor Science , which is led by former MySpace CEO Mike Jones, is part of a new funding round for automated investment service Wealthfront , the company has confirmed. wealthfront venture capital rebalance index finance financial stock trading investing investment scienceinc mike jones myspace

MySpace Startups: Startups From MySpace Vets


Los Angeles-based MySpace has been among the most visible of Southern California's Internet era success stories, although the site--now owned by News Corporation--has had its own share of ups-and-downs, as well as questions about its future.

Science, Headed by Mike Jones, To Launch Digital Startups


a new, Santa Monica based company headed by former Myspace CEO Mike Jones , announced this morning that it has scored capital and funding, and is building a "technology studio" to develop new businesses, provide them with advice, and provide them with funding. Science said it is taking an approach--similar to that practiced by movie studios--to develop and build companies in-house, in addition to helping take an operational and investment role in other startups. > Science, Inc. ,

Postcard on the Run Turns Mobile Snapshots Into Mail


A new, Los Angeles startup, Postcard on the Run , started by MySpace veteran Josh Brooks, has launched today, allowing users to take a photo with any mobile device, and instantly send it as a real, printed postcard.

Mike Jones of Science Inc, On Exits And Finding The Right Entrepreneurs

socalTECH, the startup �studio� led by former MySpace CEO and technology veteran Mike Jones , just saw its third acquisition out of its portfolio this year�the acquisition of FameBit by Google/Youtube. It's been a few years since you started creating companies at Science, what have you learned about creating successful companies? Mike Jones: When you're dealing with early startups, you're in an area with a huge failure rate, and that's extremely hard.

Gravity Gets $10.6M More For Real Time Personalization


Santa Monica startup, Gravity --headed by former MySpace COO Amit Kapur--announced this morning that it has raised $10.6M gravity myspace personalization venture capital

What Makes a Successful Startup Community? Is it Possible to Build One Where You Live?

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Recently I wrote a post arguing to make the definition of a Startup more inclusive than that to which Silicon Valley, fueled by Venture Capital return profiles, would sometimes like to attach to the word. Think the next big startup can’t come from Dallas, TX? Startup Advice

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Spotlight: LA Tech Fall Judges Include Mike Jones, CallFire, Idealab, Tech Coast Angels, Coloft

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Mike has over 18 years of business development, marketing and management experience in businesses ranging from early stage start-ups to private equity and from mid-stage business to large turn-around operations. OrangicStartup’s is a company that helps Internet startups start.

io/LA Shuts Down


io/LA, in a note sent to its members last week, obtained by socalTECH, said that "unexpected things happen" in the startup world, and that it will be "sailing off into the sunset". io/LA was best known for being co-founded by former Myspace Chief Technology Officer Aber Whitcomb; the space was hoping to bring together both the technology and entertainment industry in its space. iola hollywood incubator accelerator coworking myspace

Broke Girl's Guide Gets Funding


Santa Monica-based Broke Girl's Guide , a startup focusing in on daily deals and information for women, has scored a small debt funding round, according to a regulatory filing by the firm this week. The firm--started by Erin Bunch, Michelle Vick, and Rita Ravindra--notably lists former MySpace SVP International Marketing and MySpace Music SVP Jamie Kantrowitz as an advisor.

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Pervical: Why MySpace Was A Spaghetti-Ball Mess


Wonder why once dominant social networking site MySpace --once the poster child for the Los Angeles technology startup world failed under News Corp? Former MySpace VP Sean Percival says it was a "spaghetti-ball mess". The Guardian shares Pervical''s lessons drawn from his time at MySpace and talks about what went wrong. Percival--now in the Bay Area--also talks about MySpace''s failed attempt to purchase Spotify, and why bureaucracy killed MySpace.

Altly Reveals Seed Investors


Shapiro was the former founder of Veoh Networks and head of MySpace Music. capital venture networking social privacy facebook executive music myspace veoh shapiro dmitry startup altly

Interview with Josh Brooks, Postcard On The Run


In the day and age of digital photos, too often the photos we take end up filed away untouched on your computer, or buried on your iPhone. We spoke with Josh Brooks , the founder and CEO of the company, about what the firm is doing, his background at MySpace, and what's next for the company.

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Altly Posts Anti-Facebook Manifesto, Gets Funding


Los Angeles-based Altly , the latest startup of Dmitry Shapiro , the founder of Veoh and former CTo of MySpace Music, has officially thrown down the gauntlet, saying in a blog post this week that it there is a need for an alternative to Facebook--and the firm is going to create that alternative.

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StyleMint Opens Early Access


StyleMint , the newest celebrity-and-ecommerce site from BeachMint , the startup headed by MySpace founder Josh Berman and Diego Berdakin, has opened up early access to select supporters of the site.

Anybeat Opens To Public Access


Los Angeles-based Anybeat , the alternative social networking site created by former MySpace Music VP Dmitri Shapiro, has opened up broad, public access to the service. anybeat social networking myspace linkedin facebook dmitri shapiro startupThe firm--which had been in invite-only, beta mode--said it is looking to create a "third place"--different from home and work--for people to get away, relax, and socialize.

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BeachMint Looks To Groupon For JewelMint Promo


Santa Monica-based BeachMint , the new startup from MySpace co-founder Josh Berman, is looking to drum up interest for its jewelry site, JewelMint , via a Groupon deal in LA. groupon beachmint jewelmint jewelry celebrity deal coupon startup myspace josh berman ecommerce

StyleMint Set For July 1st Launch


BeachMint, the startup headed by former MySpace co-founder Josh Berman, is launching StyleMint with celebrities Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. myspace beachmint marykate olsen kate mary ashley ecommerce fashion celebrity style stylemintStyleMint , the newest, celebrity e-commerce site being launched by Los Angeles-based BeachMint , is set to launch July 1st, according to details sent to supporters of the site.

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Start Engine Takes On Startup Acceleration


In an unprecedented surge in startup support activity in Los Angeles this morning, another venture startup accelerator, Start Engine , formally launched this morning, applying the accelerator model to startup in the Los Angeles area. Start Engine, started by Activision co-founder Howard Marks and investor Paul Kessler, said today that it is looking to provide mentorship, funding, and other resources to startups in the area, starting with a first class in January.

Worlize | Virtual World Tied To Facebook, Twitter and Now Your Blog

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Worlize is a user-created social gaming and chat platform for Facebook and social networks including Twitter, MySpace and OpenSocial. These past few months we have seen the rebirth of virtual worlds. With sites like , Chill , and Shaker to name a few.

MySpace Chops 30 Percent


Los Angeles-based MySpace has chopped 30 percent of the firm's staff, saying Tuesday that the company is laying of 30 percent of its employees, or 400 people. Van Natta said that MySpace's size had become "unsustainable," and instead, the firm needs to operate "as a nimble and entrepreneurial company with the adaptive mentality of a start-up." Tags: myspace employee jobs layoff employment

Science Taps Peter Pham As Partner


Santa Monica-based Science , the new startup creation and "technology studio" created by former Myspace CEO Mike Jones, said today that it has brought on Peter Pham as a Partner at the company. executive entrepreneur startup technology incubator myspace billshrink color pham peter science

Science's Mike Macadaan: What I Learned From Redesigning MySpace


Before MySpace had Justin Timberlake, there was Mike Macadaan. Macadaan shared what he learned from his experience redesigning MySpace in 2009 , and how that's helping to shape what he's doing--along with the rest of the team at LA technology incubator/studio Science Inc. science mike macadaan myspace scienceinc startup

Mike Jones On Science Inc.'s First Firms


In November, Michael Jones, the former CEO of MySpace, announced his plans for Science Inc. We've started getting incredible pickup. There's just been an incredible amount of pick up, from venues at both the high and low end. Is this the startup you're doing with Tony Adam?

Cocodot Shifts Into Jewelry, Gifts


Hollywood-based Cocodot , the online invitations startup headed by former MySpace exec Shawn Gold, has made a subtle shift into the e-commerce sector in recent days, adding jewelry, chocolates, gifts, and more to the site. cocodot commerce ecommerce gifts invitations cards myspace

MySpace, Link On In-Stream Advertising


Los Angeles-based MySpace and startup , also based in LA, said today that they have linked in an in-stream advertising deal. According to MySpace, it will use to enable content creators to reach fans in the MySpace stream. MySpace said that beginning today, publishers on the site can create a profile and control what messages they would like to insert into their activity stream. The link with MySpace pulls