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This Startup Hacked LinkedIn To Recruit Customers & Reduce Churn


However, savvy startups can leverage LinkedIn to create a customer acquisition and a churn reduction tool. Follow The People. There’s no excuse.

TigerText Signs Chicago Customer


Santa Monica-based secure messaging app developer TigerText , which provides secured text messaging for the enterprise and healthcare markets, has signed up a customer in Chicago. tigertext chicago secure messaging texting healthcare enterprise customerFinancial impact of the win was not announced. READ MORE>>.

Marketing Crushes Customer Experience through Data. DUN dun dun!

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And yet I learned that in 2013/2014, only 24% of companies had real growth. The post Marketing Crushes Customer Experience through Data.

Your Customer Success Team Is Focusing On The Wrong Definition Of Success


In other words, are we measure whether or not we are truly making our customers more successful.”. The Most Important Metric. Share and Enjoy.

Insights: Five Customer-Focused Trends for Companies in 2016


Today's contribution comes from Jaspar Weir , co-founder of Santa Monica-based TaskUs : Customers know what they want. READ MORE>>.

If You Don’t Respect Your Customers You Won’t Be Successful

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I spend a lot of time with startups and thus hear many companies talk about their approach to sales and their interactions with customers. From these meetings you can really tell the leaders that care deeply about their customers and those the look down on them. Gold dust. Contrast that with a VC conversation I had.

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Customer Validation - 33 Great Articles


Either: "That’s interesting. I’m going to take that thought out into the field and validate it with my customers." Beware of Mentors.

What is the Right Burn Rate at a Startup Company?

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But what IS the right amount of burn for a company? Conversely if you’re burning $600,000 per month (yes, some companies do) then you only have 5 months of cash left. often see companies burning $100,000 per month (net) looking to raise $6-8 million. ” I highly recommend reading it. Let’s set up a framework. Here’s

Attract A MILLION New Customers Overnight with YouTube Marketing – Literally

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YouTube was not a hobby; it meant sales, it meant building customer relationships, it meant managing product inquires. YESTERDAY. Relatability.

E-commerce’s Changing Landscape | Customization

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As customers shift online, retailers have no choice, to not only follow suit, but to adapt to their changing demands.

Do Not Obsess On Names – Obsess On Delivering Awesome Customer Value


If Smucker’s can annually generate hundreds of millions in sales for a variety of food products, there is little risk that a mediocre company or product name will preclude you from achieving similar success. The value of an ideal name, attached to a product or company that does not deliver an economically viable value proposition, is zero.

10 Reasons To Start A Company In An Economic Downturn


As Guy Kawasaki pointed out in our recent conversation , “…it is cheaper than ever to start a company. Customer Dollars Taste Great.

Why The Next Generation of Online Video Companies Will be Vertical

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Mitu Network is the largest digital media company for Latinos in the US and also targeting Mexico and South America. AOL and the like. Scripted.

Vonjour | Connecting Your Business with Your Customers

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Without it, the business wouldn’t have a way to connect with each other and their customersCompanies that yield bad customer service.

ChowNow Extends Android Pay Restaurant Customers


ChowNow said the support will be a standard feature, and will not cost additional for its current restaurant customers. The company said about 4,000 independent restaurants will add Android Pay support as a result of the deal. ChowNow is led by Christopher Webb. READ MORE>>.

Customer Support Training | What is excellent customer service?

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Excellent customer service isn’t just something that happens from company to consumer. Customer service starts within a company.

Ten of Southern California's Top Software Companies


The company handles all the infrastructure required for text messaging, voice. The company's software is being included in the Linux.

Uber: Transportation Service or Big Data Company?

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This is the reason many view Uber as a company that specializes in big data. The post Uber: Transportation Service or Big Data Company?

How to Know When to Sell vs. When to Market to Customers

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This is final part of  a series  that describes a sales methodology for technology companies or frankly many other types of companies, too.

Insights: Gaining and Maintaining High-Value Customers in Today's Marketplace


Read the rest of Gaining and Maintaining High-Value Customers in Today's Digital Marketplace. More.). READ MORE>>.

How Online Video Companies Can Increase Margin and Build Better Businesses

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Finally, if you want to build a successful online video company you must have some formats that are independent of talent altogether. But wait!

Are you an old school customer marketer?


Both of these time–honored methods of reaching our customers have worked for as long as there was print and radio–TV to get the message out.

j2 Global Acquires Four More Companies


Los Angeles-based Internet services and online publishing giant j2 Global says it has acquired four more companies, all completed in the third quarter of 2016. The company said all four acquisition will help it grow its global customer base, provide access to new markets and expand its lineup. READ MORE>>.

The “drop dead” question for a customer survey


Conversely, if less than ten percent say this, those companies or products would have a hard time getting traction in the marketplace. Growth!

Netflix Redux: Is It Ever OK to Fire Your Customers?

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Some customer segments value the DVD business and these may be more price sensitive. We need video reel to show customers that you care.

Lessons Big Companies Should Learn from Entrepreneurs

Jason Nazar

Entrepreneurs often lament big companies, but most of us hope we’ll create just that. But that doesn’t mean that they have it all figured out.

How to Make Sure Professional Services Don’t Take Over Your Software Company

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So when I meet with GRP portfolio companies that do enterprise sales I try to emphasize the following: 1. training. rollout support. Whatever.

TouchCommerce Wins German Customer


The company said that it will provide its TouchChat solution on the 5vorFlug site, which sells package tours and last minute travel to consumers in Germany. Financial impact of the deal was not disclosed. READ MORE>>. touchcommerce online chat ecommerce retailer international germany software

Small Business Marketing | Get Customers versus Get Leads

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Having paying “Customers” is what makes the cash register roar. Let me explain why this company had such an impact on my life. CRAZY.

Why Email May Be Draining Your Company’s Productivity

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So I ask you – if you’re being reactive to somebody else’s emails are you really being as productive in your company as you could be?

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OpenX Names Chief Customer Officer


Los Angeles-based online and mobile advertising technology provider OpenX announced this morning that it has named Tish Whitcraft as the company''s new Chief Customer Officer. OpenX said that Whitcraft will head up OpenX''s partner services team, which includes support, sales engineering, and customer operations. READ MORE>>.

Remember The Phone Company? It’s Back And It’s Called Facebook


Quick - name a phone company. Yep, Facebook is a phone company. The post Remember The Phone Company? AT&T? Verizon?

JustEnough Gets Customer


Newport Beach-based JustEnough Software , a developer of a cloud-based app for managing customer demand and inventory planning, said this morning that it has been selected by a retailer. According to the company, Journelle is using its products for forecasting customer demand, planning inventory, and optimizing purchasing.

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Virgin Galactic Signs 500th Customer


Branson announced Ashton Kutcher as the 500th customer on his blog Monday. Tickets on the spacecraft go for $200,000. READ MORE>>.

The Bouqs Company Finds $12M For Flower Delivery


Venice, California-based The Bouqs Company , the direct, cut-to-order flower delivery provider led by John Tabis, is announcing today that it has raised $12M in a Series B funding. The funding brings the company's total raised to $20M. according to CEO Tabis. READ MORE>>.

ParkMe Sold! | Los Angeles Based Parking Assist Company Acquired By INRIX

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Today, ParkMe and INRIX become one company. Departments of Transportation, the U.K. Highways Agency and the Denmark Road Authority.

Chapter 8: My 9 Lives, 6 Companies, 3 Wives, 7 dogs, 4 Homes, 4 Boats, 160 cars and 2 Kids Story

Eric Greenspan

In 1995 I started my first company and bought a fleet of 3 Volkswagen Beetles. I did amazing things and I was happy, mostly. Bought dog 6 and 7.

Ginkgo Builds Out Robot Labs as Microbe Design Business Grows: Photos


The company’s microorganisms are engineered to secrete products such as rose-scented oil that goes into perfumes and sweeteners for beverages.

Master of Customer Acquisition, Matt Coffin, On Startups …

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Don’t and you might make one catastrophic mistake that leaves you in the annals of Effed Companies. The answer? Something so simple.

Nirvanix Targets Iron Mountain Customers


Nirvanix said it currently has over 1,200 companies using its cloud backup software. READ MORE>>.