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Equity for Early Employees in Early Stage Startups


I was asked by a reader how much equity he should give out to early employees and to service providers in a very early stage startup. million. Not bad.

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Ten Startup Tips From Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos


In August 2004, FastCompany published an article titled, Inside The Mind Of Jeff Bezos , written by Alan Deutschman. We are flexible on details….

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Interview with Bong Koh, LifeCrowd


Earlier this month, Los Angeles-based LifeCrowd (www.lifecrowd.com) unveiled its service to help connect people with real life activities. READ MORE>>.

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Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

Both Sides of the Table

There are certain topics that even some of the best journalists can’t fully grok. One of them is profitability. Internet scale. Operating Costs.

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Digital LA: Digital Comics Panel With The Punisher Himself (Thomas Jane)

Tech Zulu Event

Join the discussion with digital comics, animation and games experts for the third annual Digital Comics panel. Scheduled Speakers. 8-9:30p Panel.

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Hiring a CTO for Your Startup


The first thing I do is suggest they explore if they really need to hire a full-time CTO for their startup and if so, what kind of CTO they need.

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Getting Started with a Two-Sided Market Business


This comes up a lot and if you are thinking about one of these kinds of startups, definitely take a look at Matching Algorithm. How long? B. Who pays?

Branchout an Example of Viral Spread Opportunity for Startups


The purpose of Branchout is helping people to network their way to jobs. But that's not the focus of this post. That's impressive growth!

Free Startup CTO Consulting Sessions


I talk to roughly 2 or 3 new startups every week who need advice from an experienced CTO. Many of the founders of these companies are surprised to learn that I'm willing to review what they are doing (maybe an hour) and get on the phone for an hour with them and provide free advice. Generally I can provide quite a bit of help in that brief time.

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Ten Startup Tips From Steve Jobs


Note: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series. Other installments include: Words of startup wisdom from Jeff Bezos. Steve’s Startup Tips.

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LA Ranks As Top Tech Town, Says Scientific American


READ MORE>>. technology angeles access cities

The Amazing Power of Deflationary Economics for Startups

Both Sides of the Table

I’m often asked by people what investment areas interest me. And it’s something I think you ought to consider when building your Internet businesses.

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Why Facebook OpenGraph Will Work and Why To Hate It

Tech Zulu Event

openly can’t stand OpenGraph. It’s the one feature that stuck with me the most from the F8 conference this past September. It’s Brilliant.

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The Challenges (& Opportunities) of Starting a Tech Company in LA

Jason Nazar

But I thought I’d take some more time here to expand on what I think are the challenges, and opportunities, of starting a tech company in LA.

Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data


He agreed to make this data public which is awesome. Todd is a go to resource for people looking for talent in startups. Here are a few slices of it.

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How to Hunt Programmers for Your Startup - A Field Guide


This post is admittedly the outcome of a conversation with a few people over some beers. So, please take this in the spirit intended. Is it big data?

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32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Almost every day I'm talking to early stage startup founders (see Free Startup CTO Consulting Sessions ) about what they plan to do. Partners? Comps?

Eleven Startup Tips From Richard Branson


Note: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series. Other installments include: Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs. free weekly Infochachkie articles!

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Why You Need to Take 50 Coffee Meetings

Both Sides of the Table

50 coffee meetings. It should stick in your head as a metaphor for networking. For getting outside of your comfort zone. Recruiting. Job Hunting.

Lead, Follow or Get the Fuck Out of the Way

Both Sides of the Table

Today’s post courtesy of the Dave McClure school of vocabulary. About a month ago I was meeting with a seasoned entrepreneur. It happens.

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Quick Practical, Tactical Tips for Presentations

Both Sides of the Table

Today’s post is a subtle one about positioning yourself in a presentation. You’ll hold their attention much better. Are they offended?&#

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Social Rewards Gets Seeded


Kelly Perdew, CEO of FastPoint Games, also lists himself as a new investor in the company. Social Rewards was founded by Joseph Morin and Mike Uesugi.

Never Ask a Busy Person to Lunch. Here’s Why:

Both Sides of the Table

know with a title like that I’m going to subject myself to people thinking I’m just being a grumpy, exclusive VC. They had never met.

Female Founders and CEOs | Cameron Rasouli of CoLoft

Tech Zulu Event

She’s also half of the team that built the ever growing Coloft in Santa Monica, CA. Now I’ll let the interview take it from here. Extremely goofy.

The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

Both Sides of the Table

Fred Wilson recently posted a great video on his blog  with the CEO of Forrester Research, George Colony. The money slide is the graphic below.

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Understanding How Dilution Affects You at a Startup

Both Sides of the Table

This post originally appeared on TechCrunch. Dilution. Or as industry insiders call it, “taking a haircut.” million at a $7.5 million.

Registration Form Design with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Authentication


That post looked at when and why you would use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. as part of your registration and authentication mechanism.

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Hiring a CTO for Your Startup


The first thing I do is suggest they explore if they really need to hire a full-time CTO for their startup and if so, what kind of CTO they need.

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10 Reasons To Start A Company In An Economic Downturn


As Guy Kawasaki pointed out in our recent conversation , “…it is cheaper than ever to start a company. Basically, everything is free. Hard Knocks U.

When Hiring Entrepreneurs, Ignore Their Resumes


Note: This is the third installment in the Startup Team Building series. Read Part I HERE and Part II HERE. free weekly Infochachkie articles! Job One.

Whom Should You Hire at a Startup? (Attitude Over Aptitude)

Both Sides of the Table

This post originally ran on TechCrunch. Startups. We know the mantra: Team matters. Is this philosophy exaggerated? Overrated? Cliché? Of course not.

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Startups Are A Remix


“Creativity is just connecting things. It seemed obvious to them after a while. Steve Jobs, Co-Founder Apple, NeXT Computing and Pixar.

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Accelerator Crazy In Southern California


What's the latest craze in startups in Southern Califonia? It looks to be startup accelerators. In just the last few weeks, at least five different incubation/acceleration efforts have booted up in the region. The group is a member of the TechStars Network, and boasts a who's who of successful local CEOs and investors.

An Enchanting Conversation With Guy Kawasaki


Guy’s latest book, Enchantment , was released in March of 2011, to overwhelmingly upbeat reviews. free weekly Infochachkie articles! link].