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Congrats To The Spotlight: LA Tech Winter Presenting Companies at Caltech

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Months of submissions and the amazing  help from our judges , the Spotlight is shinning down on awesome companies that were born right out of Southern California. This Spotlight takes place Thursday, February 2, at Caltech. Where: Baxter Hall | CalTech 1200 E California Blvd Pasadena, CA 91125. The time has finally arrived!

Arivale Brings Gene Sequencing Driven Wellness To Los Angeles


The startup combines whole genome sequencing and other diagnostic tests, along with data analysis software, and provides counselor-driven, health coaching services aimed at long-term health and wellness of its clients. Arivale raised $36M in 2015 from Maveron, ARCH Venture Partners and Polaris Partners. READ MORE>>.

Spotlight: LA Tech Judges and SuperDemo Bill Gross of Idealab!

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In 1985, Lotus Development Corporation acquired GNP and Bill became a software entrepreneur at Lotus Development. SuperDemo: Bill Gross.

Myricom, Emulex Tie On High Performance Computing


According to the two, Emulex will offer up a new line of High Performance Networking (HPN) products, which are based in Myricom's FastStack application acceleration software. The two said they will jointly develop and market additional FastStack application acceleration software. The company is a spinout of Caltech. READ MORE>>.

REACH Connected Future | Cleantech Recap

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Between Caltech, USC, and UCLA, $1 billion has been put into research expenditures. Ian Harris -  VP of Partnerships, LA Cleantech Incubator.


Interview with Alex Benzer, SocialEngine


Plus, he told us a little bit about how he's helping to build a mini cluster of technology companies in the Silverlake area. READ MORE>>.

5 things Silicon Valley gets wrong about Southern California

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And, let’s not overlook the research juggernaut called Caltech, which managed $332 million in sponsored research and $1.77 billion Software.

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Spotlight: LA Tech Summer Judges Includes BetterWorks, CallFire, Idealab, and Tech Coast Angeles

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To help curate and show off the best that LA has to offer we called in a few friends. Where: CalTech 1200 E California Blvd Pasadena, CA 91125.

Bridging The Gap Between Students And Startups, With TechLA


However, for students at USC, UCLA, and Caltech, that just doesn''t exist. What''s the idea behind the program? How is the program doing that?

Interview with Kos Galatsis, Carbonics


We think we are a company that will help ring in the 5G era, with high efficiency and high performance electronics. Kos Galatsis: A lot of startups funded these days are software companies, and they do not have to do real hardware like they used to ten years ago. level technicians there to help. Thanks, and good luck!

Interview with Aviv Grill, Miso Media


First off, let's talk a little bit about your software. What does your software do? Aviv Grill: We just launched our 2.0 We had a 1.0

Interview with Fouad ElNaggar, Redpoint Ventures


We're able to help throw some gasoline on the fire, plus also help people even at the earliest stages of a business. That's part one.

Rexter Gets $1.5M To Put Contact Management On Steroids


The startup, led by Andy Wilson, said it has created a big-data driven system to analyze a user's professional relationship, and helps organize and syncrhonize contact data, emails, meetings, and phone calls. rexter venture capital professional relationship management softwareREAD MORE>>.

FastSoft Aims At Web Retailers


Pasadena-based FastSoft , the Caltech spinout which develops web acceleration software, said today that it has released a version of its products aimed at Internet retailers and web properties. FastSoft develops software which optimized the TCP/IP protocol to accelerate page downloads. READ MORE>>.

FastSoft Gets Win At Limelight Networks


According to FastSoft, the firm's products are being used to help speed the upload of content objects to Limelight's servers. FastSoft is a Caltech spinoff which has developed software appliances which accelerate TCP transfers; the firm's technology uses an optimized version of the TCP protocol to accelerate data transfers.

Greening Your Ride: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Transportation Sector

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Caltech/MIT enterprise Forum. Entrepreneurial opportunities exist in many spaces, including extended range electric vehicles, charging technologies, Smart Grid interfaces, first mile/last-mile vehicles (electric bikes, scooters, or shared transportation) and software to manage the devices at home and on the road.

Angel Funding Advice

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Product :  You should build a product or a prototype.  I’m a software guy so I’m sure there are cases where building isn’t feasible. Don’t worry if they can’t help in your daily business. There are other ways you can get help. This is part of my ongoing series Pitching a VC. How: 1. That’s OK.

Product Manager Entrepreneur Mark Geller


How did it help you? Having helped create Fantasy World , I'm a big believer in the value of social and games. In L.A. In L.A.,

How TenOneTen Ventures Is Investing In LA's Technology Future


In particular, funding for companies developing deep technology--software and cloud, as opposed to content and media--seems to be lacking.

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

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Was it massively better software, better companies, better markets? This blog post originally appeared in serialized form here on TechCrunch.

Interview with Marc Averitt and Sharon Stevenson, Okapi Ventures


We were literally on the cusp of launching our prpoduct, and all of our work and money to date had gone into getting the innovative technology out of Caltech, exploring the marketplace, and making sure the product features matched with the demand of the market, which it clearly did. Nice chatting with you today! Let's talk about the exit.

Guide to the LA Startup Community

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The CitizenNet platform helps you measure, analyze, and automate social media marketing and engagement. It filed for an IPO on August 6th.