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Bio Roundup: Precision Med and Google, Heron, Lilly, Sarepta & More


The wait continues. Will next week be the week a decision finally comes? Next month? Later today? Until then everyone sits, waits, and speculates.

Google Plus: First Impressions

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Google, they’ve cracked a nut here. Now, there’s Google+. Holy cow is Google+ fast and responsive. Google Buzz.

YouTubers Come Of Age – Google Scores A Solid Return On Its Video Development Fund


During the latter half of 2011, Google awarded a number of leading YouTubers and nascent Internet TV networks grants of $1 million to $2 million.

Drew Baumann | Fullscreen BEAM, Google Glass, and Future Tech

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How hard was it to work on the Google Glass? Google Glass is an easy and convenient way in shooting a first-person video. 

10 Examples of Companies With Fantastic Cultures

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Google. It would almost seem wrong not to mention Google on a list of companies with great culture. Google has been synonymous with culture for years, and sets the tone for many of the perks and benefits startups are now known for. Even the best examples of culture on this list have detractors. Zappos. Warby Parker.

When to Use Facebook Connect – Twitter Oauth – Google Friend Connect for Authentication?


Example What do I mean? Interestingly, they are not including Google Authentication. Identity Wars: Google & Yahoo! That’s it.

The Future of Human-Robot Interaction


What are some examples of government-funded research in AI and robotics that is happening today that will set the stage for tomorrow’s products?

I’ve Got A Golden Ticket! | Inbox by Gmail

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For example, how often have users gotten upset at Facebook for making changes to their platform? Smart move, Google.

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The Guy Who Took on Google (and now LinkedIn): Mike Yavonditte

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Why AltaVista Failed To Become as Successful as Google. How Quigo Went Head-to-Head With Google. Love it. Thank you, John. were doing.

6 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The Startup Bandwagon

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Piaw Na, who spent over six years at Google, writes on Quora that she recommends fresh grads to join a startup instead of big companies.

A Designer’s Weekend With The Oculus Rift

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For example, you can walk around a little village, fly through outer space, ride a virtual roller coaster, or be in the driver’s seat of a race car.

GumGum Makes Images Profitable for Publishers

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Take the Oscars for example, users will be searching for information on the Oscars before and after the main event. Photos…the final frontier.

How to Choose a Smart Home Hub (+ Infographic)

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You’ve tinkered with a NEST, installed a couple of Philips Hue light bulbs, and now you’re hooked on home automation. What’s the next step?

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Wearable Smart Devices | Ushering in the Future of Smart Technology

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Google Glass. Google Glass is one of the most famous examples of wearable Tech. Oculus Rift. Smart Clothing. The Ring.

Small Business Marketing | Get Customers versus Get Leads

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Perfect example; In forums have a signature like this example below. The best place to find forums is Google.

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Tech Transforms the Election Experience, From VR to Voter Registration


My friend Eileen and I are planning to “phone-watch” the first presidential debate together on Monday. See how it works here.).

Pinterest Marketing & Technology Firm, HelloSociety Generates $30M In Additional Sales Revenue For Its Clients

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Pinterest said earlier last year it had topped Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, for example and beat Twitter in February the same year.

myfab5 Wanst to Reinvent The Way You Find Food | Interview With Co-Founder Calvin Schemanski

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Our direct competitors include big companies like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook, a bunch of medium-sized companies like UrbanSpoon.

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SRCH2's Plan to Arm The World With Enterprise Search Technology


In the arms race of search technology, only the big guys -- Google, Microsoft -- seem to be able to keep up with all of the innovations in the space.

amSTATZ Social Network For Fitness Gurus, Athletes & Events | Interview With Founder

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With proven ability in both start-up and traditionally corporate atmospheres, Bobby has a truly unique ability to inspire others and lead by example.

7 Facts You Need to Know When Creating a Mobile App

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what you can see with out scrolling down) probably get well over 85-90% of all of the downloads (much like on Google).  Wild right?  China.

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Framework Benchmarks Round 9


For example, a larger number of response headers might mean slightly fewer responses sent per second. View Round 9 results now. that of i7.

Watch an Ad, Help a Nonprofit Out


For example, Sprinkles Cupcakes will donate 25 cents to Pencils of Promise for each view its video receives. Most recently, I came across Givvr.

The Importance of Teams and Why the Best Leaders Cultivate Them

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Example from this morning was a quick discussion on the “Brexit”  and wether the UK will exit Europe. I was watching my favorite show on TV this morning – GPS (Global Public Square) with Fareed Zakaria. He brings knowledgable experts from varying points of view but never books anybody that engages in yelling matches.

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Frameworks Round 4


For example, in some cases a framework is tested both with and without its ORM (“full ORM” versus “Raw”). View Round 4 results now. Thanks!

BLOGGER ALERT: How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging

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Write those down and then head over to Google Keyword Tool. Copy and paste your list of 10 into the white box at the top of this example below.

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Los Angeles, San Diego Among Top 10 Cities For Startups


READ MORE>>. today usatoday startup city angeles diego sandiego entrepreneur business venture nvca

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An Enchanting Conversation With Guy Kawasaki


think Google+ is a great, great mechanism for enchanting people.”. He is a great example of…building an enchanting company. link].

The Internet Accelerates Everything | The Global Human

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Perhaps my favorite example of this over the past few years was Chat Roulette – I’ve never seen a business rise and fall so quickly.

The Most Misunderstood Facts About Building a Business on YouTube

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Take for example, an eCommerce company. Any reader of this blog for a period of time will know that I’ve been long YouTube for years.

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Why Misunderstanding Startup Metrics Can Cost You Your Business

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So if you paid $100 for a customer who converted via a Facebook ad or Google search ad (SEM) that is not your CAC. Gross margin positive !=

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Please be able to provide me with a few specific examples of different types of customers, what they need, what the system will do for them.

When Will Dinner Cook Itself? | Moment The Smart Home Goes Mainstream

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good example of that is  Drop , an iPad-connected kitchen scale that will re-scale a recipe for you and suggest substitutions for missing ingredients.

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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” Here are some examples: 1. It’s just like my book example. It’s worth a quick read. My argument is pretty simple.

StartupRoar - Great Content for Startups


Today I join Ben Yoskovitz , Vinicius Vacanti , Jill Hubbard Bowman and Steve Blank and others in announcing the launch of StartupRoar.

Source13 Gathers the Biggest Names in Mobile

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For example, Waze tapped into its community during Hurricane Sandy to help the White House and FEMA identify which gas stations had power.

The Long Economic Case for Snapchat

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It’s up to Team Snapchat to live up to its financial expectations but I believe it certainly has the potential. I’ve heard the new media doubters before as nobody thought Google, Facebook or Twitter would ever make money. For example, you can replay a snap one time per day for free. Reach. Immediacy. Authenticity / Endemic.

Registration Form Design with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Authentication


Here's a classic example that illustrates the issue - the sign-up page from Mahalo. as part of your registration and authentication mechanism.

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Chartbeat is to Blogs as Google Analytics is to Print Newspapers

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What do Google Analytics and print newspapers have in common? In fact, I’m surprised by how antiquated Google Analytics feels.

Internet of Things (IoT) – What’s Next in Automotive?

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And what about Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto by Google ? Google wants it all. Who will lead the way: Google? Samsung?