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Synthetic Genomics Creates Host Organism Optimized for Bio Industry


The company applies its capabilities in synthetic biology to invent new methods of bio-based production. coli as a host organism.

Despite Low Crop Prices, Corporate and VC Agtech Investments Soar


The increase in dollars flowing to agtech comes despite commodity prices that are down 65 percent from their 2013 peak, the report says.

IBM Watson Health Launches Imaging Effort for Cancer, Other Diseases


The first commercial product to come out of the effort is likely to hit in 2017. Today, it’s more about action.

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Pharma’s Productivity Problem: Finding More Blockbuster Drugs


A recent Wall Street Journal article that raised the possibility of Biogen as the target of another huge pharma buyout cited the lack of productivity as a major driver of M&A in the pharmaceutical industry.  The authors made the point that, given the size of companies today, a single garden-variety blockbuster hardly moves the needle.

Biogen Buys Ionis Spine Disease Drug For $75M, Eyes FDA Filing


Spinal muscular atrophy affects over 25,000 people in the U.S. and stops many of them from ever being able to walk.

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What Startups Can Do About Cyber Attacks


These statistics belie the common notion that cybercriminals attack only big businesses. Good Cybersecurity Program Matters. Understand the Risks.

Recruitment Goal In Obama Precision Med Study: 1M in 3 or 4 Years


center led by the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego will work on ways for those individuals to participate.

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Bio Roundup: Precision Med and Google, Heron, Lilly, Sarepta & More


The wait continues. Will next week be the week a decision finally comes? Next month? Later today? Until then everyone sits, waits, and speculates.

Biotech Roundup: Biogen Rumors, Theranos, Electro-Drugs & More


The Wall Street Journal reported that Cambridge, MA-based Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB ) has drawn interest from the likes of Merck (NYSE: MRK ) and Allergan (NYSE: AGN ) as a possible takeover target. —Meanwhile, scientists from San Diego-based Synthetic Genomics and the J. Bigelow contributed to this report.

Biotech Roundup: Kadmon Debt, Hemo Data, Loose Lips & More


The filing held some surprises , however, as Xconomy reported: plans to convert about $200 million in debt—a massive amount for a privately held biotech—into shares at the IPO, with some of those shares holding special privileges for their owners. —Ben Fidler contributed to this report. right now.

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Biotech Roundup: CRISPR’s 1st Trial, IPO Insiders, Zika & More


—IBM’s Watson Health group said that a commercial product could arrive in 2017 that uses machine learning to digest patient scans, medical records, and other information to help doctors with care decisions. Savara now aims to pull together a funding round to support a future IPO, David Holley reports. Let’s get right to it.

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Bio Roundup: CAR-T & Migraine Races, Intra-Cellular, Rockefeller & More


TOP STORIES : —Kite Pharma (NASDAQ: KITE ) released data from an ongoing non-hodgkin lymphoma trial that, while early, bolster the view that the Santa Monica, CA, company could be the first to market with a cell-based immunotherapy product known as CAR-T. But biotech watchers had other races on their mind. has more here.

Bio Roundup: Bristol & Illumina Blues, Sickle Cell News & More


—Shares of San Diego-based Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN ) fell more than 32 percent after the next-gen sequencing giant slashed its revenue projections once again. Alex Lash contributed to this report. On Aug. 4, shares of Bristol-Myers Squibb closed at $75.32. Today, shares are worth just over $50. The reason? TOP STORIES.

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Balancing Risks and Opportunities: The Board’s Perspective


Then there are product risks (can we translate our vision into a successful product?), market risks (do we have customers who are willing to buy our product?), and cash risks (can we generate enough money to self-sustain the business?). It’s also important to set a context for the issues that are reported. asks Bacon.

Biotech Roundup: Moonshots, Pink Slips, Gilead, Brexit & More


At the gathering, Biden took verbal shots at scofflaw cancer researchers and at drug prices, while the FDA said it would take a shot at restructuring the way it evaluates oncology products. But as Xconomy reported, details about the reorganization were scant, leaving open questions whether drug regulation actually needs to move faster.

How Will Apple Innovate Beyond the iPhone 7? With Next-Gen Siri


Already on that plateau are products like the commercial jet airliner, which hasn’t changed much since Boeing introduced the 747 in 1970.

Announcing Xconomy’s Agtech and Food Channel


And human food production is just one aspect of agricultural technology—a vast field that also includes animal food and more. The annual AgTech Investment Report from AgFunderNews found that investment in agriculture and food-related technology startups alone hit $4.6 In short, the field is exploding. and Cybersecurity.

Bio Roundup: Cancer Wishes and Shopping Lists, Allergan Pricing & More


The full report is here ; a summary is here.). Xconomy reached Tyler Jacks, the co-chair of the panel and director of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, to ask about the report. What do cancer experts want? The moon, perhaps. condensed version of our conversation is here.

Websense Rolls Out New Mobile Security Product


San Diego-based security software developer Websense reported Wednesday that it has launched a new, mobile security product aimed at mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android. Pricing on the new product was not announced. READ MORE>>. websense mobile security iphone android

Tyler Jacks, Cancer Moonshot Panel Co-Chair, Discusses Roadmap


The FDA agreed this summer to reorganize the way it evaluates drugs, diagnostics, and other cancer-related products. TJ : Yes.

VMIX Rolls Out Video Rental Product For Facebook


San Diego-based VMIX , the developer of online video management and hosting services, reported today that it has launched a new product aimed at helping its customers rent videos on the Facebook social networking site. Pricing on the new offering was not announced. READ MORE>>.

CODA Automotive's First Vehicle Rolls Off Production Line


CODA has a factory in Benecia, California, about 30 miles from San Franciso, where all of the final assembly of its autos happens. READ MORE>>.

Pernix Therapeutics Slashes Staff to Shake Up Sales Strategy


As of the end of 2015, Pernix reported a headcount of 274. That deal added Somaxon’s insomnia drug doxepin (Silenor) to the Pernix product mix.

LumaTax Raises $2M For Small Business Tax Reporting Software


LumaTax , a new startup has offices in both San Diego and Seattle, Washington, has raised $2M in a funding, the company said on Thursday. The company is initially launching its product in California. taxient avalara diego filing capital venture reporting business small lumataxREAD MORE>>.

Southern California Venture Investments Top $1.3 Billion In Q4


The report tallied $1.09 billion in investments in Los Angeles, near $125M in Orange County, and $106.6M in investments in San Diego.

TerrAvion’s Eye in the Sky For Growers, And Now, Ranchers


His San Leandro, CA-based company, TerrAvion , relies on a network of contract pilots to capture weekly shots of his customers’ vineyards, corn fields, and strawberry rows. Companies such as San Diego-based SlantRange are betting that drones, flying lower and slower, can deliver images at higher resolution than either planes or satellites.

Roambi Connects To Oracle


San Diego-based MeLLmo , the developer of the Roambi business application for the iPhone and iPad, said this morning that it has integrated its software with Oracle's Business Intelligence (BI) suite. Roambi allows users to monitor various enterprise products via their mobile device. READ MORE>>.


Novatel Wireless Gets Wifi Hotspot Patent


San Diego-based Novatel Wireless , the maker of the MiFi mobile hotspot products, reported this morning that it has gained a patent covering that product and its other products. Novatel said it was awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,208,517, covering "Systems and methods for multi-mode wireless modem". READ MORE>>.

Three Factors Which Intoxicate Venture Capitalists - Why Your Startup Will (Probably) Not Raise Venture Capital Funding


End result, the company’s product timeline has been pushed back substantially and the company’s morale is at an all-time low. Do The Math.

Independa Gets $1M In Angel Funding


According to reports , angels were the source of the new funding. The funding was first publicly disclosed in a regulatory filing last week.

Verve Wireless Snags Former comScore Technology Chief


San Diego-based Verve Wireless , which develops mobile publishing and advertising tools, reported today that it has hired Chris Nicotra, the former Chief Technology Officer of comScore, as its new Executive Vice President of Product and Technology. Verve said Nicotra has also served at AOL Advertising and

VCA Reports Severe Damage In Carlsbad Fire


Los Angeles-based animal health products company VCA said Thursday that the headquarters of its Sound-Eklin diagnostic imaging division was severely damaged in the fires in Carlsbad, California--part of a rash of fires that broke out in San Diego over the last couple of days. 490618363 / READ MORE>>.

ID Analytics Enhances Products


San Diego-based ID Analytics , a provider of software used for detecting identity fraud and risk, disclosed today that the firm has added a new family of products focused on tapping information not found in typical public records or credit bureaus. The information is used by financial institutions, banks, and others.

CareFusion Buys German Firm


San Diego-based CareFusion , the developer of infusion pumps and other medical products, reported today that it is acquiring Rowa , a German firm focused on robotic medical storage and retrieval systems. The deal was worth approximately $150M. CareFusion said the buy would help it accelerate its global growth.

Cogent Road Acquired By Chronos Solutions


San Diego-based Cogent Road , a developer of software used by mortgage lenders for a wide range of credit report, valuation, and underwriting tools, has been acquired by Texas-based Chronos Solutions. Chronos Solutions said it will use the acquisition to bolster its suite of product for mortgage lenders. READ MORE>>.

Sapphire Energy In Production In New Mexico


San Diego-based Sapphire Energy , the heavily venture backed developers of biofuels technology, reported this morning that it has completed the first phase of its facility in New Mexico, and has begun producing crude oil at the plant. The company said that so far, the facility has harvested 81 tons of biomass at the facility.

Sequenom Looks To Sell Off Genetic Analysis Business


San Diego-based life sciences products company Sequenom reported late Monday that it has engaged Jefferies LLC as a financial advisor, to review potential "strategic alternatives" for its Genetic Analysis business segment. Sequenom develops a range of genetic analysis and diagnostic testing products. READ MORE>>.

Measurabl Gets $2M For Sustainability Software


San Diego-based Measurabl , a provider of sustainability reporting software, disclosed this morning that it has raised $2M in a seed funding from CrossCut Ventures. green cleantech capital venture crosscut software reporting sustainability measurable READ MORE>>.

Ten Of The Top Tech Companies For Employees In LA


Readers in San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County, and elsewhere, please comment or send us your comments!). Demand Media. OpenX.

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