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IBM Watson Health Launches Imaging Effort for Cancer, Other Diseases


The first commercial product to come out of the effort is likely to hit in 2017. Today, it’s more about action.

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Biotech Roundup: Hellos, Goodbyes, “Cures” Delays And Trial News


Our San Diego editor Bruce Bigelow penned a personal goodbye to entrepreneur Larry Bock, who died last week of pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. —South San Francisco-based Second Genome hired a new CEO and president. The week started on a reflective note. And perhaps most important, there was the U.S. Or not.

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Recruitment Goal In Obama Precision Med Study: 1M in 3 or 4 Years


center led by the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego will work on ways for those individuals to participate.

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Biotech Roundup: Kadmon Debt, Hemo Data, Loose Lips & More


The filing held some surprises , however, as Xconomy reported: plans to convert about $200 million in debt—a massive amount for a privately held biotech—into shares at the IPO, with some of those shares holding special privileges for their owners. —Ben Fidler contributed to this report. right now.

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Biotech Roundup: CRISPR’s 1st Trial, IPO Insiders, Zika & More


—IBM’s Watson Health group said that a commercial product could arrive in 2017 that uses machine learning to digest patient scans, medical records, and other information to help doctors with care decisions. Savara now aims to pull together a funding round to support a future IPO, David Holley reports. Let’s get right to it.

VMIX Rolls Out Video Rental Product For Facebook


San Diego-based VMIX , the developer of online video management and hosting services, reported today that it has launched a new product aimed at helping its customers rent videos on the Facebook social networking site. Pricing on the new offering was not announced. READ MORE>>.

Pernix Therapeutics Slashes Staff to Shake Up Sales Strategy


As of the end of 2015, Pernix reported a headcount of 274. That deal added Somaxon’s insomnia drug doxepin (Silenor) to the Pernix product mix.

CODA Automotive's First Vehicle Rolls Off Production Line


CODA has a factory in Benecia, California, about 30 miles from San Franciso, where all of the final assembly of its autos happens. READ MORE>>.

Southern California Venture Investments Top $1.3 Billion In Q4


The report tallied $1.09 billion in investments in Los Angeles, near $125M in Orange County, and $106.6M in investments in San Diego.

VCA Reports Severe Damage In Carlsbad Fire


Los Angeles-based animal health products company VCA said Thursday that the headquarters of its Sound-Eklin diagnostic imaging division was severely damaged in the fires in Carlsbad, California--part of a rash of fires that broke out in San Diego over the last couple of days. 490618363 / READ MORE>>.

Report: Southern California Venture Capital Totals $464M In Q3


Venture capital investments in Southern California in Q3 totaled to $464.18M, according to the latest numbers released by the PricewaterhouseCoopers/NVCA Money Tree Report this evening, based on data from Thomson Reuters. For the quarter, San Diego County garnered the most venture capital, with $231.3M Nationwide, there was $4.8

Lytx Wins Michigan Trucking Company


San Diego-based Lytx , which develops camera-based driver monitoring systems for the fleet transportation market, reports a win this morning with a Michigan based trucking company, Martin Transportation Systems. Lytx said Martin will use its DriveCam products for its 1,3000 drivers. READ MORE>>.

Independa Gets $1M In Angel Funding


According to reports , angels were the source of the new funding. The funding was first publicly disclosed in a regulatory filing last week.

Cogent Road Acquired By Chronos Solutions


San Diego-based Cogent Road , a developer of software used by mortgage lenders for a wide range of credit report, valuation, and underwriting tools, has been acquired by Texas-based Chronos Solutions. Chronos Solutions said it will use the acquisition to bolster its suite of product for mortgage lenders. READ MORE>>.

Roambi Connects To Oracle


San Diego-based MeLLmo , the developer of the Roambi business application for the iPhone and iPad, said this morning that it has integrated its software with Oracle's Business Intelligence (BI) suite. Roambi allows users to monitor various enterprise products via their mobile device. READ MORE>>.


Sequenom Looks To Sell Off Genetic Analysis Business


San Diego-based life sciences products company Sequenom reported late Monday that it has engaged Jefferies LLC as a financial advisor, to review potential "strategic alternatives" for its Genetic Analysis business segment. Sequenom develops a range of genetic analysis and diagnostic testing products. READ MORE>>.

Novatel Wireless Gets Wifi Hotspot Patent


San Diego-based Novatel Wireless , the maker of the MiFi mobile hotspot products, reported this morning that it has gained a patent covering that product and its other products. Novatel said it was awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,208,517, covering "Systems and methods for multi-mode wireless modem". READ MORE>>.

Three Factors Which Intoxicate Venture Capitalists - Why Your Startup Will (Probably) Not Raise Venture Capital Funding


End result, the company’s product timeline has been pushed back substantially and the company’s morale is at an all-time low. Do The Math.

Verve Wireless Snags Former comScore Technology Chief


San Diego-based Verve Wireless , which develops mobile publishing and advertising tools, reported today that it has hired Chris Nicotra, the former Chief Technology Officer of comScore, as its new Executive Vice President of Product and Technology. Verve said Nicotra has also served at AOL Advertising and

ID Analytics Enhances Products


San Diego-based ID Analytics , a provider of software used for detecting identity fraud and risk, disclosed today that the firm has added a new family of products focused on tapping information not found in typical public records or credit bureaus. The information is used by financial institutions, banks, and others.

Sapphire Energy In Production In New Mexico


San Diego-based Sapphire Energy , the heavily venture backed developers of biofuels technology, reported this morning that it has completed the first phase of its facility in New Mexico, and has begun producing crude oil at the plant. The company said that so far, the facility has harvested 81 tons of biomass at the facility.

Measurabl Gets $2M For Sustainability Software


San Diego-based Measurabl , a provider of sustainability reporting software, disclosed this morning that it has raised $2M in a seed funding from CrossCut Ventures. green cleantech capital venture crosscut software reporting sustainability measurable READ MORE>>.

Illumina Names New President


Life sciences equipment manufacturer Illumina said Monday that it has named Francis deSouza as President fo the company, reporting to CEO Jay Flatley.

CareFusion Buys German Firm


San Diego-based CareFusion , the developer of infusion pumps and other medical products, reported today that it is acquiring Rowa , a German firm focused on robotic medical storage and retrieval systems. The deal was worth approximately $150M. CareFusion said the buy would help it accelerate its global growth.

Avalon Ventures Backs Selectable Media


San Diego-based venture investor Avalon Ventures has backed a developer of video advertising products, Selectable Media , to the tune of $2M.

Voxox Sees Growth In Wholesale SMS Businesss


San Diego-based Voxox , the provider of cloud-based, communications services, reports that it has seen a tripling of its wholesale, SMS delivery within the past year. Voxox offers up an API which allows businesses to add SMS capabilities to their products. Voxox is led by Bryan Hertz. READ MORE>>.

Report: V-Vehicle Working On Plastic Cars


San Diego-based V-Vehicle the stealthy developer of alternative automobile technology, has reported started to provide more details of its products to state officials in Louisiana. Vehicle has been courting Louisiana officials as part of its bid for federal and state funds to help it start up a factory in that state.

Some Thoughts on Leadership Going into 2016

Both Sides of the Table

In fact, 50% of our investments are in Southern California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. But putting no time into anchoring your beliefs because you’re too busy executing sales, marketing, support, product & engineering is an easy recipe for leadership drift. 2. They get involved in hard product decisions.

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Ten Of The Top Tech Companies For Employees In LA


Readers in San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County, and elsewhere, please comment or send us your comments!). Demand Media. OpenX.

How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

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Not all of these products & companies came from Silicon Valley but the overwhelming majority did. Why Now? Changes in the Startup Ecosystem.

Websense Reports Strong Demand, Ups Estimates


San Diego-based Websense , a developer of web security products, said Wednesday that it is seeing strong demand for the firm's new Web Security Gateway and appliances, and is also benefiting from currency exchange rates, and upped its guidance range Wednesday. Favorable currency exchange boosted its billings by $4M. READ MORE>>.

SmartDrive Wins LA Metro


San Diego-based SmartDrive Systems , which develops video-based, fleet- driver-safety systems, reported today that it has been selected by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (L.A. SmartDrive says it has more than 450 employees working on its driver and fleet safety products. READ MORE>>.

Reflexion Health Finds $18M


San Diego-based Reflexion Health , a provider of cloud-based, digital medicine products, said this week that it has raised $18 in a Series B funding round. The startup, led by Joseph Smith, MD, PhD, develops VERA, a software product which is aimed at the physical therapy market. READ MORE>>.

Daylight Solutions Snags $15M In Series C


San Diego-based Daylight Solutions , a developer of laser systems, molecular detection, and imaging systems, reports today that it has snagged $15M in a Series C funding round. Daylight Solutions develops both commercial products as well as defense products, including a infrared countermeasure against missile threats.

ServiceNow Wins CoreSite


San Diego-based cloud IT automation software provider ServiceNow reported this morning that it has been selected by data center operator CoreSite Realty Corporation. Financial impact of the win was not disclosed. CoreSite operates 14 data centers across nine U.S. markets. READ MORE>>. servicenow coresite automation software

Qualcomm Buys Pixtronix


San Diego-based Qualcomm has acquired Pixtronix , a developer of MEMS display technology, reports EETimes, in a deal worth between $175M and $200M. Pixtronix makes MEMS technology which is used for MEMS-based microdisplays, used in e-readers and other products. Pixtronix was based in Andover, Mass. READ MORE>>.

Nirvanix Grabs Google Exec


Nirvanix said it has appointed Paul Froutan as its Chief Technology Officer, reporting to President and CEO Scott Genereux. READ MORE>>.

TYLT Labs' New Seed Fund And The Promise Of Silicon Beach


We feel that we can really help with manufacturing and bringing products to market. Tell us a little bit about your investments and firm?

5 things Silicon Valley gets wrong about Southern California

SoCal Delicious

The San Diego-based company is one of 53 California companies ranked on the Fortune 500, 22 of which are SoCal companies. Products.

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Astute Medical Raises $40.4M


San Diego-based Astute Medical , a provider of biomarker-based medical diagnostics technology, reports this morning that it has raised $40.4M in a Series C funding round. The round was led by MPM Capital, and also included new investor Kaiser Permanente Ventures. READ MORE>>.