Web 2.0 & eHealth

AeA Los Angeles Council

Across the globe, politicians are concerned about high security, accuracy and privacy demands. Eysenback for the Journal of Medical Internet Research ) “The high tech industry is a strong supporter of eHealth initiatives such as ePrescribing that lower healthcare costs and improve the safety and delivery of care,” said Matthew Kazmierczak, Vice President, Research and Industry Analysis, AeA. We’ve already seen how Web 2.0

Interview with Jerome Chang, BlankSpaces


That's a fifty percent increase, and there's no space that's elastic and on-demand as us. We've got high end, Steelcase furniture--I'm an architect--and it's got a much more hip, boutique, dot-com feel, rather than the executives suites which just have Staples furniture. It seems like there are quite a number of high tech clients using your space? We have Sometrics, which is kind of a search technology for Web 2.0,

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