Interview with Steve Poizner, Alliance for Southern California Innovation


Steve Poizner is a serial tech entrepreneur and was formerly California Insurance Commissioner, and recently founded the Alliance for Southern California Innovation (, a nonprofit which has gathered together an impressive list of research universities, technology leaders, and others to help boost the profile of Southern California in the technology industry. I did that for a couple of years, which got me and my wife down to SoCal.

Southern California Tech Central

Technology Council

The Technology Council of Southern California and TechEmpower are happy to announce the launch of: Southern California Tech Central This is a community of people in Southern California who have come together to help find and organize the best content from blogs, news sources and other web sites all around technology in So Cal.


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Report: Southern California Startups Focus More On M&A, Profit


A new report, issued by Silicon Valley Bank over the last week, has found that Southern California startups are far more focused on being acquired than on IPOs, and also on making profits, compared with most startups. The SoCal Startup Outlook compared the responses of entrepeneurs from San Luis Obispo to San Diego, versus the views of a total of nearly 950 entrepreneurs across the U.S., southern california angeles startup outlook report

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Southern California needs to find its hub for it to develop its own tech ecosystem

TechCrunch LA

Recognizing the tens of billions of dollars that the Southern Californian region leaves on the table, because it hasn’t taken its rightful place in the American technology industry, a new group called the Alliance for Southern California Innovation has just released a report to analyze how SoCal can work to assume its pole position.

Southern California Tech Central


I am excited to be participating in and announcing the of: Southern California Tech Central This is a community of people in Southern California who have come together to help find and organize the best content from blogs, news sources and other web sites all around technology in So Cal. This site is being sponsored by the Technology Council of Southern California and my company TechEmpower.

Here's Who Is Funding Companies In Southern California Today


Are you a startup looking to find funding in Southern California? Here are the venture firms who have been most active in SoCal (Santa Babrara - Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego) in the last twelve months, based on the number of deals: 1. Looking for more insights into the venture deal flow here in Southern California? feature analysis kpcb kleiner upfront california southern capital venture

Southern California Edison Signs More Energy Storage Contracts

L.A. Business Journal

Southern California Edison has signed long-term contracts for four projects totaling 590 megawatts of battery energy storage

How Businesses Can Find Scalable Ethernet Services in Southern California

Southern California Edison Blog

California boasts one of the most impressive economies in the United States. Southern California alone has a gross domestic product larger than countries including Mexico and Turkey. And, since 2012, just six counties in SoCal have seen their gross domestic product increase from $992 billion to $1.26 But SoCal’s growing companies contend with their own set of challenges, including the increasing importance of scalable network solutions.

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Poizner Updates Plan for Alliance on Southern California Innovation


After launching a study to identify how tech hubs work, the leader of a nonprofit consortium created to boost Southern California’s startup ecosystem says he is focusing on three initiatives to supercharge the seven-county SoCal region as a hotbed for innovation.

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Software Development Companies in Southern California


In a recent conversation with a fellow CTO, we lamented about the fact that while there's very active software development and web development going on in Southern California and West Los Angeles, yet there didn't seem to be as much of a community around it. But where do the software development companies in Southern California congregate? Even still, this barely touches all the different companies in Southern California where software development is happening.

Friday Tech Video Roundup for Southern California


Startups parody "Gangnam Style" -- complete with two SoCal firms, UberMedia and PerfectMarket. Some of the higlights from this week from socalTECH's video , section, where we're currently highlighting community videos from and about local startups: Image Metrics Mojo Masks iPhone App. Image Metrics released a new iPhone application this week, which uses facial tracking to display virtual "masks" on an iPhone, overlaid on a user's face. RewardTag Sends Its Tags Into Space.

Southern California Investments On Uptick, Totals $686.5M For Q1


Southern California venture capital investments totaled $686.5M According to the report, released today, Southern California investments totaled $686.5M Southern California's investment totals bucked the national trend, which found that there was a 9 percent drop in dollars to $4.7 For Southern California, Orange County actually had the most dollars invested, with $239.6M Clean technology in Southern California represented $230.0M

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Pelion Ventures Sets Up Shop In SoCal


Pelion Venture Partners , a venture capital firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is expanding its efforts into Southern California, and has named Jeff Kearl as Managing Director in the region for the firm. pelion ventures venture capital southern california angelesPelion has made investments in such companies as Domo, Redhat, Riverbed, MX Logic, and others. Kearl was most recently CEO of Stance, an online clothing retailer.

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So Cal Linux Expo

SoCal Tech Calendar

Friday, February 20, 2009 -- So Cal Linux Expo. The 7th Annual So Cal Linux Expo. The depth and breadth of its audience is expanding, so the Expo will add additional speaker tracks to expand the educational opportunities for guests of all experience levels. Because interest in Open Source Software is steadily growing, attendance at SCALE continues to also grow.

Alliance for Southern California Innovation Names Andy Wilson As Director


The Alliance for Southern California Innovation , the nonprofit founed by Steve Poizner to help bolster Southern California's entrepreneurial ecosystem, said on Tuesday that it has named Andy Wilson as its first Executive Director. Wilson is a longtime Southern California technology veteran, having served as an executive at such companies as Overture Services, Yahoo!,

Reflections on 2020: Andy Wilson, Alliance for SoCal Innovation


Every year, we feature the year end reflections of founders, CEOs, investors, sposors, and others in Southern California's high tech community. Today, we have Andy Wilson, Executive Director of the Alliance for SoCal Innovation ( We do that by acting as a smart super connector bringing together key ecosystem stakeholders, so we can work together in a unified fashion. So I am looking forward to the safe and gradual return to in-person gatherings.

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Esri Rolls Out Interactive Southern California Fire Map


Redlands-based mapping technology developer Esri has released a new, interactive map which provides information on the reach and extent of the fires in Southern California, covering both the Thomas Fire in Ventura County, and the Creek Fire near Sylmar--as well as the Rye Fire just developing in Santa Clarita. esri interactive southern california mapping technology geographical information system thomasfire fire ventura ryefire creekfire

Video Interview: Andy Wilson, Alliance for SoCal Innovation


For our video interview this morning, we have Andy Wilson, the Executive Director of the Alliance for SoCal Innovation (, a new nonprofit which is trying to bring together Southern California's technology industry, universities, and others in the local ecosystem. interview startup video andy wilson alliancesocal alliance socal innovation nonprofit economic development

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Southern California Quantum Computing Meetup

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 -- Southern California Quantum Computing Meetup. Joe Latone from IBM will discuss a quantum computing performance metric called quantum volume that they have developed. A representative from quantum communications company Qubitekk in Vista, Calif. will also talk regarding the development of a quantum cryptography technology solution that will provide quantum-safe authentication and encryption to automation devices in the field. See [link] (more

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Venture Capital in Southern California: Catching Up and Going Beyond

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 -- Venture Capital in Southern California: Catching Up and Going Beyond. Northern California gets all the attention when it comes to venture capital investment. But Southern California does VC, too, just not at quite the same scale as Silicon Valley. That will have to change as SoCal moves into the 21st century. Finally, theyll talk about the new industries that could define SoCal over the coming decades.

Google Express Expands Into Southern California


Google said Thursday that it is expanding its Google Express next day delivery service across Southern California, and will offer next day delivery from such stores like Costco, Target, Kohl's, and L'Occitane en Provence. Google did not say which zip codes in Southern California that it will offer the next day shipping, only that it will offer up the new service in "new cities, towns and rural areas" in Southern California.

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Alliance for SoCal Innovation, Verizon Media In Partnership


The Alliance for SoCal Innovation , a nonprofit looking to help connect Southern California's innovation ecosystem, has partnered with Verizon Media to help launch microsites to connect the local technology community, and grow the ecosystem, Verizon said on Wednesday. alliance socal innovation verizon media economic develompent nonprofit

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Ten of Southern California's Top Software Companies


Southern California is often criticized for having too many startups which only revolve around brand, celebrity, ecommerce, and. We've identified ten of the more technically interesting companies working on software in Southern California, using our unscientific, unproven, and undoubtedly biased informal polling. marketing, and not enough of the traditional, software-and-algorithm intensive startups you'd expect to see in Silicon Valley.

Insights and Opinions: Southern California Tech Jobs Make a Comeback


For our Insights and Opinions section today, we have an editorial by John Savageau, President of Pacific-Tier Communications, who asks companies in Southern California to put local talent back to work. And SoCal successfully beat most of the United States in unemployment claims, by several percentage points, attaching painful and empirical fact to the grim situation. Read the rest of John's editorial, Southern California Tech Jobs Make A Comeback.

Southern California Edison Plans $760M Investment In EV Infrastructure


Southern California Edison , Southern California's biggest electric utility, said on Tuesday that it is launching a new, $760M effort to expand the region's electric vehicle infrastructure. SCE says its efforts are part of its goal to get 7 million electric cars on California highways by 2030, in order to help the state reduce air pollution and harmful greenhouse gas emissions. southern california edison electric vehicle infrastructure pollution

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SoCal Startup Day

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 -- SoCal Startup Day. We are proud to announce the first annual SoCal Startup Day. If you are looking to network and connect with Southern California's top startups, seeking funding, or just curious about the startup community, this is the event for you.

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Tech Study Critical Of Region's Fragmentation, Geography


A new study, released by the Alliance for Southern California Innovation , has surprisingly come out highly critical of the region's fragmentation and "lack of a compelling geographic center", saying those factors are keeping the region from emerging as a "tech hub as robust as Silicon Valley". The Alliance was created by former California gubernatorial candidate and California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

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Dow Jones VentureSource: Southern California Gets $2.96 Billion In VC In Q4


Southern California raised $2.96 By far, the biggest area of investment for Southern California was for software investments, where there were 29 funding deals; other areas of activity included biopharmaceuticals (13 deals), business support services (12 deals), and consumer information services (10). jones venturesource southern california investment venture capital industry silicon valley

FarFaria, Target Southern California Teachers


Mobile children''s story app developer FarFaria and online parenting and education site are targeting the Southern California market, with an offer to provide 10,000 local teachers with a year of access to FarFaria''s storytime application. is backed by Azure Capital Partners, TeleSoft Partners, and California Technology Ventures. farfaria education southern california teachers teaching mobile books iphone

SoCal Sees Summertime Surge In Exits


In what looks to be an unprecedented surge in high profile, high value exits for high tech companies in Southern California, there have now been six big exits in the region over the last month worth over $100M. southern california merger acquisition dollarshave vizio nervana touchcommerce aurrion orbitera

Procore Joins Ranks Of Southern California's Unicorns


Carpinteria-based cloud-based construction software developer Procore apparently has joined the ranks of the small number of Southern California's "unicorns"--those companies who are valued at more than $1 billion--with the funding the company announced on Thursday.

SCALE - Southern California Linux Expo

SoCal Tech Calendar

Now celebrating its 15th year, the Southern California Linux Expo SCALE 15X is the largest Linux and Open Source Software show in North America. Thursday, March 2, 2017 -- SCALE. See [link] (more

Southern California Edison Plans New EV Transportation Pilots


Southern California Edison said late Thursday afternoon that it has received approval to launch four new, electric vehicle transportation pilots, which will help expand the adoption of electric vehicles. According to Edison,the four pilot projects--worth around $4M each--were approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, and are part of a much larger effort to expand the electrification of cars, buses, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, and industrial vehicles and equipment.

SoCal Mostly Passed On Battery Stimlus


Southern California was for the most part passed up on the Department of Energy's $2.4 Despite being mostly ignored in the stimulus, the suppliers for several So-Cal electric and hybrid car firms--including Ener1, which provides the batteries for Irvine-based Fisker Automotive , and UQM Technologies, the propulsion systems provider for Santa Monica-based CODA Automotive --did gain substantial funds from the grants.

Southern California Companies Raise $2.49 Billion In VC In Q2


Southern California companies raised $2.49 The big numbers were directly impacted by several large fundings in Southern California--most notably, a giant, $1.27 Southern California represented almost half of the top fundraising rounds for Q2 nationally. The big investment dollars for Southern California in Q2 is more than the region brought in during the dot com boom, and exceed the prior recent record of $1.9

Three Southern California Firms Get EETimes Focus


Semiconductor and electronics industry publication EETimes has identified three of Southern California's semiconductor startups among its annual list of sixty startups to watch in the industry. The three are among the rare set of semiconductor and hardware startups in Southern California to gain venture backing in the past few years, in what has been a very spotty market for VC investments in the sector.

Southern California's Tech Firms Not Shy To Take PPP Loans


A very long list of Southern California's high tech companies are on the list of companies who have taken advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) put into place by the United States, in an attempt to stem job losses from the ongoing pandemic.

SoCal's Next Big Online Publisher:


Southern California is already establishing a reputation as the home of one of the biggest online publishers, Demand Media. However, what will Southern California's next big, online publishing empire be? Like Demand Media -- but perhaps more so -- is also under fire from "mainstream" journalists, who have decried the site's news tactics in multiple political scandals.

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Verizon Provides Unlimited Text, Data For SoCal Wildfire Areas


Wireless carrier Verizon said on Thursday it is offering up free unlimited talk, text, and data for customers currently in specific zipcodes affected by the rash of wind-driven wildfires in Southern California. verizon unliited text data wireless southern california lilacfire thomasfire ryefire lafires creekfire

Southern California Venture Deals Hit $683.7M in Q4 2012


was invested across Southern California in Q4 of 2012. The funding brings Southern California's total 2012 investments to $3.2 The most active venture investors in Q4 in Southern California was GRP Partners , which made nine investments; the Pasadena Angels , with 8 deals; followed by Silicon valley's 500 Startups , which made 6 investments in the region. southern california venture capital funding totals moneytree thompson reuters investment 2012

SoCal Takes Top Two Spots In Instagram Tags


Southern California looks to be the top location for Instagram tags, based on a ranking of tags on the app released this week. southern california instagram sharing tags hashtag rank mobile According to Instagram, the top two spots in Instagram''s list of the top tagged locations in 2014 were Disneyland , in Anaheim, and Dodger Stadium , in Los Angeles.

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Forbes Midas List Skips SoCal, Again


In what has been a familiar refrain, the annual Midas List ranking by Forbes Magazine of the most influential venture capitalists has completely skipped Southern California's venture capital community, although it did credit the position of at least four of the VCs on the list to their investments in Southern California startups, and highlighted Ashton Kutcher and Guy O'Seary for their investment efforts.

SoCal 109

Google Invests $103M In Southern California Solar Project


Internet giant Google has made another alternative energy investment in Southern California, investing $103M in a utility-scale, solar photovoltaic generating plant in Imperial County. google southern california utility cleantech solar project photovoltai According to Google, the investment in the Silver Ridge Power, 265.7 MW Mount Signal Solar project is the thirteenth energy investment by Google.

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