Switching costs: A competitive advantage?


The post Switching costs: A competitive advantage? We know that one of the ways we hold onto our customers is if there are high switching costs to move away to a competitor. But how about the other side of the coin?

University Lab Partners, UCI Launches Startup Competition


Irvine-based University Lab Partners and the SBDC @ UCI Beall Applied Innovation said this morning that the two organizations have launched a new, startup competition, which is aimed at accelerating both life sciences and technology startups. The new competition is open until June 12th. county orange competition startup partners university

UCI 109

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6 Key Rules To Stay Competitive In The Digital World

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In case you hadn’t noticed, the key elements of a competitive advantage for your business have changed as businesses move online, and your domain is instantly global. Manual tracking and occasional surveys won’t keep you competitive in today’s high volume and rapidly changing market.

GEN.G Esports Powers New Minecraft Competition With Crocs


is powering a new Minecraft build competition for casual footwear brand Crocs, the two said today. According to the companies, Crocs is launching a new Minecraft competition called Build Your Life in Color, which will be judged by a number of gaming influencers. Prizes in the competition include XBOX Series X, Playstation 5, LG Laptop, and a number of Crocs products. crocs minecraft competition gaming egaming esportsLos Angeles-based e-sports organization Gen.G

Ingram Micro Launches Startup Competition


Irvine-based Ingram Micro , a distributor of technology products and provider of cloud and other related services, has launched a new competition aimed at startups, thec ompany said this morning. According to Ingram Micro, its new Comet Competition is aimed at early stage, independent software vendors (ISVs), which will award $5M in money and funding to a total of 60 ISVs, through a series of 16 competitions, which it will conduct internationally.

8 Ways To Stay Competitive In Today’s Technical World

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business success competitive smart technologyTechnology is so key to every business these days that experienced business-smart but non-tech entrepreneurs are feeling deeper and deeper in the hole.

Chipotle Shifts eSports Competition Online


Newport Beach-based restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill says it is shifting its eSports competition, the 2020 Chipotle Challenger Series , into an online tournament format. The first competition is on Monday. chipotle esports online competition tournamentThe eSports tournament--which was in person in Dallas, Texas last year--will include both professional gamers and celebrities, and will offer up $50,000 in prizes and free Chipotle for a year.

Ingram Micro Sets Finalists In $1M Competition


Irvine-based Ingram Micro , a distributor of technology products, is getting close to awarding $1M to a business-to-business (B2B) software startup, saying it has named the finalists in its annual "Comet Competition". The company said it has selected Alsid (Paris, France), apoQlar (Hamburg, Germany) and Balbix (San Jose, California) as the global finalists for its competition, selected from over 4,000 applicants from over 20 countries.

How To Highlight A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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Don’t bash the competition. Every investor knows how vulnerable a new startup is to competitors, so investors always ask about your sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. competitor bashing investor pitch sustainable competitive advantage

XPRIZE Selects Semifinalists For $10M ANA Avatar Competition


Los Angeles-based XPRIZE, which organizes and runs competitions which spur teams to compete to solve major challenges to humanity, says it has selected 38 teams for the $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition. xprize avatar competition airlines technologyThe group said those teams came from 16 countries. The Avatar XPRIZE is aimed at spurring the development of an "avatar system" which will allow humans to explore remote locations in real time.

Why More Sales And Less Competition Is Not Sufficient

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Competitive and leadership leverage. A good strategy provides opportunities for internal actions and leaders to optimize and extend a firm’s competitive advantage.

Inclusive Startup Pitch Competition

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Thursday, June 25, 2020 -- Inclusive Startup Pitch Competition by Startup Coil. Entrepreneurs and Seed Stage Startups pitch live to a panel of investor judges. We all get the future we build together. Entrepreneurs can have outsize impact on how societies and economies develop and evolve. Startup Coil is committed to supporting equity and inclusivity in search of a future that's brighter for all us.

German Team Wins SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition


A German team has won the fourth annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition on Sunday, taking its pod up to 288 mph (463 km/h), as SpaceX continues to push development of technology for the high tech, futuristic transportation technology cooked up by Elon Musk. The German team, from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), was also a previous winner in the Hyperloop Pod Competition, and came close to that record speed last year.

Performance competition is a good thing


We deeply feel that competition of this sort is a good thing. We love this! If you've not been watching the ASP.NET team's community standups , you have missed some surprisingly transparent, interesting, and oftentimes funny updates from a major web application framework development team. Every time I watch one I marvel, this is Microsoft? Clearly we're seeing a new Microsoft. If you're not watching, you would have also missed how much emphasis the ASP.NET team is putting on performance.

XPRIZE Launches $15 Million Prize For Food Competition


Los Angeles-based XPRIZE said today that it has launched a new competition, the XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion competition. According to XPRIZE, the new competition is being supported by The Tony Robbins Foundation and The Good Food Institute, and aims to challenge teams to developing new chicken and fish alternatives. Diamandis said the competition seeks to create poultry and fish that is affordable, sustainable, more nutritious, and a lower cost than mechanisms now in place.

SPOTLITE Launches Singing Competition App


spotlite singing competition talent music musician iphone androidLos Angeles- and Beijing-based SPOTLITE says it has launched a new, mobile app, which lets music fans sing original music, cover, or karaoke songs to win money. Spotlite said its executives come from such companies as Google Music, Yahoo! Music, Microsoft, Atom Factory, and Warner/Chappell, and that its development and tech teams are in Beijing, with marketing, A&R, and business development based in Los Angeles.

Can you defend your pricing niche against your competition?


There can be nothing more important in your business planning that selecting the proper pricing niche, making your story clear using that niche, and the defending your position against the competition. Competing on price alone is the most dangerous strategy of all, since other well-capitalized players can easily join the competition merely by dropping prices upon existing products, of course at the expense of its previous positioning as described above.

Curogram Selected For Publicis Startup Competition


Los Angeles-based health messaging startup Curogram , a new startup developing a web-based, SMS app for the healthcare market, has been selected as a finalist for the Publicis Health Media Disruption Garage Competition, according to the company. competition startup publicis curogram media disruption award health healthcare

5 Factors Which Define The Scope Of Your Competition

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Porter proposed his Five Forces framework for analyzing the competitive environment which I think makes even more sense today. Every existing business, as well as every startup, needs to reassess their product or service in the context of these five forces: Intensity of competitive rivalry.

XPRIZE Names Two Winners In Carbon XPRIZE Competition, Including LA Startup


Los Angeles-based XPRIZE says it has named two winners in its $20M, NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition. The competition challenged teams to convert CO2 emissions into valuable products. carboncure carbonbuilt cleantech warming global change climate competition xprize removal carbonAccording to XPRIZE, it has awarded two companies--CarbonCure Technologies and CarbonBuilt, both working on ways to decarbonize concrete.

XPRIZE Awards $15M In Global Learning Competition


According to XPRIZE, it decided to split the top $10M award in the competition between two winners-- Kitkit School , which has developed a learning program using a "game-based core"; and onebillion , a developer of "numeracy content" and literacy material. xprize learning competition kitkit onebillion school education educational software swahiliMarina Del Rey-based XPRIZE , the organization led by Dr. Peter H.

Sony Electronics Launches Competition For Female Filmmakers, Photographers


The competition is in its second year. sony diego photographer filmmaker female competition contest mentorshipSony Electronics , which runs its U.S. operations out of San Diego, says it has launched a contest that will award $21,000 in project budget and up to $5,000 in Sony gear to female photographers and filmmakers. According to the company, its Alpha Female Creator-in-residence Program is aimed at helping advance the careers of female photographers and filmmakers.

8 Keys To Attracting More Talent Than The Competition

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Due to the pervasive Internet, the scope of most successful startup teams today has become global. Also, more people are only available to work remotely , especially with the current pandemic.

National Business Plan Competition Deadline/Pismo Ventures

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Sunday, September 6, 2020 -- National Business Plan Competition Deadline/Pismo Ventures. Pismo Ventures presents the National Venture Plan Competition (NVPC). The NVPC is a business plan competition offering startups and entrepreneurs, across the United State, a unique opportunity to present their plans to experienced investors, screen in front of multiple investor groups nationwide, win cash and in-kind prizes, and participate in an array of invaluable webinars.

Toshiba Sues Western Digital Over Unfair Competition


Irvine-based Western Digital has just been sued by Toshiba Corporation , which is seeking $1 billion in damages for what it says is violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. toshiba western digital competition legal joint venture memory flashAccording to Sohiba, it filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court against Western Digital Corporation, a U.S. company, and its subsidiary Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

XPRIZE: 77 Teams In $10M ANA Avatar Competition


Los Angeles-based XPRIZE , the nonprofit which runs global competitions to spur the development of technology to solve some of humanity's biggest challenges, says it now has 77 teams signed up for its $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE Competition. The ANA Avatar XPRIZE Competition is aimed at spurring development of technology to allow humans to have a remote presence in remote locations in real time. xprize avatar competition technology development

Building a Bigger Competitive Future

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019 -- Building a Bigger Competitive Future. Brand strategist Derrick Daye shares the requirements of building a bigger competitive future for brands in an over-communicated, over-competitive and uncertain marketplace. Brands in all stages of development will benefit and each attendee will leave with actionable insights and a higher degree of optimism about their competitive future in an Age of Disruption.

7 Positive Ways To Highlight Your Competitive Clout

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As an investor, I always listen carefully to what an entrepreneur says, and does not say, about competition. Here are seven key ways to do this: Frame the competition as manageable.

Pepperdine University Most Fundable Companies Competition

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021 --.

Seed Stage Startup Pitch Competition

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 -- Seed Stage Startup Pitch Competition. Startup Coil. startups and entrepreneurs pitch on stage for product, business model, and investing feedback, and one winner will take home a valuable prize package. See [link] (more

Startup Demo Competition

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 -- Startup Demo Competition. 805 Startups is partnering with the City of Thousand Oaks to hold a startup demo competition at their beautiful Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. The selected startups will present in front of an audience of 400 people from across Southern California and to a panel of judges made up of ACTIVE startup investors (angels and VCs). See [link] (more

California Facing Competition for Video Game Industry

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California is facing increasing competition from states and national governments for its video game industry, according to a report scheduled to be released on Feb. 13 by the Milken Institute

Blizzard Entertainment, ESPN Partner On Gaming Competition


Irvine-based online, massively multiplayer online game maker Blizzard Entertainment said last week that it is launching a new, video game competition which will award more than $450,000 in tuition and other prizes to college students--not to mention coverage on ESPN. The competition also includes a fantasy sports-like bracket competition that anyone can enter to also win other prizes, without playing the game.

Why I Look for Obsessive and Competitive Founders

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He wants to compete to be the lead drummer in the competitive ensemble and study under Terence, an obsessive instructor who is hell bent on winning competitions for the school. But the film has my brain buzzing all week about obsessive and competitive people. Kobe is kobe because he practices more than even the most elite professionals in a hyper competitive industry and because he is simply more dedicated to his success than many other people are. Obsession.

Qualcomm Ventures Kicks Off Startup Competition


San Diego-based Qualcomm Ventures , the venture investment arm of Qualcomm, has kicked off its annual venture competition, the QPrize , dangling seven $100,000 regional prizes and a $150,000 grand prize. Qualcomm''s competition looks to identify the most promising, early-stage technology companies relevant to its business from across the globe. Qualcomm said the deadline for the startup competition this year is April 18th.

Here’s how NOT to define your competition


An entrepreneur pitches using a deck with no slide for competition. We have no competition.”. We investors see this all the time. When asked (as we always do,) the response is “This is new. Niet! Unh unh. Professional investors laugh when they hear an entrepreneur come out with that one. That statement has killed more investment deals than almost any other.

IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Competition Opens Registration


The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE , the $5M competition being run by Los Angeles-based XPRIZE , has opened up registrations to teams, and has published guidelines for the artificial intelligence competition. The new competition is seeking to spur teams to create artificial intelligence technology, to challenge some of humanity's most pressing challenges. watson xprize competition registration nonprofit challenge artificial intelligence software

IBM 116

6 Keys To Convince Investors Of Your Competitive Edge

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Most entrepreneurs are quick to assert to potential investors that their product or solution will kill the competition, but unfortunately your opinion alone is not enough to convince most experienced investors. A competitive advantage to a non-problem or tiny niche is not interesting to investors. Secondly, they want to see your competitive analysis of how you stack up to the top players in the space, by name, with quantitative comparisons and customer value.

FanWide Wins $10,000 Sports Startup Competition At USC


FanWide , a startup which helps users find "viewing parties" for their favorite college or pro sports teams, anywhere they live or travel, has won a the $10,000 prize in the HYPE Sports Innovation competition, held last week at the University of Southern California. According to HYPE, the competition, held in conjunction with USC's Marshall School of Business and Silicon Valley Bank, was aimed at finding the most disruptive technology likely to shape the future of basketball.

CapLinked Launches Pitch Competition


Los Angeles-based CapLinked , the developer of an online platform for managing fundraising and investors, said this morning that it has launched a new pitch competition. The firm said that judges for the competition come form Idealab, Rincon, Rapidfire, and Actarus, including Idealab's Alex Maleki and Rincon's Jim Andelman. caplinked pitch business entrepreneur startup competition fundraising

Qualcomm Ventures Sweetens Pot In QPrize Competition


San Diego-based Qualcomm said Thursday that it is doubling the size of its QPrize annual investment funding competition, and will now award $250,000 in convertible note financing to regional winners, with an additional $250,000 to grand prize winners. This will be the fifth year of the competition. qualcomm ventures qprize competition prize seed investment venture capital

Make Yourself A Key Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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The only “sustainable competitive advantage” in business is self-awareness. entrepreneur scott belsky sustainable competitive advantageThe most successful entrepreneurs and business owners I know are humble, and they don’t have an inflated sense of self. When you have some success behind you as a manager, executive, founder, or CEO, it’s easy to become less open to the advice and signals around you, and believe you should just continue doing what you are doing to keep climbing.


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