10 Benefits Of True Multi-Tasking As An Entrepreneur

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With the cost of entry at an all-time low, and the odds of success equally low, more and more entrepreneurs are starting multiple companies concurrently. Other prolific entrepreneurs, like Richard Branson and Elon Musk , simply have several startups on the table at any given moment.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Limit Their Creative Potential

Marty Zwilling

Every entrepreneur believes in their heart that their startup is more innovative and creative than their competitors. Yet none knows exactly


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10 Disciplines Every Entrepreneur Needs To Practice

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Yet every business and every entrepreneur I know struggles with this challenge, focused on hiring the right people and implementing the right process. design thinking discipline entrepreneur attributes osama hashmi

Smart Entrepreneurs Seek Social Impact Versus Profits

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An entrepreneur lifestyle that continues to gain in popularity these days is being a “social entrepreneur.” The business entrepreneur mission is profit always, social impact maybe. In all types of entrepreneurship, an entrepreneur rather than an administrator is required.

8 Unpublicized Strategies From Serious Entrepreneurs

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The message I hear publicly from most entrepreneurs is that you have to think outside the box and take big risks to ever beat the odds and be among the less than ten percent that experience real success. Serious entrepreneurs will privately admit the business is first, and the family second.

Entrepreneurs do not easily retire.


Most successful sales of businesses, again especially in the technology arena, enrich younger entrepreneurs and stock-option holders who are under fifty years of age. I followed many of these stated retirees, and very few if any retiring entrepreneurs stay that way for long.

10 Self-Assessment Checks For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Therefore, the least you can do is take advantage of some of the self-assessment tools and guides around, like the classic book “ The Entrepreneur Equation ,” by Carol Roth, which highlights personal characteristics and skills required. carol roth entrepreneurs self-assessment startup

7 Steps To Greater Satisfaction As A New Entrepreneur

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In my role as mentor to many of you aspiring entrepreneurs, I often find you convinced that all you need to start is a unique innovation or idea , and now you are ready to jump in with both feet and enjoy the ride. Actively share info with entrepreneur peers.

Entrepreneurism is all about personal risk.


Here’s the ultimate thing about entrepreneurism. The post Entrepreneurism is all about personal risk. Well, of course it is. So, let’s dig a bit deeper.

8 Expectations To Check Your Entrepreneur Motivation

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Being called a lifestyle entrepreneur should be a point of pride, not an insult. Of course, even lifestyle entrepreneurs want to be happy, and want their business to be “successful.” A lifestyle business becomes an integral part of an entrepreneur’s identity and their life.

How And Where To Connect To The Entrepreneur Universe

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There are other social networks in the list of 300 “major sites” recognized by Wikipedia that entrepreneurs use for networking, depending on where you are in the world, like Viadeo, Ryze, and Sina Weibo, but talking to friends on Facebook probably won’t help you.

6 Leadership Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Acquire

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Entrepreneurs are well positioned to become the new leaders, because they perceive problems as opportunities, and have the mental mindset to innovate and execute. In this fashion the general leadership deficit is really an “opportunity” for new aspiring entrepreneurs in business.

5 Entrepreneur Exasperations To Moderate Your Passion

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The best part of being an entrepreneur is having the independence to make your own decisions, the flexibility for a better work/life balance, and personal satisfaction from driving change. Traction – Entrepreneurs gain traction by executing well, with focus, accountability, and discipline.

8 Ways To Minimize Entrepreneur Burnout In A Startup

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New entrepreneurs routinely jump into a startup with a full charge of passion and energy, but often find themselves drained of both after a few months by the workload and challenges. Of course, this same challenge extends well beyond the entrepreneur, into all walks of life and work.

10 Entrepreneur Myths That Need Not Dilute Your Focus

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Most of you aspiring entrepreneurs probably have long searched for that special idea that will catapult you and your startup to success. True entrepreneurs are born, not made. It’s true that some people are natural risk-takers, but these often do not make the best entrepreneurs.

5 Principles Define You As A Multi-Table Entrepreneur

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Knowing all too well how hard it is to start a single new business, I’ve always wondered how several well-known entrepreneurs, including Richard Branson and Elon Musk , have managed to successfully lead dozens of startups to success, and thrive on the process.

9 Mindset Indicators of a High Potential Entrepreneur

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In my role as mentor to business professionals, I often get the question about your potential of going out on your own as an entrepreneur, versus your current role of working for a boss at an established company. Entrepreneurs must react and recover quickly.

7 Tips To Raise Your Entrepreneur Instincts In School

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Some people even believe that entrepreneurs must be born with the right genes, and no element of education is relevant. A more important question, then, for an aspiring entrepreneur, should be what to study in college for maximum value, rather than whether to drop out or stay.

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8 Ways Entrepreneurs Keep Ahead Of Business Change

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Sometimes entrepreneurs are so focused on making change happen for customers that they forget that continually changing themselves and their company is equally important. Negative advice on an unknown is easy and safe to give, so every entrepreneur hears it over and over.

10 Traits Demonstrate Entrepreneur Character Strength

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As I was watching the investor show, Shark Tank , on TV the other night, I was struck by how quickly and how extensively the sharks focused on the background and character of the entrepreneurs, compared to time spent evaluating their products. entrepreneur investors stregth of character

5 Early Entrepreneur Strengths That Can Limit Growth

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Many years ago, John Hamm published some definitive work on this subject in " Why Entrepreneurs Don't Scale " in the Harvard Business Review. This is generally a required quality for a successful entrepreneur, but it can turn into an unhealthy stubbornness during the scaling stage.

7 Ways For Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneurs To Get Ahead

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Dal LaMagna, in his humorous classic “ Raising Eyebrows: A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right ,” leads with the foundational principle of micro-businesses, which is to start small. entrepreneur micro-business micro-enterprise reduce risk

How The Reality That Entrepreneurs Face Is Not Fair

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Most of the time, I’m all about providing encouragement and inspiration to entrepreneurs. They need it and they deserve it, because entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy. The question of defensibility is one of the toughest for an entrepreneur to answer.

6 Motivations Shared By Most Satisfied Entrepreneurs

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Out of curiosity, I often ask aspiring entrepreneurs like you, who come to me for help, what drives them to take on the workload and risk of a new startup. The result is a higher probability of success, and the true entrepreneur lifestyle. best entrepreneurs motivations satisfaction

7 Essential Steps From A Lone Entrepreneur To Success

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You can’t win as an entrepreneur working alone. See my article from way back “ Entrepreneurs Learn Best From Business Networking ” on how and where to get started. Most entrepreneurs love to help others, and will be honored to help you. business success entrepreneur Lone Ranger

Entrepreneurs Are Needed To Make Web Searches Smarter

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business opportunity entrepreneurs personal assistant semantic web web 3.0Soon you should be able to ask your browser or smart phone context-specific questions like "Where should I take my wife for a good movie and dinner?"

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6 Lessons Most Entrepreneurs Only Learn On The Street

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In my role as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, I find that most have the technical challenges well understood, but many are a bit short on some basic street smarts , or basic business realities. business lessons business realities entrepreneur street smarts

6 Cost-Cutting Recommendations For New Entrepreneurs

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With the appearance of do-it-yourself services on the Internet, entrepreneur curriculums at every university, and a wealth of new books on the subject, the need for expensive consultants and business advisors has also been mitigated.

10 Entrepreneur Actions To Grow Beyond A One-Man Show

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An entrepreneur has to engage with team members, partners, investors, vendors, and customers. Entrepreneurs need to ask team members what they think, and then act on the feedback. leadership growth solo entrepreneur team engagement tips for success

Local tech entrepreneurs, investors share what it takes to make it during San Diego Startup Month

Startup San Diego

The post Local tech entrepreneurs, investors share what it takes to make it during San Diego Startup Month appeared first on Startup San Diego. Startup News

How Bill Gates Was A Role Model For New Entrepreneurs

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In retrospect, however, Bill Gates did a lot of things right as a startup that I still look for today in aspiring entrepreneurs and their companies: Build a strong team. Bill Gates entrepreneur attributes role model

5 Startup Challenges That Derail Many Entrepreneurs

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As a mentor to entrepreneurs, I tend to see many of the same obstacles appearing in every new startup, and since I don’t want to appear to be a downer , I’m not sure how to properly warn people ahead of time to be on the alert for these challenges. business challenges entrepreneur startup

5 Rewards Of Independence That Excite Entrepreneurs

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For all entrepreneurs, starting a business is the route to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” no matter how risky. According to a classic article and poll by Startups.co.uk , having the independence to make your own decisions is considered the key benefit of being an entrepreneur.

5 Crowdfunding Approaches To Tempt Every Entrepreneur

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Even if you ignore all the hype around crowdfunding, there can be no doubt that it is a real alternative for entrepreneurs to achieve visibility and funding today. crowdfunding entrepreneur model startup

10 Strategies That Work Best For Serial Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs who experience success with their first startup are often amazed to realize that the risks and fears of doing it right the second time go up, rather than down. I have pulled together here a few of our joint recommendations to every entrepreneur and startup that I advise.

5 Key Success Attributes For An Aspiring Entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur mentor, my mission is to foster the attributes in you as a startup founder that I believe will lead to success. For example, I worked with an entrepreneur a while back who was clearly intelligent, had a great idea, and communicated well.

7 Winning Business Writing Pointers For Entrepreneurs

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Since we all lose when an entrepreneur with a great idea is held back by a failure to communicate, I would like to offer a quick summary of business writing basic strategies. business writing entrepreneurs tips for success

5 Tips For New Entrepreneurs Needing Investor Funding

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As a mentor to startups and new entrepreneurs, I continue to hear the refrain that business plans are no longer required for a new startup, since investors never read them anyway. There is no crowd of successful entrepreneurs.

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6 Drivers For Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Finish School

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A continuing question I hear from young entrepreneurs is whether a university degree is important to startup success, or just a distraction in achieving their purpose in the world. college degree dropout entrepreneur

5 Keys To The Survival And Success Of An Entrepreneur

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You can’t survive as an entrepreneur without resilience, because you are going to fail at least once, maybe multiple times. They all experienced multiple setbacks along the way, but they persevered to become some of the most well known and respected entrepreneurs of our time.

6 Reasons To Ease Into The Entrepreneur Startup Dream

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Billionaire entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" co-host Mark Cuban is an outspoken proponent of the all-in early approach in a video interview, and made it clear that he gives no credibility and low odds to founders seeking funding who have not fully committed their time and efforts to their cause.

7 Entrepreneur Stages Help You Assess Your Progress

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The road to becoming an entrepreneur is a journey , and it’s not a short trip. Many well-known entrepreneurs, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos , worked for years in bigger businesses and Wall Street before they had their awakening to untapped opportunities.

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The Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs

Eric Greenspan

Years ago I began doing a presentation called Think Big for area high schools and colleges which included The Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs. Part of my Think Big presentation is the 10 Commandments for Entrepreneurs. The post The Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs appeared first on Eric Greenspan. Entrepreneuring Ignite Motivational Think Big