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Maestro nets $15 million for its interactive commerce, community and engagement tools for livestreams

TechCrunch LA

Making money on livestreams has never been easier thanks to a suite of tools from the Los Angeles-based startup Maestro , which just nabbed $15 million in financing to grow its business.

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Do you really want to be the first to market?


My stories of missing the context of the times. Over the years, as I managed my several computer companies as CEO or executive chairman, I made the decision to go to market with a brand-new product that had never before been exposed to my customer’s marketplace.


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Planning 500,000 charging points for EVs by 2025, Shell becomes the latest company swept up in EV charging boom

TechCrunch LA

Shell’s plan to roll out 500,000 electric charging station in just four years is the latest sign of an EV charging infrastructure boom that has prompted investors to pour cash into the industry and inspired a few companies to become public companies in search of the capital needed to meet demand.

There’s Still Time to Commit to Your 2021 Health & Fitness Plan

Both Sides of the Table

It’s March 1st as I write this*. The year is two months in. Seems like just a moment ago it was New Year’s Day and we were all committing to our better selves for 2021 as so many of us do.

Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

Archer Aviation Plans Electric Air Taxis in LA by 2024

L.A. Business Journal

Bay Area company Archer Aviation is developing electric aircraft for L.A.'s s Urban Air Mobility Partnership

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8 Ways An Incubator Can Accelerate Your New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

More and more entrepreneurs are hearing about the successful graduates and investors queued behind a few well-known startup incubators, including Y Combinator, TechStars, and the Founder Institute.

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“LALA” – A short lesson in marketing


Focus upon you as marketing genius. Let’s focus not upon the process of marketing and positioning, but on you. How should you become the best marketer you can be, even if you are a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned CEO? There’s an answer for that.

Snap Drives Growth of LA’s AR Industry

L.A. Business Journal

Visual artist Clay Weishaar said he was incredulous when someone from Snap Inc. contacted him in 2018 to let him know one of his lenses was trending


Why Every Startup Needs To Select Customers Carefully

Startup Professionals Musings

Most startups are happy to find any customer, and will hang on for dear life to every one.

Nex Cubed Launches Summer Acceleration Program Focused On HBCU Founders


San Diego-based startup accelerator operator Nex Cubed says it has launched a virtual, summer startup acceleration program, focused on founders from historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). According to the company, participants in its program will receive $10,000 in non-dilutive capital, technical resources to develop a minimally viable products, physical working space in Silicon Valley, business advice, as well as service provider perks and discounts.

LA-based Metropolis raises $41 million to upgrade parking infrastructure


Metropolis is a new Los Angeles-based startup that’s looking to compete with BMW-owned ParkMobile for a slice of the automated parking lot management market.

Four ways to create marketing excellence


First, let’s recall the four “P’s” of marketing. Marketing is a science devised to help drive customers to your door. There are lots of ways to define how to market well, including the four P’s of marketing (1): product, price, promotion and place.

Slingshot Aerospace Names Stricklan As CEO

L.A. Business Journal

Startup Slingshot Aerospace Inc. announced that co-founder Melanie Stricklan has taken over as chief executive

10 Strategies For Finding Stronger People Connections

Startup Professionals Musings

Just because you are an entrepreneur, or work in a startup, you can’t ignore the rules of building and maintaining relationships.

EDF Renewables North America Inks PPA For Solar Project


San Diego-based renewable power developer EDF Renewables says it has inked a customer for one of its solar developments in Texas. According to EDF Renewables, it signed a virtual Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with an affiliate of Enterprise Products Partners L.P. for 100 MWac / 132 MWdc at the project, which will have a capacity of 345 MWac / 455 MWdc. The Space City Solar project is located in Wharton County, Texas. renewables north america solar cleantech texas

Amazon’s Selz Acquisition is Encouraging News for Small Businesses


It's been a big week for Jeff Bezos. Not only has he become the richest man in the world again, leapfrogging a certain Mr Musk, but it has also been revealed that Amazon has quietly acquired ecommerce platform Selz.

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Could you achieve ten percent net income each month?


How planning is done today. Most entrepreneurs and managers, when modeling their business operations using a spreadsheet, start with expected revenue by month. Then they calculate cost of sales, and then project their expenses, to find the bottom-line profit or loss each projected month.

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AirVet Pet Telehealth Platform Soars During Pandemic

L.A. Business Journal

Growing up the son of a prominent local veterinarian, entrepreneur Brandon Werber never thought he would have to search for a vet for his two French bulldogs

6 Ways To Win By Creative Partnering With Competitors

Startup Professionals Musings

Startup founders are known for their passion for their startup idea, and for their passion to kill every competitor. Thus they often overlook the fact that their biggest growth opportunity may be a win-win collaboration with a serious competitor, known in the business as coopetition.

Lucid Sight Buys Colyseus


Los Angeles-based Lucid Sight, which developings videogames, said it has acquired the open source, multiplayer game engine Colyseus. According to Lucid Sight, it will be taking over the Colyseus brand, GitHub, and all social and support channels, and Colyseus creator Endel Dreyer will join its team. Lucid Sight said over 3,000 developers are active in the Colyseus community channels.

Fundraising Essentials: Pitching Angel Groups

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 --.

Angel 100

Trello Redesign and New Features Launched to mark 10th Birthday


Companies all around the world use Trello to help manage projects and coordinate team tasks and responsibilities. However, 10 years after the software was first released, the kanban-based system is getting a major overhaul.

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Mahmee’s Digital App Connects New Moms and Physicians

L.A. Business Journal

MCH Ventures Inc., doing business as Mahmee, is a family-run business in the business of supporting families


How To Know It’s Time To Exit Your Company Gracefully

Startup Professionals Musings

For most entrepreneurs, their current business is not where they intend to stay until they die. At the right time, they all intend to make a graceful exit, and leave while still perceived to be on top of their game.

Red 6 Bolsters Advisors With Former Air Force Assistant Secretary


Santa Monica-based augmented reality, air combat training technology developer Red 6 said on Thursday that it has added Dr. Will Roper, former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L). Red 6 said Roper was responsible software, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital engineering, and initiated high-tech programs for hypersonic weapons, autonomous drones, advanced satellites and rockets, and a militarized Internet of Things (IoT).

Developing a Sales Strategy That Builds Traction

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 --.

Top Advantages of Optical Wavelength Services

Southern California Edison Blog

Optical wavelength networks provide organizations with several capabilities that enable them to promote workplace productivity and stay competitive.

TikTok Parent Walks Away From Oracle, Walmart Deal

L.A. Business Journal

ByteDance has reportedly abandoned plans to sell TikTok's U.S. operations to Oracle and Walmart

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7 Keys To Scaling A Startup into A Thriving Business

Startup Professionals Musings

As an advisor to many startups today, I still see that most of you entrepreneurs see yourselves as the sole driver of your new solution, and the key driver of your new business.

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Clean Energy In $400M Joint Venture With Total SE


Newport Beach-based renewable natural gas producer Clean Energy Fuels, which produces natural gas from methane captured from decomposing organic waste, says it is in a $400M joint venture with energy giant Total SE. According to the companies, they are in a 50/50 joint venture to develop carbon-negative renewable natural gas (RNG) production facilities in the United States, as well as credit support to build additional downstream RNG fueling infrastructure.

Don’t Let Misconfiguration Leave You Vulnerable to Attackers

Inverted Software

Configuration is an essential part of every application. Misconfiguration can happen at any level of the application stack. From code, to web and application servers, databases and frameworks. Unfortunately, in most cases you will not found out your gaps until its too late. Here are some of the most common issues our DevOps have encountered: Deployment of development configuration to production.

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How to Overcome Common Enterprise Network Challenges

Southern California Edison Blog

Enterprises face several network-related challenges that can affect their competitiveness and ability to grow and serve customers. Challenges such as costly network investments, low performance, and tedious management plagues many organizations.

Boingo Wireless Acquired for $854 Million

L.A. Business Journal

Internet provider Boingo Wireless Inc. is set to be acquired by an affiliate of investment firm Digital Colony Management in a deal valued at $854 million

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10 Keys to Remaining Cool And Calm Despite Pressures

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the most valuable attributes of a good business professional and leader is to be able to control emotional outbursts, to maximize your credibility and respect, and to maintain your own health.

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SpaceX Launches, Lands SN10 Starship, Which Later Explodes


Hawthorne, California-based SpaceX had another launch and landing test of its Starship spacecraft, successfully launching and landing the SN10 Starship--which then spectacularly exploded on the launch pad. The Starship is the latest prototype of the space vehicle to be destroyed in testing, as SpaceX has been moving towards launching the extremely large spacecraft into space.

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W Tenth Raises $1.5 Million To Promote Women-Owned Businesses

L.A. Business Journal

East Hollywood-based startup W Tenth Co has raised $1.5 million to further develop an app to promote businesses owned by women