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How to solve your most critical problems


First, the challenge. Let’s say you have been told by your board, by your chairman, CEO, or direct leader to solve three problems you identify and report back within a month showing progress – or that you have solved these three. But wait. You have questions!

10 Indications That It’s Time To Ask For Help At Work

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If an entrepreneur doesn’t find themselves in over their head at least 20% of the time, they are probably not pushing the limits, not taking enough risk, and probably not working on an idea that’s worth doing.

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Down bad

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Welcome back to Chain Reaction. Last week, we talked about layoffs and the Winklevoss rock gods. This week, we’re looking at a new layer of crypto doom and gloom. Get this newsletter in your inbox every Thursday by subscribing on TechCrunch’s newsletter page. crash redux.

EV Connect Acquired By Schneider Electric


El Segundo-based EV Connect, which builds and installs electric vehicle charging stations, has been acquired by Schneider Electric, the companies said today. Financial details of the acquisition were not announced. According to the companies, EV Connect CEO and foudner Jordan Ramer will continue to lead EV Connect's operations. EV Connect's customers inlude GM, Avista Utilities, Love's Travel Stops, Verizon, Marriott, Hilton, Western Digital, ADP, New York Power Authority, and others.

Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

5 Keys To Taking An Idea From A Vision To A Solution

Startup Professionals Musings

A popular approach for aspiring entrepreneurs these days seems to be to corner anyone who will listen, with a pitch on their current “million dollar idea.” The initial monologue usually ends with the question “How much money do you think this is worth?”

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Tech Companies Are Hiring Staff… Then Rescinding the Offers


A number of tech companies have made the headlines this week for hiring new members of staff, only to rescind such offers before they start.

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How good a leader are you?


There are many roads to Rio, so they say. But there is one overwhelming method of appraising the effectiveness of a business leader. Outcomes.

Metropolis Technologies Raises $167M For AI Driven Parking Systems


Los Angeles-based Metropolis Technologies, a startup that develops computer vision and machine learning driven systems for allowing people to drive in and out of parking facilities, without having to swipe a credit card or phone, has raised $167M in a Series B funding roudn. The funding was led by 3L Capital and Assembly Ventures, and also included Dragoneer Investment Group, Eldridge, Silver Lake Waterman, and UP Partners, along with others.

10 Classes We All Should Take To Prepare For Business

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I’m sure that every one of us who has been out in the business world for a few years can look back with perfect hindsight and name a few college courses that we should have taken.

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Atlas Navi: The First AI Navigation App

StartUp Beat

Rising traffic is an inescapable condition in cities across the world, from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Peak-hour traffic congestion is an inherent result of the way modern societies operate. Every person hates this congestion, and it keeps getting worse, in […].

Austin’s Blossoming Economy: Five Growing Industries in the Capital of Texas


Austin, Texas has become one of the most exciting cities in the United States. It is one of the most liberal places in the Lone Star State, making it enticing… The post Austin’s Blossoming Economy: Five Growing Industries in the Capital of Texas appeared first on AllTopStartups.

Are there only three types of advice?


“Here’s the deal…” So, I occasionally read suspense novels to break up the relative monotony of constant business books. A sentence in the one I recently read caught my eye.

TuSimple Co-Founder Launches New, Self Driving Hydrogen Truck Startup


One of the co-founders of self driving truck company TuSimple, Mo Chen, said today that he has launched a new company, Hydron, which will develop, manufacture, and sell hydrogen-powered, self-driving (Level 4) trucks. Hydron did not say how it is being funded. The company said it intends to both develop the trucks, as well as operate its own hydrogen refueling infrastructure for large fleets and leading carriers in the future. Hydron is based in Los Angeles.

10 Ways To Make Your Own Luck Driving Startup Success

Startup Professionals Musings

Many business professionals and entrepreneurs I know are quick to attribute success of a peer to luck, rather than any recognition of a unique strategy or personal attributes.

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Ainnocence Applies AI To Drug Discovery


A new, San Diego-based biotech startup, Ainnocence launched today, saying that it is focused on using life-sciences knowledge and advanced computational techniques to accelerate the design of small-molecule, antibody, and other complex therapeutic modalities. The company is led by CEO Lurong Pan.

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8 Traits Of The Most Highly Creative Startup Founders

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An entrepreneur is literally “one who creates a new business.” The best new businesses are ones that have never been done before, so mastering creativity and recognizing creativity are key skills and mindsets. But how does one recognize and nurture creativity in a person or team?

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6 Realistic Tactics For Funding Charitable Businesses

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Angel investors and venture capitalists don’t make equity investments in nonprofit good causes. The simple reason is that it’s impossible to make money for investors when the goal of the company is to not make money.

Welcome To The New Wave Of Opportunities And Startups

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Large corporations and conglomerates, the engines of growth and vitality in the twentieth century, have lost their edge and their image. They have proven themselves unable to innovate, and they have lost more jobs than they create.

6 Keys To Transforming Yourself Into A Startup Leader

Startup Professionals Musings

Most people I know in business begin by capitalizing on technical strength or passion for change , such as engineering, or focus on saving the environment.

8 Ways To Heighten Your Image As A Great Communicator

Startup Professionals Musings

In my work with entrepreneurs and business leaders, a common question I get is how to be a better communicator.

10 Strategies For Reducing Your Business Load At Work

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One of the most common complaints I hear from entrepreneurs is that they are overwhelmed by the workload and stress of starting their company. Then there are the additional challenges of balancing the demands of family and friends. Having too much on your plate can turn your dream into a nightmare.

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8 Signals That It’s Time for Change In Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

When the economy struggles as it is doing now, that’s a strong signal that things have to change, and it’s hard to miss. But most of us in business have to deal most of the time with weak signals, or change that is happening in a far more subtle way.

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EDF Renewables North America Gets Big Win In New York


San Diego-based EDF Renewables North America, a developer of utility-scale solar and wind power projects, reported it has scored a three wins in New York. According to the company, it has been awarded long-term contracts by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), for 1 Gigawatt of solar and storage projects across upstate New York. Financial details of the win were not announced.

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Every New Venture

Startup Professionals Musings

Deciding to be an entrepreneur is a lifestyle move, and should be part of a long-term strategic plan. You shouldn’t be making this decision just because you are mad at your boss, or you would like to be rich, or someone else thinks you have a good idea.

CoreLogic Names New CEO


Irvine-based CoreLogic has named a new President and CEO, the company said today. According to the company, it appointed Patrick Dodd to the position in January. Dodd was previusly the company's Chief Operating and Growth Officer. CoreLogic is a provider of real estate property information, including details on mortgages, consumer credit, tenancy, location, hazard risk and related information. corelogic executive patrick dodd

Virgin Orbit Eyes New Launch On June 29th


Long Beach-based space launch systems developer Virgin Orbit says it is targeting a launch on June 29th from Mojave Air and Space Port, to send a payload into space for the US Department of Defense. According to Virgin Orbit, the new launch is for tghe United States Space Force's STP-S28A mission and will carry payloads for the Department of Defense (DOD) Space Test Program (STP).

Phonexa Names CTO


Glendale-based marketing automation software developer Phonexa announced this morning that it has promoted Alexey Sidora to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Phonexa said Sidora has been "instrumental" in the development of all of its products, and has been at the company since 2015, when he started as a PHP developer. He was most recently Director of Engineering at the company. Phonexa provides marketing automation software for tracking calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and more.

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The Pros And Cons Of A Secret Business Relationship

Startup Professionals Musings

We all have to communicate and collaborate with other people at work, but most of us start out instinctively trying to maintain an emotional distance from others in the work environment.

8 Initiatives To Form Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

Startup Professionals Musings

In my years of mentoring entrepreneurs, a problem I have seen too often is low self-esteem, and over-compensating through arrogance and ego. These entrepreneurs find it hard to respect customers or team members, and their ventures usually fail.

ViewSonic Jumps On Metaverse Bandwagon With Education Product


Brea-based ViewSonic said it is launching a metaverse for education, called UNIVERSE, which it says will provide a 3D virtual environment for education including virtual learning spaces such as classrooms, lecture halls, and collaborative spaces. According to ViewSonic, the virtual learning site includes such features as private and group chats, emojis, and true-to-life spatialized audio, screen sharing, pop quizzes, and more.

San Diego To Deploy Eight Microgrids


The City of San Diego is deploying eight "microgrids", individual power generating sites located at recreation centers, fire stations, and police stations, according to renewable energy contractor Industria Power. According to Industria Power, it is building eight microgrids for the City of San Diego, which are scheduled to be installed by December 2022.

System 9 Scores $5.7M


Los Angeles-based System 9, a startup in the crypto token market, says it has raised $5.7M in a funding round. The funding was led by Capital6 Eagle (C6E), plus Kronos Asset Management, C2 Ventures, Gate Ventures, Ascendex Ventures, along with others. System 9 says it is providing software-based trading services to token issuers and digital asset exchanges, and is led by co-founder and CEO Peter Sokolow. system9 crypto market marketplace venture capital

SpaceX, Dish Scuffle Over Frequency Usage


Hawthorne-based SpaceX and satellite television operator DISH are in scuffle over 5G frequency usage at the FCC, with SpaceX saying that Dish's play for 5G expansion would "severely impact" Starlink. According to SpaceX, its customers "will experience harmful interference more than 77 percent of the time and total outage of service 74 percent of the time, rendering Starlink unusable for most Americans" if Dish is allowed to use the 12Ghz signals it is requesting for use.

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7 Ways To Find And Nurture Future Leaders In Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Every business owner I know wishes that all team members were leaders, to proactively tackle the challenges of growth , interact effectively with customers on their needs, and eventually step into your role.

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VIZIO Connects Smart TVs With TikTok


Irvine-based smart TV maker VIZIO said today that it has connected its VIZIO Smart TVs with the popular video sharing service TikTok. social hardware television sharing smart vizio tiktok

KinderSystems Merges With NoHo Software


Escondido-based software developer KinderSystems, which develops software-as-a-service for child care providers and Head Start programs and agencies, says it has merged with NoHo Software. Financial details of the merger were not announced. KinderSystems was known, until last month, as Controltec, Inc. Noho Software was founded in 1995. The newly merged company says it provides subsidized child care software in California to over 245 child care agencies.