Popbase helps YouTube stars build closer relationships with their fans

TechCrunch LA

A new startup is seizing on an opportunity to help up-and-coming online entertainers take a leaf out of that book and grow their relationships with fans. Entertainment has changed.

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Uppercase raises $3.5M to help e-tailers open brick-and-mortar stores

TechCrunch LA

To help the next generation of digitally native stores expand into the physical world, Uppercase , formerly known as thisopenspace, is launching out of stealth with $3.5

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UberAIR to take flight with help from UT Austin and U.S. Army Research Labs

TechCrunch LA

After three months of discussions, Uber Elevate has selected The University of Texas at Austin as its partner alongside the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to develop new rotor technology for vehicles that the company will use in its uberAIR flying taxi network.

Two new handhelds will help you relive the golden age of gaming

TechCrunch LA

Whether you’re an older gamer who remembers the Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis with great fondness or a doting grandparent who doesn’t remember exactly what the grandkids wanted (the Nintendo Swamp or something?),

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LawKick: A Modern Way To Find Legal Help


Michael Chasin: LawKick.com is essentially a marketplace that makes it easier than ever to find legal help. How the website works, is the client goes to the website, and indicates what they need help with. If you think about finding legal help, it''s not like you''re buying a t-shirt.

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How to Help Children With Chronic Illness

Both Sides of the Table

The goal is to raise money to help children with chronic illness get ongoing instruction in sports, art, music or whatever endeavor would help them get fulfillment in life.

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Two new handhelds will help you relive the golden age of gaming

TechCrunch LA

Whether you’re an older gamer who remembers the Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis with great fondness or a doting grandparent who doesn’t remember exactly what the grandkids wanted (the Nintendo Swamp or something?), the new AtGames portable consoles will either excite you to no end or cause deep disappointment. These crazy little consoles contain dozens […]. Gadgets Gaming TC Atari atgames computing Los Angeles Nintendo nintendo entertainment system player sega genesis Software tim

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Helping Startups Understand Salespeople & the Sales Culture

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there is a nascent industry to try and help you with this, too. Don’t get my wrong – a great looking product can really help support a sale. ” They want technical sales to help with customer objections.

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Honk Launches On Demand Roadside Help Service, Raises $1.8M


Santa Monica-based Honk has launched a service for you, specifically to let you summon roadside help using your smartphone--without a membership. Honk, which launched this morning, said that it has launched nationwide to help connect drivers with more than 20,000 tow and roadside assistance drivers nationwide. assistance highway call roadside investment investor angel capital venture brundage corey help honk

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Watch an Ad, Help a Nonprofit Out


Not only that, they’ve started launching their own companies and platforms that tout innovative ways to help millenials get in on the action. It’s a fact: young people are becoming more socially conscious these days.

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Can Robots Help Humans Get in Gear?

L.A. Business Journal

Embodied engineers robots to help human patients get with their health programs

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Cleaner Vehicles Help Make Smarter Cities


Two of the most popular terms in urban planning today are smart cities and clean energy. These concepts naturally go hand-in-hand. As cities get smarter, they use energy more efficiently and in a more controllable fashion, and they are better able to incorporate intermittent clean energy sources.

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Framework Benchmarks


Weve done our best, but we are not experts in most of them so help is welcome! Hopefully an expert in JRuby can help us here. We think it is important to know about as many good tools as possible to help make the best choices you can.

Miso Robotics Hires COO to Help Expand Restaurant Installations

L.A. Business Journal

Miso Robotics, a maker of burger-flipping robotic arms, announced it has appointed former Yahoo executive Melissa Burghardt as its chief operating officer

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FixUp Launches To Help Users Consult Experts Via iPhone


How do you get help with that plumbing project you're working, or some minor assistance with that auto repair? A new, iPhone app-- FixUp --debuted today to try to help users with those kinds of questions, saying it will connect users to a network of skilled, service professionals via iPhone video. StartupMinds said it has previously helped accelerate such firms as Telesign and Ringadoc. fixup iphone expert help advice household

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Guardian Circle Taps Your Social Network For Help In A Crisis


Just having one of those days, when you need some help--ie your car broke down, you can't get to daycare to pick up your child, you've got a medical emergency? 911--to provide help. guardian circle help panic button smartphoneMarina Del Rey-based Guardian Circle says it has the app for you--a new app which lets you connect with your own personal network of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others, who can get you out of a bind.

Uber, DogVacay Tie To Help Animal Shelters


STARTrescue helps relocate animals from overcrowded shelters in high-kill shelters in Southern California to areas more likely to find people willing to adopt dogs, in the Pacific Northwest.

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Tengia Seeks To Help Seniors Redefine Retirement


Los Angeles-based startup Tengia says it has launched a new platform, which is aimed at helping Americans who are 65 and older, help connect with individuals and small businesses to tap into their depth of experience. Are you 65, but not yet ready to give up the working world?

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Esri Teams To Use Drones To Help Fight Wildfires


Redland-based GIS technology and software provider Esri is helping to power a new product, which is using military drone technology to help fight wildfires. The system taps Insitu's ScanEagle aerial vehicle, Esri's geographical information systems (GIS), and support from FireWhat's fire professionals, to help provide data collection and spatial analytics of fires.

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Helping Colleagues in Their Time of Need

Both Sides of the Table

Don’t feel obligated but when a community acts to help a colleague in need it’s surprising what an impact can be made with a large amount of small contributions. I had a bunch of topics teed up now that I’m back in LA after 2 weeks of constant travel. I felt excited to write because it’s a cathartic outlet for me and saves me from doing email. But no words would come out this weekend.

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Readers: Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey


To help those affected by Hurricane Harvey across parts of Louisiana and Texas, mobile phone users can text 'HARVEY' to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross to help prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters.

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Cornerstone's DisasterReady.org Aims To Help In Syrian Crisis


DisasterReady.org , the online learning site created by Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand and its nonprofit arm, the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, is pitching in to help address what the Cornerstone calls "one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent time".

TigerText's New Bot Helps Schedule Appointments, More


Is a messaging "bot" the answer to helping to improve the quality of health care? According to TigerText, it has launched HealthBot , a new messagin application which can help healthcare organizations, insurance providers, and large pharmacy chains automated scheduling, provide information about drug interactions and side effects, provide medication reminders, and more.

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DogVacay's New VacayCam Helps Capture Dog Candids


Santa Monica-based online pet sitting marketplace and community DogVacay has a cute, new feature, which helps the company''s hosts capture great canine candids.

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LogMeIn Employees Pitch In To Help First Responders In Montecito


Goleta-based employees for LogMeIn have pitched in to help in the aftermath of the massive disaster in Montecito, and spent all Saturday cleaning off mud from Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Search and Rescue response vehicles, equipment and even the station itself, according to the Sheriff's Office.

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Why Mommy Bloggers Can Help Your Business

Eric Greenspan

There are over 4,500 influential Mommy Bloggers covering topics from pregnancy to child raising to education. Some write about relationships and others about sex. Recently I was approached by a writer of erotica and quality pornography requesting a spot on the TEDxAmericanRiviera stage. I declined but I was intrigued just the same. Each of these “moms” spend their days researching products and services that may benefit their respective audience.

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Sony Hires Cybersecurity Firm, Gets FBI Help


Culver City-based Sony Pictures Entertainment has hired a cyber security company to help it clean up and track the massive hacking of the company''s corporate network, and also has the FBI on the case, according to reports today.

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ValueMyStuff: Helping You Uncover That Monet In Your Attic


offices in Los Angeles--wants to help anyone figure out exactly what those items are worth, tapping into expertise from its staff, who have been at big international auction houses like Sotheby''s and Christie''s.

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4 Tools to Help Startups Find Quality Leads


This software features a set of tools dedicated to helping you host flawless and productive webinars every step of the way. Finding potential customers continues to be a huge challenge not only for established marketing and sales teams but also for startup executives and solo entrepreneurs.

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Startup Helps Blind With iPhone App


Not satisfied with creating just another mobile application for the iPhone platform, Santa Monica-based startup, IPPLEX , this week introduced an application to help the visually impaired or blind.

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How This Founder Wants to Apply Her Technology to Help Save the Planet’s Resources

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If you want to know more about her company you should read the above link because her presentation at the Upfront Summit was taking her vision several steps beyond the current scope of our next few years plans and talking about her hope of helping to develop systems to save humanity.

How Card.com Is Helping To Power The Branchless Banking Revolution


One of the startups looking to help power the "branchless banking revolution" is Los Angeles-based Card.com. Is the age of the brick-and-mortar bank branch over? With the advent of the smart phone, it looks like it might just be.

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Colony Logic: Helping The Enterprise Overcome Legacy Systems


Ultimately, we also offer up all the analytics to help them make better decisions for their business. It''s not often that startups come out of the gate, backed by a private equity investor.

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Staff Ranker: Helping Hospitality Businesses Better Manage Workers


However, Redondo Beach-based StaffRanker (www.staffranker.com) has rolled out a system to help those companies better manage what is a notoriously difficult segment of the labor market, which has a lot of turnover and which just doesn''t match existing, corporate performance management systems.

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Helping Consumers Name Their Own Price For Products, With Greentoe


You put your price into our gauge, which has the colors red, yellow, and green to help guide consumers in making the most appropriate offers. That gauge helps make sure the offers that consumers place are realistic, for example, not offering $200 for a $2000 Canon camera.