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RemotePC Upgrades Help Desk Product


Los Angeles-based RemotePC, the remote help desk service run by IDrive, said it launched a new version of its product last week. According to the company, the new version of its software simplifies its user interface, provides enhanced performance, and also includes logs of activities performed within its app.

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Spot Parking Rolls Out Mapping Tool to Help Local Businesses

L.A. Business Journal

is repurposing its mapping technology to build a tool that helps business communities stay on top of ever-changing Covid-19 regulations. Santa Monica-based Spot Parking (US) Inc.

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Openpath Helps Offices Reopen Safely

L.A. Business Journal

Culver City-based startup Openpath Security Inc. has been developing mobile-based door lock systems since 2016.

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10 Indications That It’s Time To Ask For Help At Work

Startup Professionals Musings

The challenge in to know when and how to ask for help, and not let bravado and ego mask anxieties. The best people know when they don’t know, and know how to find the right help. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs I know are terrible at finding and accepting help. Seek help or get out. You start playing the blame game.

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QLess Software Helps Businesses Cut the Line

L.A. Business Journal

is poised to help businesses reduce in-person queues. With social distancing and masks likely to remain a reality for a while longer, Pasadena-based QLess Inc.

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Willa App Helps Freelancers Get Paid

L.A. Business Journal

Kristofer Sommestad has worked with freelance creators throughout his career in technology.

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Audi’s new V2I feature helps drivers hit every green light

TechCrunch LA

Audi has added a new feature to the vehicle-to-infrastructure technology embedded in its newer models that’s designed to help drivers catch every green light. It then displays a speed recommendation intended to help drivers pass traffic lights on green. This helps reduce emissions and boosts fuel savings.

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