Smith Micro Adds Design and Development Service


Aliso Viejo-based software developer Smith Micro Sofware said that it has launched a new, design and development service, which will help its customers develop their own mobile apps. The company said the team already has designed and launched more than thirty mobile apps for its customers. smith micro design development consulting service software mobile android

5 Design Apps to Help You Plan Home Renovations


Luckily, you use design tools on your mobile device to help you with different aspects of renovations. The apps are useful to homeowners who intend to do renovations on their own and to professional constructors and designers. The Homestyler Interior Design.

ServiceNow Buys San Diego Specialist in Customer Experience, Design


ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW ), the Santa Clara, CA-based giant that provides cloud-based IT services, is boosting its emphasis on human-centered design with its acquisition of Telepathy , a San Diego specialist in customer experience and design. ServiceNow chose us because of the design culture and process we have created over the last 17 years,” Telepathy co-founder and CEO Chuck Longanecker wrote Monday in a blog post announcing the deal.

Lab Focused on Human-Centered Design Moves to Put San Diego on Map


For Michèle Morris, the big question hanging over organizers as they laid the groundwork last year for the first Design Forward Summit was whether the innovation community in San Diego understood the value of design. “We We didn’t know who was going to show up—and 600 people showed up,” said Morris, who is associate director of the Design Lab at UC San Diego and a founder of the Design Forward Summit.

Broadcom Aims Designs At 3G Smartphones


Irvine-based Broadcom said this morning that it has released a portfolio of turnkey designs, aimed at developing 3G smartphones. The new designs include single-, dual-, and new quad-core platforms tied to cellular baseband, RFIC, and PMUs.

A Designer’s Weekend With The Oculus Rift

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As a designer by trade, I have always loved different visual experiences. The post A Designer’s Weekend With The Oculus Rift appeared first on TechZulu. Virtual reality has always fascinated me.

Ginkgo Builds Out Robot Labs as Microbe Design Business Grows: Photos


Today the synthetic biology company announced an expansion of its headquarters in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood, including a second, larger lab space for designing and making custom yeast and other microbes.

Broadcom Gets Design Win With Robotic Sprinkler


In what looks to be a more unusual design win for Irvine-based Broadcom , the company reported a design win today for its low power applications processor: as part of a "robotic sprinkler system" from company Droplet. water cleantech controller irrigation chip semiconductor design broadcom sprinkler robot

Cover Technologies Finds $1.6M For Algorithm Designed Buildings


Cover, which was founded in San Francisco in 2014, says it uses computer programs to design prefab structures such as guest homes, backyard studios, pool houses, and other accessory structures. Gardena, California-based Cover , which develops technology which uses algorithms and software to build custom, prefab buildings, including backyard studios, has raised $1.6M in a seed funding round.

Hulu's April Fool Joke: 1996 Web Design


Users who logged into Hulu of Friday saw a Geocities-inspired, framed browser view featuring such notable 1990's shows as the X Files, Sliders, Murder One, and News Radio -- not to mention tacky, 1996-eras web design and highlighted links to the A-Team and Saturday Night Live.

MaxLinear Wins Reference Design With STMicroelectronics


Carlsbad-based radio-frequency and mixed signal integrated circuits developer MaxLinear reported a design win with STMicroelectronics this morning, as part of a set-top box reference design aimed at Latin America. MaxLinear said its tuner-modular components are part of a design aimed at digital television efforts in Latin America, and includes an integrated set-top box and software platform. MaxLinear''s ISDB-T tuner-demodulator chip is being used in the design.

What to Expect from Trending Web Design in 2016

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The dynamism of web design ascertains that trends should keep varying to the better with changing times. The changes are usually due to improvements in previous designs to suit current tastes and preferences. Domination of material design. Flat design 2.0 Flat design 2.0

Worst Corporate T-shirt Designs Ever - How To Offend People With Your Startup’s SWAG


In addition to these foundational startup issues, Guy also briefly discusses how to properly design a corporate T-shirt. Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of the Start, addresses a number of valuable startup issues, including fundraising, partnering, branding and beyond. When I. Entrepreneur The Fringe

Design and Innovation Showcase

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Thursday, June 21, 2012 -- Design and Innovation Showcase. Innovative industrial design can give your company competitive advantage in the marketplace by catering to both utilitarian and aesthetic requirements of the customer. Industrial design will improve the appearance of your product, add value in the eyes of the user and position your company as a brand leader. Connect with CONNECT.

Silicon Beach Report Dec. 1: Faraday Future’s Chief Designer, Richard Kim, Resigns

L.A. Business Journal

Early executive and chief designer at Faraday Future, Richard Kim, resigns; Disney sues Redbox over movie download codes; and Tinder’s artificial intelligence feature suggests who to ‘Super Like

Workpop: Using UX And Design To Power The Next Career Site


Online job and career sites still seem to be in another decade, when it comes to both design--and user friendliness. Can a startup gain a foothold in the competitive market by designing the right UX and user experience to make a job and career site for everyone? Starting on the employer side first, we put a big emphasis on design. cornerstone employment work listings jobs design workpop

Werner Herzog’s “From One Second to the Next” Premiere at the Pacific Design Center #ItCanWait

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In West Hollywood, Los Angeles last night, Werner Herzog’s new documentary, “From One Second to the Next” premiered at the Silver Screen Theater located within MOCA’s Pacific Design Center followed with Q&A from the legendary director himself.

MySpace Launches New Mobile App, Site Design


Los Angeles-based Myspace officially launched its new site design and a mobile app today, firmly centering the online site on music, music discovery, and streaming.

Web Designers vs. Web Developers


Funny graphic by @shanesnow that captures the difference between web designers vs. web developers: Like the issue of Startup CTO or Developer , often startup founders who are less technical have this same question. Do I need a designer or a developer?

Kingston Dangles Prizes For Game Designers


Fountain Valley-based Kingston Digital , the developer of flash memory, is courting game designers today, with a contest which promises to award $1,500 for a game incorporating its portable storage products for the Apple iPhone. Kingston said it is holding a contest which asks game designers to include its Wi-Drive portable, Wi-Fi storage device for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, in their games.

Design for the Novice, Configure for the Pro

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I’ve had a long-standing rule of thumb in product design, which I call “design for the novice, configure for the pro.&# I started saying this back in 2001/02, long before the era of Web 2.0, Design for the novice.

Ferrari Design and Innovation Joins The Audio World

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The Ferrari by Logic3 collection comprises a range of earphones, headphones and speaker docks that celebrate Ferrari’s excellence and flair, both on the road and in motorsport, by delivering superior audio performance and beautiful design.

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MaxLinear Gets Design Win


Carlsbad-based MaxLinear , the developer of radio frequency and mixed signal integrated circuits, has scored a design win with a developer of cable TV systems. maxlinear integrated circuits radio frequency design semiconductorThe firm said that SiliconDust, a developer of HD cable TV systems, has selected its cable TV tuners. Expected shipment volumes of the win were not announced. SiliconDust is using MaxLinear's HXL241SF cable TV tuner in its products. READ MORE>>.

5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

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They do not know what they do not know which makes a meaningful conversation with a design agency very challenging. Asmita – Ego This individual knows exactly what they want because their neighbor’s kid who aspires to be a graphic designer has laid it all out for them.

The Design Accelerator Launches Incubator At Idealab


A new, startup incubator-created by the Art Center College of Design and the California Insitute of Technology --said this morning that it has launched a brand new, design-focused incubator, housed at Idealab. According to The Design Accelerator , it will help startups by selecting promising early stage, design-driven technology companies from the Art Center and Caltech communities for an intensive three-month program. >.

MaxLinear Gets Design Win At Hitron


Carlsbad-based radio frequency (RF) and mixed signal IC developer MaxLinear reported a design win today, with Hitron Technologies Americas. maxlinear radio frequency docsis cable model design hardware semiconductor MaxLinear said that Hitron has selected one of its digital cable front-end receivers for a family of DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems and gateways. Shipment volumes and financial impact of the deal was not disclosed.

Vitesse Gets Design Win


Camarillo-based Vitesse Semiconductor is reporting a design win this morning, with Edge-Core , a developer of networking equipment. Vitesse said that Edge-Core is using its SimplyPHY 1 GE PHYs and SparX-III Gigabit Ethernet switches to power its new SMC Smart L2 switch products. Financial impact of the win, and shipment volumes, were not nanounced by Vitesse. Vitesse is a developer of high speed networking semiconductors.

Google For Icons | IconFinder Providing The Best for Developers and Designers

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Just about every Startup at some point and especially if you do not have a designer, is going to need icons to help spruce up those websites. Before Iconfinder I was working as a web designer and front-end developer, next to studying computer science and business administration.

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DTS Gets Design Win With T-Mobile G2x


Calabasas-based surround sound provider DTS said today that its technology has been integrated into the T-Mobile G2X with Google , a new phone from LG aimed at gamers and music lovers. DTS said the phone is the first to integrate its DTS Ultra MObile sound technology.

5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

From the Venture Trenches

They do not know what they do not know which makes a meaningful conversation with a design agency very challenging. Asmita – Ego This individual knows exactly what they want because their neighbor’s kid who aspires to be a graphic designer has laid it all out for them. Asmita’s are challenging for a web designer; anyway you move you will be damned. Hopefully there will be a few existing design elements that can be salvaged.

Your Smart City Is Stupid


Cities have been called a repository of possibilities. What they haven’t been called, at least until recently, is smart.

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Hutch Raises $10M Funding From Zillow


West Hollywood-based Hutch , the home interior design app developer led by Beatrice Fischel-Bock, has raised a $10M round of funding from Zillow Group , the company said this morning. hutch zillow venture capital home interior designHutch, lets users take a picture of room us‌ing its mobile app, and lets users apply "filters" on how they might redecorate the space. As part of the funding, Zillow's Spencer Rascoff joins the company's board. READ MORE>>.

Ashton Kutcher, Sound Ventures Back Gigster In $10M Funding


Ashton Kutcher and his Los Angeles-based venture firm, Sound Ventures , are one of the backers of a new startup which says it can offer up on-demand, software development and design services. saas celebrity kutcher ashton design development software ondemand capital venture gigster