Blogging for the Hell of It, Not Blogging to Stay Relevant

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I used to love blogging. Blogging proved to be a great way to hone my ideas, have public conversations with people and as it turns out – build meaningful relationships through public dialog that spilled over into the real world. Somewhere along the way blogging changed. Fred Wilson said as much in his blog post today, too. I guess it’s just a reality of blogging and I accept that. I like “single take” blogging.

Disney Shutters Parenting Blog Site, Babble


Burbank-based Disney has shut down parent blog site Babble , according to the site, which did not say why it was shutting down. The site is not the first in the sector shut down by Disney; Kaboose, another parenting blog site, was acquired by Disney in 2009 for CAD $23.3M, but was shut down sometime sometime in 2016. babble disney merger acquisition shutdown deadpool content blog blogging parenting publishing


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How the Hell do I Prioritize Work, Blog & Find Balance?

Both Sides of the Table

I don’t know Ezra yet but since he’s taking the time to blog (which I hugesly respect) and share thoughts I thought I’d take him up on his challenge and also spill the beans on my secrets. On blogging I blog because I love it. Mostly I’m Blogging for the Hell of It, Not Blogging to Stay Relevant. My other secret on blogging? I told her I need “20 minutes” to write a blog post. I felt like blogging.

Some Thoughts on Twitter as a Micro-Blogging Tool

Both Sides of the Table

1/ Twitter started off positioned as a micro-blogging platform but in the end became more of an RSS reader. The post Some Thoughts on Twitter as a Micro-Blogging Tool appeared first on Bothsides of the Table. Planning a threaded Tweetstorm? Here’s the rules: 1/Tweet 2/Reply to 1st Tweet but remove your @name 3/Reply to 2nd Tweet not 1st 4/Repeat. Mark Suster (@msuster) May 29, 2015.

Ebyline Rolls Payment System For Wordpress Blogs


Los Angeles-based freelance writing marketplace Ebyline said this week that it has launched a brand new product, which helps WordPress publishers pay contributors to their WordPress blog. The new product--which is a plug-in to the WordPress software--lets publishers directly pay freelance writers through WordPress, track payment history, provide 1099''s, and offer up other management of payments to blog authors. marketplace freelance writers payment blogging blog wordpress ebyline

Entrepreneurshit. The Blog Post on What It’s Really Like.

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It’s 4.50am. Sunday morning. And I couldn’t sleep. I have much on my mind since I just returned from a week on the road. 5 days. 3 cities. Late night Mexican food. Beers. Airports. Delays. I left on a Sunday. I had to miss a full day with my family, camping in the mountains. I returned home Friday night at 10pm – too late to see my kids. I’m reminded of this feeling. It’s all too familiar. It’s what life was like as an entrepreneur.

HitFix Partners With Entertainment Blog


Los Angeles-based HitFix , the entertainment news site headed by Jennifer Sargent and backed by angel groups the Tech Coast Angels and Golden Seeds, said today that it is in a strategic partnership with film and awards blog In Contention. hitfix entertainment blog content incontention film

8 Ways Blogging Can Supercharge Your Business Website

Startup Professionals Musings

I have found that publishing a regular blog can give you an edge in making all this happen. One of these is blogging, to let people know about your brand, provide links to supportive articles, and generate back-links to your content from other sites. Thus I recommend that every business publish a website and start a blog even before they have a product to sell, enabling the following benefits: Get Google to work for you in highlighting your site.

Interesting New Tech Blog for your Radar Screen

Both Sides of the Table

Over the holiday I became aware of a new tech blog that aims to have deep insights into the next generation of technology, which they call The Hypernet. If you click through to Roger & Mike’s blog you’ll see that this blog post then links to a detailed presentation on the topic. Why should you care? Well, it is established by some of the industries more successful investors – Mike Maples and Roger McNamee.

BUZZMEDIA Buys Four Punk Rock Blogs

socalTECH was founded in 1998, providing online music news and a fan community; PropertyOfZack is a Tumblr blog focused on punk; Under The Gun Review focuses on entertainment, music, film, and comedy; and Alert The Press! buzzmedia merger acquisition punk blog content blogger music entertainment hollywood

My first blog post!

Eric Greenspan

How the hell do I work this thing? Posted in Daily Diary.

8 Ways That Blogging Will Kickstart Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Blogging is one of the best ways to do this and build a brand, even before you have a product or service. Thus I recommend that every entrepreneur start blogging in parallel with solution development for the following benefits: Get customer idea feedback before you commit resources. After a few blogs about your concept, the comments better match your passion, or it’s time to rethink your idea. Blogging will improve your site search engine ranking.

SheKnows Taps Alanis Morissette For Video Blog


said today that it has inked a deal with singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette , to include a video blog (vlog) from Morissette while on tour. SheKnows said that Morissette has joined its video blog Mommalogues , as a guest celebrity mom, where she will vlog about music and motherhood. sheknows alanis morissette music women blog vlog video content musicianLos Angeles-based women's content site SheKnows , which is owned by Evolve Media Corp.,

BUZZMEDIA Buys Electronic Music Blog XLR8R


Los Angeles-based BUZZMEDIA , the venture backed entertainment and digital media publishing firm behind such sites as Celebuzz, Sterogum, and Buzznet, has acquired electronic music blog site XLR8R , the firm said today. xlr8r buzzmedia music content entertainment blog blogger digital media hollywood

HipGeo Launches Updated iPhone Travel Blogging App


The company said the redesign came after finding that users were interested in using its tools to create blog-like travel and trip journals, rather than the original, animated slideshows the tool provided. networking social blogging travel iphone hipgeoFullerton-based HipGeo , the location tracking and social sharing software developer headed by Rich Rygg, has launched a new iPhone app, looking to help users track, document, and share their travels.

About this Blog


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Saturday, February 17, 2007 About this Blog Ive been thinking about doing a blog with my thoughts on technology and whats happening in the Los Angeles area technology scene for a while, but it was Ben Kuos recent start of a blog that inspired me to actually go ahead and do it. Where LinkedIn Works for Me A Different Kind of Incubator - The Hive About this Blog Southern California Tech Central Southern California Tech Central Loading

Report: Demand Media Targets Critical Blog


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the online content publishing empire run by Richard Rosenblatt, is targeting a blog which has been posting internal documents and criticism of the company. demand media blog critical legal lawsuitAccording to a report from Forbes, the firm has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Demand Studio Sucks , alleging copyright infringement. The site appears to have been created by an unhappy, freelance contributor to Demand Media in May of 2010. READ MORE>>.

Should You Blog? (yes, and here’s how …)

Both Sides of the Table

I recently wrote a piece for Mashable on how to create a company blog. Since it’s already written (and since I promised not to republish on my blog other than a summary) if you’re interested please have a read over there. Summary notes and then I’ll extend: Should you blog? Blogging is an important way to build an audience and also drive SEO traffic. What should you blog about? Most blogs are. And don’t blog drunk.

How Many Times Should You Tweet Your Blog Post?

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I wanted to see two things: Would the second (or sometimes even third Tweet) convert enough people to my blog to make it worth potentially annoying some people on Twitter? Many people reading today’s blog post would have seen it by clicking through on Twitter. If your goal is to send a Tweet that converts to people to a blog post sending more than one Tweet is recommended. Last September I was on a panel with Guy Kawasaki talking about Twitter.

Should You Bother Targeting the Tech Blogs for Your PR Campaigns?

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6 or 7 years ago when TechCrunch was at its peak market share (they are still strong but many more tech blogs have also popped up) there was a term for getting covered there called “the TechCrunch bounce.” If you’re a fashion product you obviously care about having way more products featured in the vertical trade mags or niche blogs for that sector. that they probably read the main tech blogs. Buys Entertainment Blog


Los Angeles-based Media Corporation , which operates the email service, said today that it has acquired an entertainment focused blog, Tags: mail media merger acquisition deadlinehollywooddaily blog content email Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. was founded by Nikki Finke, a former Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, and New York Magazine writer and reporter.

7 Reasons to Start a Blog Before Shipping a Product

Startup Professionals Musings

I can attest from experience that publishing a regular blog to properly showcase your offering, even before you have it, is a most cost effective approach in time and money. For blogging to work, you need to do it consistently and frequently, at least once a week, or the value evaporates. Feedback from your blog will tell you quickly whether anyone agrees with your assessment, and whether you have a customer base waiting. With the an estimated 150,000 new websites and 7.3

Retro: My Favorite Blog Post on Raising VC

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On December 2nd, 2006 I wrote the blog post published later in this post when I was CEO of startup Koral about my experiences in pitching VCs. After my company was acquired by I was asked to stop blogging and they took over my blog as an asset in the sale of the company. My blog was wiped out. I had kept a personal blog for more than a year and was new at keeping a professional blog. Remember, I was new to professional blogging.

Canon Communications Buys Pharmaceuticals Blog Pharmalot


Los Angeles-based Canon Communications , a publisher and trade show operator serving the pharmaceutical industry, said Monday that it has acquired Pharmalot , a blog focused on news and information in the pharmaceutical industry. Tags: pharmaceutical lifescience blog publisher merger acquisition

Startup LA and More Blogs


One thing that was interesting is that I'm finally starting to run into folks in Los Angeles who run in technology circles and who have blogs. So some of the newly found blogs: Joel Ordesky Cliff Allen Marty Poulin and some others I've found recently: Fabian Schonholz Shuki Lehavi However, if I'm missing others that are technology and Los Angeles related, please let me know I was on a panel yesterday at StartupLA.

Lalawag, LA's Technology Gossip Blog, Shuts Site


Lalawag , the technology-meets-gossip blog run by Sean and Laurie Percival, is shutting down, according to a post from the two Thursday afternoon. According to the Percivals, they no longer have time to properly run the blog, due to a tough job and a new baby. According to Sean and Laurie, the blog is being shut down "for the time being." Tags: angeles news blog gossip percival sean laurie lalawag

Three Southern California Firms Building Blog Empires


News today that AOL has acquired technology news blog TechCrunch highlights the growing place of blog publishers in the online world. Here are three, Southern California blog networks which have quietly growing their network of properties: BUZZMEDIA. BUZZMEDIA has a network of music and entertainment news related blogs, including Buzznet, Celebuzz, Absolute Punk, GoFugYourself, JustJared, Stereogum, TheSuperficial, WWTDD, SocialiteLife, and Idolator.

7 Ways To Promote Your Services Business By Blogging

Startup Professionals Musings

Blogging has come a long way in the past few years, from a social release for narcissists, to today’s required vehicle for promoting your consulting business and gaining valuable online exposure. Here are some tips I’ve gleaned from experience: Lead with your blog.

Framework Benchmarks


About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact. About this blog. Subscribe to our blogs feed. You are viewing a single entry. Please also check out the most recent entries. March 28, 2013. Framework Benchmarks. How much does your framework choice affect performance? The answer may surprise you. Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks.

The Who,What,When,Where and How of Blogging

SoCal Tech Calendar

Monday, July 23, 2012 -- The Who,What,When,Where and How of Blogging. Why Blog? What to Blog About Which platforms to use * Tumblr * Blogger * Wordpress * Posterous Domain Options RSS Feed Options Managin Comments Who is reading your blog? Analytics (Google Analytics, Chartbeat) Promoting Your Blog * Facebook * Twitter * Youtube * Viddy/SocialCam And other topics.

Addressing Tech Startup Challenges With Managed Network Services

Southern California Edison Blog

Blog business internet managed network services network solutions tech startup challengesNetworks play a vital role in supporting tech startup growth objectives. However, many small businesses may struggle with operational costs and scaling their networks effectively.

Latest Post-COVID Trends in the Telecom Sector

Southern California Edison Blog

Blog emerging trends in telecom industry latest trends in telecom sector telecommunications telecomsAlthough the bulk of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, lingering effects in the form of ongoing remote work and network usage will continue to influence how telecom operators operate.

How to Strengthen Tech Startup Security Against Cyberattacks

Southern California Edison Blog

Blog data breach malware attacks phishing ransomware startup security tech startups

Addressing Cyber Security Threats in the Telecom Industry

Southern California Edison Blog

Blog 5G cyber security telecommunications telecomsTelecom operators face a variety of security-related vulnerabilities stemming from the overall complexity of their infrastructure, supply chain problems, network misconfigurations, and privacy concerns.

Ten Sources to the Best Business Blogs

Startup Professionals Musings

With as many as 400 million blogs (web logs) now active on the Internet, how can you find and read the ones you need to be a leader in your business domain? Business site expert blogs. Almost every traditional major business news site, like , , and have blogs which are contributed by experts in different business areas. Blog aggregators. They feature news links daily from popular blogs, and well as relevant discussion topics.

Technology Council of Southern California Blog » Welcome to the Technology Council of Southern California Blog

Technology Council

Chartbeat is to Blogs as Google Analytics is to Print Newspapers

Both Sides of the Table

I’ve been using Chartbeat for over a month now to track performance of my blog and I find myself looking at Google Analytics much less these days. The next users after that is reading a blog post that I wrote nearly 9 months ago. But I can always see the correlation between writing a blog or publishing on a social network and traffic. It’s now 20 minutes later and there are still 64 people active on my blog.

7 Office Building Amenities Every Property Owner Should Offer Their Tenants

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Blog BOMA building owners and managers business internet business network network solutions network speed southern california fiberGood first impressions are essential for attracting new businesses to your property.

Class 81

Why 2020 Is Pivotal for Microbiome Drug R&D (Or Maybe 2021, Given COVID-19)


The start of a potentially big biomedical breakthrough is blooming within all of us. Drug research aiming to turn bacteria into microbiome therapies now spans programs aiming to address gut disorders, autism, cancer, and more.

Find the Best of the Best Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

With as many as 100 million active blogs (web logs) in English alone on the Internet, how can you find and read the ones you need to be a leader in your business domain? Business site expert blogs. Almost every traditional major business news site, like , , and have blogs which are contributed by experts in different business areas. Blog aggregators. Blog catalogs. entrepreneur business blogs startup best of the best

Generation Bio Leads a Trio of Biotech Companies Aiming for the Nasdaq


COVID-19 has ravaged the economy, and it was expected to quash the IPO market, too. But the biotech sector is defying the pandemic with crossover financings and freshly minted public companies.

Biotech Roundup: FDA Culpa, Tricida Trips, Freenome’s Funding & More


Among the casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic: the credibility of government agencies entrusted with protecting public health. The FDA this week granted emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma as a treatment for infection by the novel coronavirus.

4 Reasons to Use a Local Managed Network Services Provider

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Blog ECS managed network service provider MNSP southern california fiberEnterprises trying to manage their own network often face challenges related to unreliable service, a lack of in-house expertise, and time-consuming maintenance.