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Startup CTO or Developer


But hiring a lead developer, or even a VP of Engineering, can create a gap between the founders and the developers. Closing the Gap: Hiring A Fractional Startup CTO We’re not suggesting that early-stage startups should hire a full-time CTO. Instead, they should consider a Fractional CTO who can help close the gap.

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Want to Know the Difference Between a CTO and a VP Engineering?

Both Sides of the Table

I hope many will read this and have an answer for the question, “what’s the different between a CTO and a VP of Engineering?&#. The CTO / Lead Architect - If you want to build a great technology company, you’ll need a “rockstar&# engineering lead. The VP Engineering aspires to manage teams.

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Congrats To All The Winners and Thanks To Our Speakers at #REACHNeXT!

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Was the VP of Technology at eHarmony where he built personality-matching technology. Built new technology for Rubicon Project as the VP of Engineering. Founded a series of successful startups resulting in IPOs and acquisitions. Elizabeth Yin, Partner & Startup Investor at 500 Startups.