Fisker Opens New Software Development Office In San Francisco


Los Angeles-based electric vehicle developer Fisker Inc. --the the latest incarnation of Fisker--says it has opened up a new "technology center" in San Francisco, which it says will help support design and engineering of software systems for the Fisker Ocean SUV and future products. fisker automotive software development francisco hiring expansion silicon valley bayarea

Esri Partners With Agriculture Software Developer


Redlands-based geographical information systems (GIS) provider Esri said on Thursday that it has partnered with a provider of software consulting and technology provider AgIntegrated , which develops a data hub for the agriculture and forestry market. AgIntegrated is the developer of Onsite API Services and QC Pro, which offers up a centralized platform for agriculture and forestry customers to connect. esri agriculture partnership agintegrated software marketplace tracking

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Clearlake Capital Buys Operations Management Software Developer


Santa Monica-based private equity investor Clearlake Capital has acquired a Cary, North Carolina-based developer of operations management software, Dude Solutions. Dude Solutions develops cloud-based, operations management software, which handles suh things as work order, inventory, energy, capital planning, facility scheduling, and community development workflows. clearlake capital operations management software merger acquisition dude solutions

AeroVironment Links With Smart Grid Software Developer


Monrovia, California-based AeroVironment , which develops both electric vehicle chargers as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, said on Tuesday that it has linked with smart grid charging technology developer eMotorWerks. aerovironment smart grid electric vehicle charger charging cleantech software alexa

Startup Software Developers


Just saw a great post by Mark Geller - Developers wanted… in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Mark tells us: there is a lot of demand for developers right here in L.A. There’s quite a bit of truth to what Mark is saying about startup software developers, but my guess is that there’s another reason that it seems harder to find developers in this context. While the cost of hardware, hosting and networks rapidly falls, software gets easier to build at a much slower rate.

Illumina Links With Software Developer FlowJo


San Diego-based Illumina announced this morning that it has partnered with FlowJo , in a deal to develop and co-market software aimed at single cell genomics. The two said that FlowJo will develop a new software application, to provide additional secondary and tertiary analysis and visualization of datasets, all integrated with Illumina's Single Cell RNA BaseSpace app. The two said the new software will roll out in Q1 of 2017.

Startups and a Common Misunderstanding in Agile Software Development


They didn't feel they had visibility into timelines and costs for development of their software. In three of the cases, the founder was finding that the software teams (1 in-house, 2 outsourced) were delivering relatively well in the short-run. The teams involved didn't seem to be exhibiting many of the Symptoms of a Weak Development Team. In all four cases, I would claim that what's at fault is a common misunderstanding in Agile Software Development.

Kofax Buys Business Intelligence Software Developer Altosoft


Irvine-based document capture software firm Kofax announced this morning that it has acquired business intelligence and analytics software developer Altosoft. Altosoft is a developer real time reporting and dash board applications, and had 43 employees and contractors working for the firm. kofax altosoft merger acquisition business intelligence software document

aapi, Founded By SecureAuth Vets, Aims At Software Developers


A new Irvine-based startup, aapi , said today that it has launched a new product aimed at helping programmers research, discover, integrate, and test software APIs. According to aapi, which is led by experienced tech entrepreneur Craig Lund, the company has launched a new portal which helps developers simplify application integration, centrally manage API security, access, and auditing, in addition to reducing the learning curve associated with APIs. Offers Up Affiliate Payments For Software Developers


Santa Monica-based auto information site is extending its outreach to third party software developers, and is offering up affiliate payments of five dollars per new car lead generated by its API partners, the company said this week. According to, web and mobile developers who use''s API will receive the payments for every new car lead generated via its APIs, which it says is one of the highest commission rates in the automotive category.

Poor Software Developers - Pull the Plug Early


There's an old adage in software development that I refer to all the time: The first 90% of development takes 90% of the time. I used this when I taught software engineering. And I use it all the time now when I get the kind of message that I received: I'm looking for a web developer to continue work on my website. I used a company in India to develop the site, and it's mostly done. Then I found a local developer but it was a truly awful experience.

Miramar, Okapi Back Healthcare Software Developer


Two, Orange County venture capital investors are behind a developer of socially-driven, healthcare software aimed at helping health plans encourage healthy activity by their members. Welltok said today that it has raised $18.7M in a Series B funding round, which came from Emergence Capital Partners, InterWest Partners and New Enterprise Associates (NEA), along with existing investors Miramar Venture Partners, Okapi Venture Capital and TriZetto Corporation.

Mobile Software Developers Speak

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, February 18, 2010 -- CommNexus and The Mobile Software Development SIG Presents. Mobile Software Developers Speak! The discussion will specifically include an introduction to PhoneGap, a cross platform tool kit for building mobile apps, and Daily Paper, a mobile newspaper app as well as other development tools for Android (MotoDev and WebSDK). A Discussion on Android and Beyond.

Startup Software Development – Do Your Homework Before You Develop Anything


I just had an all-too common conversation with the founder of a startup who had spent more than a year working with a software development company who had produced a mess. The mess really comes from a developer who was willing to get started on a product that was not fully thought out. If I’m being asked to do startup software development, I’m going to push fairly hard on key questions that the startup needs to have answered before they develop anything.

Implementing Lean Software Development

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 -- Implementing Lean Software Development. Several books have been written on the theory of Lean Software Development. In this full-day seminar we will present three in-depth case studies to show you how it can actually be done, even in todays economic environment. See [link] (more

Software Development Companies in Southern California


This is a private group of CTOs who are responsible for software development within their companies. They are generally the senior most person responsible for custom software development, database design, database administration, web development, etc. But where do the software development companies in Southern California congregate? I've helped organize the Los Angeles CTO Forum for almost 10 years.

Tipalti Ties Payments Service To Affiliate Tracking Software Developer


Tipalti , which develops an automated, mass payment platform for affiliate and other marketers, has integrated its service with CAKE , a provider of online campaign and affiliate tracking, the firms have announced. Tipalti develops software-as-a-service to streamline mass payments for affiliate networks, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding sites, and others, helping companies pay vendors using a variety of payment methods (direct deposit, ACH, PayPal, checks, prepaid card, etc.)

Managing Student Software Developer Teams

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 -- Building and Managing Student Software Developer Teams. Dr. Clint Staley will discuss how to recruit and manage teams of student software developers from local universities such as Cal Poly, and how to use this resource to produce low-cost, high-quality software. Softec.

The Mobile Software Development SIG presents: Making Friends, Making Money

SoCal Tech Calendar

The Mobile Software Development SIG presents: Making Friends, Making Money. Thursday, August 16, 2012 -- CommNexus. See [link] (more

LA Transportation Agency Dangles Prizes For Software Developers


The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has quitely launched a major contest looking to spur development of mobile application that utilize information about the Los Angeles area's public transit. Metro has launched the Metro Development Challenge , which is dangling nearly $10,000 in prizes to for the best mobile and web applications in a number of categories. angeles county metro developer challenge software mobile develop mashup

iPad: What's New for Software Developers

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 -- iPad: What's New for Software Developers. See an iPad app developed live, from scratch, using Xcode and Objective-C, and using new software features that are only available on iPad. Targeted at software managers, software project leaders, and software developers, you'll quickly learn the new software features available only on the iPad.

3 Mistakes Software Developers Make That Can Cost You Your Business

Inverted Software

At Inverted Software we often help our clients manage offshore and onshore development teams. Our proprietary processes and unique experience helps us evaluate and correct software development practices that have proven inefficient and instill practices that insure productivity and success. Below we have compiled the 3 most common issues developers tend to generate when left unsupervised and ways to mitigate their impact: Checking code at the end of the day.

Software Development | How To Collaborate As A Team

Tech Zulu Event

As a creative director at a software development company, I am always looking for ways to speed up our design and development process and to include as many people and teams working on the project. These teams are usually: business, design, frontend, development, and quality assurance. Where I have found these tools really useful is pulling the repos into these online editors and allowing someone that is not necessarily a developer go in and edit content.

The Agile way of Managing Software Development

SoCal Tech Calendar

Friday, February 13, 2009 -- "The Agile way of Managing Software Development " This presentation will provide an overview of Agile development practices and to achieve optimal results in the face of complex projects. The presentation will cover key features of Scrum, an Agile Project Management Framework, to satisfy competing requirements for Cost, Time, Functionality and Quality.

SAIC Gets $300M Software Development Contract


According to the firm, it will provide software development services for developing applications for the Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA), a provider of federal and government-guaranteed funding for students. San Diego-based Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a provider of engineering and other services, announced today that it has signed a $300M, five year contract with the U.S. Department of Education.

The Emerging Wireless and Mobile Software Development SIG: Near Field Communications

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, July 19, 2012 -- The Emerging Wireless and Mobile Software Development SIG: Near Field Communications. It has been in development and slow deployment for a decade. CommNexus. Near Field Communications is a short range (less than 4cm) technology that enables secure, simple, low bit rate connectivity. Analysts project NFC to have tremendous growth over the next few years.

BrainChip Expands In India


Aliso Viejo-based artificial intelligence software developer BrainChip says it is opening up a new software development center in Hyderabad, India, which it says will provide software and firmware development for its systems-on-a-chip technology. According to BrainChip, the new software development center initially will be staffed by five software engineers and local management.

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Los Angeles-based BuildOps, subcontracting software for real estate, raises $5.8 million

TechCrunch LA

Software development companies tackling services for niche industries, like commercial real estate subcontracting, continue to find Los Angeles to be fertile ground for development. BuildOps sells software that integrates scheduling, dispatching, inventory management, contracts, workflow and accounting into a single software package for commercial real estate contractors with staff ranging from a few dozen to several hundred employees.

ServiceNow Buys SkyGiraffe


Santa Clara- and San Diego-based ServiceNow said on Wednesday that it has acquired San Mateo-based SkyGiraffe , a developer of a mobile software development platform. servicenow skygiraffe merger acquisition mobile software developmentFinancial details of the buy were not disclosed. ServiceNow said the buy will help its customers easily deliver "consumer-like" mobile experiences for applications build on its Now Platform.

Mapp Acquires Webtrekk


San Diego-based digital marketing software provider Mapp announced this morning that it is acquiring German software developer Webtrekk , a developer of marketing analytics and customer intelligence software. mapp webtrekk merger acquisition marketing software development germany international saas

Lifeyo Acquired By SpotOn


Los Angeles-based Lifeyo , a developer of website development software aimed at small and medium-sized merchants, has been acquired by San Francisco-based SpotOn , SpotOn announced this morning. saas software development website acquisition merger spoton lifeyoFinancial details of the buy were not announced.

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ConnectedTravel, Universal Music Group Team On Hackathon


Los Angeles-based ConnectedTravel , a developer of connected vehicle applications and services, says it has teamed up with Universal Music Group , for a new hackathon which will "imagine next-generation music experiences" for connected vehicles. connected travel universal music group hackathon software developer

Scopely Says it Now Has $400M Run Rate


Los Angeles-based mobile game developer Scopely says it now has a $400M annual revenue run rate, which it attributes to its recent foray into Star Trek-themed mobile games. scopely videogame games mobile star trek software developmentAccording to Javier Ferreira, the company's President and COO, its Star Trek title, Star Trek: Fleet Command resulted in an 80 percent jump in its revenues last year. Scopely says it now has 260 employees.

Report: Clearlake Capital Seeks To Sell Perforce


Santa Monica-based private equity investor Clearlake Capital is hoping to sell one of its portfolio companies, Perforce Software , for around $2 billion, according to a report from Bloomberg over the weekend. Perforce is a developer of source control software, which is used by software engineering teams to manage software source code and software releases.

Kutcher, Oseary Back Gigster Next To Michael Jordan


Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary 's Sound Ventures, which is based in Los Angeles, has made an investment in the Series B funding round for San Francisco-based software development provider Gigster , in a round that also included basketball legend Michael Jordan. Gigster's says it has developed a series of tools that use automation and artificial intelligence to make the traditionally complex process of software development more efficient and reliable. Links With DigitalOcean


Los Angeles- and London-based , a developer of artificial intelligence software aimed at creating software for SMBs, said today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with DigitalOcean, a provider of cloud services for the development community. According to the company, the partnership will help SMBs build affordable, custom software. engineerai digitalocean software development strategic partnership

AppOnboard Signs Customers For Mobile App Demo Technology


Los Angeles-based AppOnboard , the developer of mobile app demo technology led by Jonathan Zweig, says that it now has such app developers as FoxNext Games, Game Insight, Superheart Studios, Jam City, Huuuge Games, and Simple Habit using its tools. According to the startup, those cutomers are some of the developers who are using its tools to enable Google Play Instant apps via its "App Store Demos" product, which it launched in August.

Green Dot Opens Development Center In Shanghai


Pasadena-based Green Dot , the provider of prepaid Mastercard and mobile banking services, said today that it has opened up a new office in Shanghai, China, which will provide engineering and software development resources to the company. According to Green Dot, it officially opened up Green Dot Shanghai Software Technology Co. green gdot software development outsourcing overseas jobs engineering employment finance fintech prepaid mastercard banking

Parasoft Opens Up Tools To Open Source Developers


In a bid to gain better market share among developer, Monrovia, California-based Parasoft announced Tuesday that it will begin giving out free access to its entire suit of test automation software to open source developers. Parasoft develops testing automation software, typically used by enterprises to automate testing of their development efforts. parasoft open source software development tools developer automation testing

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TeleSign Rolls Out New SDK


Los Angeles-based TeleSign , which provides two-factor phone- and mobile-based identity verification systems for many major Internet services, has rolled out a new software development kit (SDK). TeleSign said its TeleSign Auto Verify SDK helps mobile app developers streamline the account verification process, without the need for one time passcodes. telesign phone mobile software development account verification

Robocalls Crowd Out Real Business Calls. This Startup Has an Answer.


The ways in which robocallers try to dupe us are becoming almost as plentiful as the frequency of the calls. An unknown phone number was once all scammers needed to trick the average person into picking up the call.

DivShot Acquired By Google


Los Angeles-based Divshot , which had offered up hosting of static web pages for web developers, has been acquired by Google , and will join Gogole's Firebase software development team. divshot merger acquisition google firebase software developers hostingFinancial terms of the buy were not disclosed. Divshot says it will shut down all of its products and services as of Monday, December 14th, 2015.

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Hackathon Seeks Apps For Cats


Are you a cat lover, and an iPad app developer? Hackathons generally pit software developers against a theme, to earn prizes; recent hackathons in the local area include one on a real time communications protocol, movies , not texting while driving , and startups. As strange as developing videogames for your cat might seem, it's not the first hackathon here to focus on pets: there was one in November around interactive tools for engaging with pets , also at Amplify.

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