Cloud Computing

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012 -- Cloud Computing: What entrepreneurs should know to reap the benefits of Cloud Computing. The "Cloud" is always-available software and services, delivered to any device on the Internet. Consumers are using the Cloud even if they don't know it.TechBiz Connection has assembled an expert panel that will discuss the pros and cons of Cloud Computing for entrepreneurs and business leaders to.

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Cloud Computing

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, September 24, 2009 -- "Cloud Computing - Balancing Risk and Benefit" TechExecs Los Angeles CIO Panel Forum. Panel: Phil Dixon, VP Engineering, Shopzilla; Alex Godelman, VP Technology, Gorilla Nation; Veronica Caban, Dir Server Ops, Universal Music Group; Brian Wood, Infrastructure Engineering, Jet Propulsion Labs. See [link] (more

3Tera Upgrades Cloud Computing Software


Aliso Viejo-based 3Tera , a developer of cloud computing software and services, announced Thursday that the firm has upgraded its AppLogic cloud computing platform. Tags: 3tera cloud computing applications According to the firm, the updated platform includes automated diagnostics and self-healing features, including ability to monitor and detect hard drives issues; automatic volume repair; improved server isolation; and soft restarts of the system.

Cloud Computing

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 -- Cloud Computing : Impact on Business and Architecture. Come for a discussion on how Cloud Computing can be leveraged to create a new class of solutions that are more connected, dynamic, and can allow business to drive cost down, yet enable unlimited potential services. Cloud computing is a disruptive force that has the potential to change everything, but how do we take advantage of it?

Amazon to Team With L.A. Community Colleges for Cloud Computing Certificate Program

L.A. Business Journal

9 that it will collaborate with the California Cloud Workforce Project (CA Cloud) and 19 community colleges in Los Angeles County to offer a regional cloud computing certificate. Inc.’s s Amazon Web Services announced Aug. To date, this is the first program of its kind created by Amazon and local colleges

Cloud Computing

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Thursday, October 30, 2008 -- Cloud Computing. In our October 2008 meeting our topic of discussion is "Cloud Computing" with special guest speaker Damon Young, Sales Director of, during this meetup we will briefly cover what cloud computing is and how the hosting industry is currently monetizing such a solution. LA Web Hosting Group Meetup.

Eucalyptus Joins In Cloud Computing Alliance


Santa Barbara-based cloud computing software provider Eucalyptus Systems is one of three firms which says they have created a new group focused on bringing self-service, private and hybrid clouds to the enterprise. According to newScale , rPath , and Eucalyptus , the three have created a new coalition called the "NRE" alliance, which will promote the firms' integrated technology platform for the cloud computing market.

Cloud Computing De-mystified

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 -- Cloud Computing De-mystified. SDSIC. Co-Location has been the method of choice for most software companies delivering software solutions as a Service (SaaS). However, recent technical and economic shifts have allowed many software companies to dramatically increase cash flow by reducing or eliminating hardware infrastructure and personnel investments by leveraging an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model.

Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, March 24, 2011 -- OCTANe Innovation Series - Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing. Cloud computing, mobile applications, and high-powered mobile devices are three of the top technologies of 2011. These technologies are also changing how business gets done. This means big opportunities for new markets, new efficiencies, and new business models. However, there will also be challenges in security, infrastructure, and incumbent business models.

Four of Southern California's Cloud Computing Startups


One of the most active areas of interest and growth in the technology industry today is cloud computing--the use of computing resources on the Internet, to accomplish tasks that normally would have taken a server farm or local systems. Among the more successful firms here have in the cloud computing space been Irvine-based 3Tera , which was recently acquired by CA. The firm is looking to allow users to play "games in the cloud".

Startups Needed For Cloud Computing Gray Areas

Startup Professionals Musings

Cloud computing is still all the rage in the business world these days. A typical definition (from Wikipedia) is that “cloud computing, is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like a public utility.” Now you can pay for a metered service delivering compute power, data, and storage, based on your business demand, through the Internet.

eDiscovery and Cloud Computing.

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, January 22, 2009 -- "eDiscovery and Cloud Computing" CTC. Not quite historic as the inauguration, but still ground-breaking -- together we'll Demystify 2 Pertinent Topics: eDiscovery and Cloud Computing. In addition to weighing the facts and engaging the Cloud Computing experts - you'll also hear "Tales from a White Collar Crime Investigator" from someone who examined high-profile matters related to Enron, The Hells' Angels and the Iran Contra scandal.

RightScale Gets $25M For Cloud Computing Software


Santa Barbara-based RightScale , a developer of cloud computing management software, announced this morning that it has raised $25M in a new round of funding. RightScale's software allows enterprises to manage deployment of both public and private clouds. Tags: private management software capital venture computing cloud rightscale

TMP Talks: Michael Crandell on Cloud Computing


Below is a talk on Cloud Computing from the University of California Santa Barbara’s Technology Management Program, by Michael Crandell. I think you will be surprised by what the CEO of this industry-leading cloud computing has to say about the future of the Cloud. Crandell is a frequent speaker at cloud computing industry conferences, and he has played a major role in helping establish and promote openness and transparency in the cloud market.

Mutli-Cloud: The Future of Cloud Computing?

Tech Zulu Event

The hype surrounding cloud computing is not easily dismissed, especially considering how many businesses are adopting it for their operations. The benefits of the cloud are by now well-documented, helping companies become more productive, reach news levels of capabilities, and save on costs in the long run. All of these advantages are impressive enough on their own, and cloud adoption levels reflect how much faith businesses are putting in the technology.

Cloud Computing is Not All Sunshine Yet

Startup Professionals Musings

Cloud computing is all the rage in the startup world these days. A typical definition (from Wikipedia) is that “cloud computing, is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like a public utility.” Now you can pay for a metered service delivering compute power, data, and storage, based on your business demand, through the Internet.

Cloud Computing ?? What Can Cloud Do for You?

SoCal Tech Calendar

Cloud Computing  What Can Cloud Do for You? Hear our impressive panel of experts share their insight on the benefits and risks of using cloud computing in the workplace. Despite huge advances in computing power, the world's IT infrastructure is overwhelmed by increasingly complex and huge amounts of data. So, along came "cloud computing" where processing, storage, networking and applications are accessed as services over networks, public and private.

Caylent Connects With $16M


Irvine-based cloud computing services provider Caylent has raised $16M in a growth equity investment round, the company said on Monday. The company offers up "container orchestration" software, which is used to deploy software into clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). caylent venture capital cloud computing equity growth container

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Airset: Your Own Personal Cloud Computer

Tech Zulu Event

Airset gives you your own Personal Cloud Computer and the ability to add groups of Cloud Computers to your Cloud Network. Each cloud computer has an expandable hard disk, a rich suite of web applications, and acts as a web server publishing content. People can be invited to join a Group Cloud Computer to share files, coordinate schedules, collaborate on documents, participate in online discussions and conference real-time via Skype.

Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) $160 Billion Market Opportunity

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 -- Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) $160 Billion Market Opportunity. Cloud computing is estimated to be a $160 billion market opportunity by 2011 (Merrill Lynch). software as a service", "SaaS" or "on-demand") is a popular way to access, use and pay for business support software and provides a viable business model in this emerging field of cloud computing.

AWS updates its edge computing solutions with new hardware and Local Zones

TechCrunch LA

AWS today closed out its first re:Invent keynote with a focus on edge computing. These appliances are fully managed by AWS and offer 64 cores of compute, 128GB of memory and 4TB of local NVMe storage. Because of this, AWS focused on cloud services over hybrid capabilities early on.

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LA’s Replicated looks to increase R&D and hiring for its operations management software after raising $25 million

TechCrunch LA

This is a market change made possible by the convergence of cloud native computing and Kubernetes.”. TC cloud computing Flatfile Los Angeles plexo capital Software two sigma ventures uipath

Why Has Seed Investing Declined? And What Does this Mean for the Future?

Both Sides of the Table

technology vc venture-capital tech cloud-computingSeed investments are down by any measure (funds, deals, dollars) over the past 3 years in deals < $1 million AND in deals between $1–5 million. What gives? Over the past month a colleague ( Chang Xu ) and I sifted through data on the venture capital industry (as we do every year) and made a bunch of calls to VCs and LPs to confirm our hypotheses.

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Big tech companies are looking at Hollywood as the next stage in their play for the cloud

TechCrunch LA

This week, both Microsoft and Google made moves to woo Hollywood to their cloud computing platforms in the latest act of the unfolding drama over who will win the multi-billion dollar business of the entertainment industry as it moves to the cloud. Google raised the curtain with a splashy announcement that they’d be setting up their fifth cloud region in the U.S.

Grocery startup Mercato spilled years of data, but didn’t tell its customers

TechCrunch LA

A person with knowledge of the incident told TechCrunch that the incident happened in January after one of the company’s cloud storage buckets, hosted on Amazon’s cloud, was left open and unprotected.

Esri Partners With Alibaba On Cloud Efforts


Redlands-based Esri , the developer of geographical information systems (GIS) software and related products, has inked a collaborative agreement with Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group , via Alibaba's cloud computing arm, Alibaba Cloud. According to the two, the deal will help customers who are seeking to implement Esri technology on Alibaba Cloud. esri alibaba china cloud computing geographical mapping data international

Technology infrastructure launchpad The Fabric raises $15 million

TechCrunch LA

Finance Fundings & Exits ambient intelligence california Cisco cloud computing computing Internet of Things Los Angeles march capital partners Perspica santa monica The Fabric VeloCloud venture capital Verizon Ventures vmwareThe Fabric, an early-stage investment company developing new infrastructure technologies, has raised $15 million for its third investment vehicle. Announced at the Montgomery Summit in Santa Monica, Calif.,

Google partners with Sony Pictures Imageworks to launch an open source VFX render manager

TechCrunch LA

OpenCue doesn’t handle any of the actual rendering processes but it provides all the tools to break down those different steps and then schedule and manage the different rendering jobs across large rendering farms, both local and in the cloud. Google, of course, is interested in bringing these workloads to its cloud and it has made a concerted effort to bring the Hollywood studios to its Cloud Platform.

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Los Angeles-based Open Raven raises $15 million from KPCB for its security tech to secure hybrid clouds

TechCrunch LA

Investors’ confidence in Open Raven’s potential stems from the simple fact that a majority of all databases will be accessed from a cloud platform within the next two years , according to data from Gartner Inc.

Zumasys Gets $7.5M Credit Facility


Irvine-based cloud computing provider Zumasys has received $7.5M zumasys credit facility cloud computing lineofcredit venture capital debtin a credit facility from lender Avidbank Specialty Finance. According to Avidbank, Zumasys has received a working capital line of credit and term debt that will be used to refinance existing debt and provide ongoing working capital. Terms on that new credit facility were not announced. READ MORE>>.

Google Cloud opens its Las Vegas region

TechCrunch LA

Google Cloud today announced the official opening of its Las Vegas data center region. With this, Google Cloud now operates four regions in the western U.S., with Las Vegas complementing Google Cloud’s existing data centers in Los Angeles, Calif.;

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DreamHost Launches OpenStack Cloud


Los Angeles-based web hosting provider DreamHost has expanded into the cloud computing services market, saying this morning that it has launched a new OpenStack-based cloud computing platform called DreamCompute. DreamHost said that DreamCompute will provide compute instances from 1GB to 64GB, and also will use the open source, distributed storage software from its spinoff, Ceph. Pricing on its new cloud based service was not disclosed.

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Canada’s newest unicorn: Clio raises $110M at a $1.6B valuation for legal tech


Clio , a software company that helps law practices run more efficiently with its cloud-based technology, announced Tuesday it has raised a $110 million Series E round co-led by T.

RightScale Expands In Australia


Santa Barbara-based cloud computing software developer RightScale has expanded into Australia, the firm said last week. RightScale is a provider of software used to manage the configuration, monitoring, and other aspects of both private and public cloud computing. rightscale australia cloud computing international software

Gores Group Buys Astadia


Los Angeles-based private equity firm The Gores Group has acquired cloud computing consulting and systems integrator Astadia , Gores said Monday. Astadia serves enterprise customers, helping them build cloud-based software; the firm says it has 2,600 clients using its services. astadia gores group merger acquisition private equity cloud computing consulting systems integrator

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Metacloud Adds Virtual Extensible LAN Support


Pasadena-based Metacloud , the provider of OpenStack-based private cloud deployment services, said it has begun supporting what is called Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) networking support. According to Metacloud, the move eliminates the typical scalability problems found in large cloud computing environments. metacloud vxlan virtual extensible scalability cloud computing private openstack

Google Cloud’s LA region goes online

TechCrunch LA

Google Cloud’s new region in Los Angeles is now online, the company announced today. This isn’t exactly a surprise, given that Google had previously announced a July launch for the region, but it’s a big step for Google, which now boasts five cloud regions in the United States. region and, while it was slow to expand its physical cloud footprint, the company now features 17 regions around the world.

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Morphlabs Signs Colocation Firm


Manhattan Beach-based Morphlabs , the developer of cloud deployment products, announced this morning that it has partnered with Telx , a colocation and interconnection provider, to enable a hosted private cloud product. Morphlabs' products are used by data center and hosting providers to deploy and manage cloud computing instances. morphlabs morph open source cloud computing deployment software colocation

Amplify Partners With Cloud Provider Joyent


Amplify , the startup accelerator program being run by Paul Bricault in Venice Beach, has tied with a cloud computing provider, Joyent , the two said this morning. The two said they are in a partnership, where Joyent will provide free cloud computing resources and marketing services to Amplify's portfolio companies. Joyent's cloud services are used by companies such as LinkedIn, TaskRabbit, Kabam, Voxer, ModCloth, and others.

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Putting the band back together, ExactTarget execs reunite to launch MetaCX

TechCrunch LA

The former President of ExactTarget and later chief executive of Salesforce Marketing Cloud has made billions of dollars building products to help support customer service and now he’s back at it again with his latest venture MetaCX. Scott McCorkle has spent most of his professional career thinking about business to business software and how to improve it for a company’s customers.

Eucalyptus Deploys In India With Ingram Micro


Santa Barbara-based cloud computing software developer Eucalyptus Systems is deploying its software to India, the firm said this week, via a new partnership with distributor Ingram Micro. Eucalpytus, which develops cloud computing software to help companies deploy their applications to Amazon Web Services and other clouds, said that Ingram Micro will offer up its software to its value added resellers in India.

AlwaysAI Adds $4M to Bring Deep Learning to Embedded ‘Edge’ Devices


Using algorithms to analyze those images on the devices, in turn, generally takes loads of computing power and energy—sometimes more than is feasible. Many of our devices, from wearables to medical instruments to drones, can capture reams of images.