Web Designers vs. Web Developers


Funny graphic by @shanesnow that captures the difference between web designers vs. web developers: Like the issue of Startup CTO or Developer , often startup founders who are less technical have this same question. Do I need a designer or a developer?

Selecting a Web Development Company


I''ve written before about finding Web Development Firms in Los Angeles. I just got an email asking about exactly this: I''m with a new company that needs some software built, but doesn''t need (or have the resources for) a large staff of software developers.

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Los Angeles Web Developer


He was struggling to find high quality developers in Los Angeles. Just the kind of person I like to meet. :) But I was a bit surprised when he emphasized how hard it had been for them to find a web developer in Los Angeles. My flippant comment was, “If you do a Google search for Los Angeles web developer, you’ll find a LOT of people and firms.” Web design typically refers to the process of interface design and graphic design.

Hackathon Targets Orange County Web Developers


In one of the newest "hackathons" to hit Southern California, a group of companies are looking to draw Orange County software developers to a new hackathon, geared around WebRTC, the open "Web Real Time Communications" framework aimed at helping developers create voice and video chat applications. hackathon anymeeting webrtc realtime software developer contest saas tokbox influxis

Aspiring LA Web Developer's Dream To Go To Coding Camp, Pay It Forward


What do you do if you''d like to become a web developer, but can''t afford to pay for the courses to learn those skills? alexander developer coding camp indiegogo crowdfunding scholarship minority

StockTwits Ties With Investor Relations Web Developer


San Diego-based StockTwits , the online, finance-focused messaging service, said today that it has partnered with Q4 Web Systems , a developer of corporate websites and social media products for public companies. stocktwits investor relations website developer software micromessaging

lynda.com Targets Web Development Skills With New Courses


Carpinteria-based online education provider lynda.com said late Friday that it is expanding out its library of courses, with a new set of programming courses aimed at accelerating web development. lynda development courses learning class education Accrding to lynda.com, it has launched a new set of courses covering everything from technology like CoffeeScript and AngulusJS, to teaching coding to children.

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Outsourcing Web Development & Businesses - Startups Uncensored #7

Jason Nazar

This month’s “Startups Uncensored” will be on “Outsourcing Web Development & Businesses”. It will be an open and frank town-hall conversation revealing the best practices and methodologies for building your web-based company through outsourcing.

Framework Benchmarks


Among the many factors to consider when choosing a web development framework, raw performance is easy to objectively measure. This machine is responsible for hosting the web application exclusively. Web servers. About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact.

IT Department and Web Teams | Who Does What Now?

Tech Zulu Event

There are various tech savvy groups of people that can assist businesses in their development, implementation and use of technology. IT Departments and Web Teams are not synonymous. Web Teams are necessary to running websites and applications.

Web 72

4 Essential Webpage Elements for Getting Site Visitors to Convert

Tech Zulu Event

Much effort and study has been expended to determine how a web site can better convert its visitors to paying customers.

Framework Benchmarks Round 16


Expect to hear more about this as the plan develops during Round 17. We also want the ever-increasing diversity of options for web development to be represented. We see a developer kicking performance worry further down the road with confidence and laughter.

Framework Benchmarks Round 9


The hardware specifications used in Round 9 were not well-optimized for the web-app use case our project exercises. If you are a web developer using C++, you win this particular bragging-rights game. The latest round of our ongoing Framework Benchmarks project is now available!

Ten of Southern California's Top Software Companies


used in a very wide range of both web and mobile services, from Foursquare, to Yelp, to LivingSocial. other developers to incorporate into their own apps. firm's CTO, Jamie MacLennan, directed the development of Microsoft's SQL Server Analysis Services, pioneering Microsoft's work in.

Framework Benchmarks Round 7


Happy Halloween fans of web development frameworks! After a several-month hiatus, Round 7 of our project measuring the performance of web application frameworks and platforms is available!

Canvassing of Art Website Yields $36 Million Deal

L.A. Business Journal

Israeli web development company Wix said last week that it had purchased popular West Hollywood-based online artist platform DeviantArt for $36 million, including $3 million in assumed debt

Framework Benchmarks Round 13


Round 13 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is here! The large filters panel on our results web site is a testament to the ever-broadening spectrum of options for web developers. What a great time to be building web apps!

Frameworks Round 1


You are viewing the first round of web application framework benchmarks. Among the many factors to consider when choosing a web development framework, raw performance is easy to objectively measure. This machine is responsible for hosting the web application exclusively.

Bridgepoint Education Buys Fullstack Academy For $50.75M


Fullstack Academy operates a web development coding bootcamp, which focuses on cybersecurity training. Bridgepoint says Fullstack Academy has over 2500 graduates of its full-time, 13-week programs and part-time 24-week cyberseurity and web development programs. bridgepoint education fullstack academy merger acquisition development coding school bootcamp

Digital LA -Tech Rehab @ Citrusbyte

SoCal Tech Calendar

Were teaming up with web development shop Citrusbyte for a FREE tech BBQ pool party for programmers, product managers, web developers, and friends at Citrusbytes web developer mansion in Encino. Saturday, June 27, 2009 -- Digital LA -Tech Rehab @ Citrusbyte. Summer's here!

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Startup Development


I’ve come to realize that I have lots of posts around startup software development scattered around in different posts. How to Work With a Contract Web Developer How To Bootstrap Your StartupThought it would be good to capture them in one spot and also include links to related posts from other sources.

BetterWorks Recruiting Effort: A LEGO Contest?


How do you find the best and brightest engineers and web developers? Santa Monica-based BetterWorks , the developer of software and services to help companies manage their fringe benefits for employees, has an interesting one: have those software developers compete to build the best, LEGO. BetterWorks said it would hold a Silicon Beach LEGO Challenge --open to only 60 software and web developers--to compete for prizes.

Pragmatism with Flavor


We build web and mobile applications, and we've been doing so for a little over fifteen years. As software developers, we're technophiles, so we enjoy these cycles and quite often find humor listening to the energy spent arguing on either side of issues. Not to downplay developer happiness. Anyone who has been around the web development block is going to tell you that they select technologies with some balance between coolness and pragmatism.

Data Scientist Team Share Lessons Learned From Competition


Interested in entrepreneurship, web development, or data science? Interested in entrepreneurship, web development, or data science? When you’re in a competition and on the spot, answering questions to industry experts can be a nerve-wrecking process.

Zesty Reinvents Itself With New Cash for Automated Web Tech


Zesty.io, a San Diego Web development firm, has raised $1.3 million in seed funding to spin out its consulting business, and focus instead on providing its core Web content management technology as a subscription-based software-as-a-service.

Web 78

MyLife Snags Siegel As Chief Product Officer


Siegel was most recently at Pictage, and also served as VP of Web Development for Rent.com, in addition to serving earlier as VP of Web Development at Stamps.com.

MyLife 141


SoCal Tech Calendar

In this mini-hackathon event, participants will use design thinking, UX design methods and web development skills in an entrepreneurial spirit to address social, economic, and environmental challenges specific to South L.A. Saturday, August 13, 2016 -- SOLA/HACK! Generaly Assembl.

Design 100

Hollywood Tech Happy Hour

SoCal Tech Calendar

A designer meets a new client, a web developer with a great internet startup. Tuesday, July 11, 2017 -- Hollywood Tech Happy Hour. Imagine if there was a place, where at one table an entrepreneur meets her next $100,000 investor. A PHP engineer meets a charismatic founder that excites him with his vision, so much so that he can picture leaving his day job for the exhilarating experience of working tirelessly for technology stock options that could be worth millions one day.

General Assembly Career Lab

SoCal Tech Calendar

Professionals at all experience levels can explore new paths to success in the competitive fields of web development, data, user experience design, and digital marketing. Saturday, June 10, 2017 -- General Assembly Career Lab. Start or advance your career in today’s top tech fields at General Assembly LA's Career Lab.

Fairway Technologies Buys IT Strategists


IT Strategists was founded by Frank Bell, and had focused on data warehousing, big data development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and web development. San Diego-based Fairway Technologies , a provider of consulting services in the IT area, said it has acquired Los Angeles-based IT Strategists , a provider of big data and data-driven IT consulting. Financial terms of the acquisition were not announced.

Programs in NYC and LA prepare autistic students to excel in tech careers

StartUp Beat

Founded by Beth Rosenberg, the mother of a teen on the autism spectrum, the organization offers classes on tech skills like graphic design, video editing, and game development to students ages 7-20. Features Autism coding development skills

Sponsor Post: Southern California technology firms are hiring!


Check out some of the recent positions posted to socalTECH's Job Board in recent days: Senior PHP Developer , Los Angeles, Oversee.net. Web Application Developer , Irvine, GrowMetrix. Web Developer , Calabasas, lynda.com, Inc. Web UX Designer , Carpinteria, lynda.com, inc. Senior Web Developer Software Engineer , Santa Monica, Cars.com. Who says there aren't jobs out there? The high tech industry in Southern California is hiring.

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Hiring Developers Before Product/Market Fit?


And in most cases they are not ready to hire developers either. Instead, what they should be considering is how to bridge the Startup Founder Developer Gap and exactly what they need in terms of Startup CTO or Developer.

DivShot Acquired By Google


Los Angeles-based Divshot , which had offered up hosting of static web pages for web developers, has been acquired by Google , and will join Gogole's Firebase software development team. divshot merger acquisition google firebase software developers hostingFinancial terms of the buy were not disclosed. Divshot says it will shut down all of its products and services as of Monday, December 14th, 2015.

Google 125

Taylor Freeman of UploadVR on Building a Passionate Culture for Good


Taylor returned home and dove into learning web development and design on his own. He ended up building a digital agency that did everything from custom apps and web development to branding and digital marketing.

Does Best Buy Need a Restart?

Eric Greenspan

Imagine entering the store and joining a discussion or class on Photoshop, web development or replacing a hard disk. I continue to be fascinated with Best Buy. I am an absolute believer that this organization can rebuild its brand and re-establish a cult like following.

Hackathon SD

SoCal Tech Calendar

Hackathon SD will bring together creative software developers, web developers and designers from across Southern California to work collaboratively on projects of their choosing in a 23-hour marathon of creativity and cooperative development. Saturday, February 19, 2011 -- Hackathon SD.

Hackathon SD

SoCal Tech Calendar

Hackathon SD will bring together creative software developers, web developers and designers from across Southern California to work collaboratively on projects of their choosing in a 23-hour marathon of creativity and cooperative development. Friday, February 18, 2011 -- Hackathon SD.

General Assembly LA | $2,000 Lights, Camera, Code Scholarship

Tech Zulu Event

Startup enablers and Silicon Beach hubs General Assembly, Cross Campus, Launchpad LA, and LAVA have teamed up to provide five $2,000 scholarships to General Assembly’s 12 -week Web Development Immersive Program. web developer.

Initial Conversation with a CTO or Technical Advisor


Maybe you are going for a reality check on your current situation - wondering if you have a Weak Development Team or a Startup Founder Developer Gap. Maybe you have questions about the types of developers you need and even whether you need a Startup CTO or Developer or both.

CTO 248

NetDNA Connects CDN To Web Apps, Services


Los Angeles-based content delivery network (CDN) provider NetDNA is making it easier for web application developers to use its CDN services, saying Monday that it has launched a new service to embed web acceleration capabilities into their web services and applications. The company said its new NetDNA Acceleration Platform gives web developers ability to control CDN provisioning--either as a way to resell CDN services, or to help boost their site performance.

Web 142

Ziptask Takes On Project Outsourcing


The startup--led by Shawn Livermore--said its experts are aiming at helping oversee projects in the ares of IT, application and web development, e-commerce and design, and other areas. Can you outsource your outsourcing? Anaheim-based Ziptask said today that it has launched a new, online platform which helps offload the management of freelancers and outsourcing, helping businesses via an online, dedicated virtual project manager.

How Milwaukee’s Tech Ecosystem Found Their Sweet Spot


After graduating with a degree in advertising and design, I started a web development consultancy, where I oversaw user experience, brand design, and business strategy for internet-based startups across the country.