MomentFeed Launches Local Landing Page Templates


According to MomentFeed, it has added new a new "Location Finder Templates and Widgets" product, which provides location brands and digital agencies with SEO-ready landing pages for their local locations. momentfeed landing page templates location brands mobile

Flyr Finds $1M More For Video Ad Templates, Software


Santa Monica- and Mexico-based Flyr , a startup developing video advertising templates specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad, says it has upped its funding to $6M in total for the company. The company had originally been focused on social video sharing, but now says it has working with a dozen graphic designers in Mexico, and has creaed more than 10,000 video templates ready to be customized and shared in social networks.


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Framework Benchmarks


Why doesnt your test include more substantial algorithmic work, or building an HTML response with a server-side template?" About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact. You are viewing a single entry. Please also check out the most recent entries. March 28, 2013. Framework Benchmarks. How much does your framework choice affect performance? The answer may surprise you. Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks.

Demand Media's Debuts To Power New gTLDs


Demand Media explained athat will help users create their own websites on the new gTLDs, offering up professional templates and online sites tied with the new gTLDs, such as.ARCHITECT,DENTIST,SOCIAL, and.FAN. The different templates will be tied to those different gTLDs. Demand Media said the new site will be working with different partners who are running those gTLDs to let users pick their new domains, choose a template, and to host those sites.

Demand 109

Bio Roundup: Little Rhody, More for Migraine, Opioid Bills & More


The U.S. Senate had a rare moment of agreement, overwhelmingly passing a package of opioid-related bills. Up the East Coast, life-science players in Rhode Island are working to bring different local factions together and boost the state’s economy. Across the country, a similar effort is underway in Los Angeles.

Revnue Launches Contract Authoring Software


According to the company, its new "Pre-Signature" feature helps its customers author contracts, and move towards "efficient and standardized contract templates and frameworks", according to the company. Los Angeles-based Revnue Corp. said today that it has launched a new feature for contract authoring and negotiation.

Frameworks Round 4


Additionally, we’ve added our fourth test called “Fortunes” which exercises server-side templates and collections. The new Fortunes test exercises server-side templates and collections. We’ve posted Round 4 of our ongoing project measuring the performance of many web application frameworks and platforms. As with previous rounds, the developer community has contributed several additional frameworks for Round 4, bringing the total to 57!

Are there only three types of advice?


Isn’t that a template for our managerial decision making? “Here’s the deal…” So, I occasionally read suspense novels to break up the relative monotony of constant business books. A sentence in the one I recently read caught my eye.

Esri Offers Up Free GIS Software For COVID-19 Response


According to Esri, it has created a template for public health agencies and other organizations, which it is offering up for no cost for six months. The company said its ArcGIS Hub Coronavirus Resposne template includes examples, materials, and configurations to help rapidly deploy its products for public health agencies and others.

Movio wants to make your marketing videos with generative AI

TechCrunch LA

Users will first pick from a range of templates, be it a theme for a shopping site or a trip to Japan. Generative AI is suddenly everywhere.

MobileCause Enhances Crowdfunding Software For Nonprofits


According to the company, which is venture backed by Level Equity, said its software allows for use of dynamic templates, social sharing, and other features. Los Angeles-based MobileCause , which develops fundraising and communications software for nonprofits, has rolled out an enhanced crowdfunding software product. MobileCause is led by CEO Sean MacNeill. The company raised $15M in January. READ MORE>>. mobilecause nonprofit software mobile crowdfund crowdfunding

eTailPet Finds $800K Seed Funding


eTailPet lets pet stores create their own websites, post their catalog, accept orders for in store pickup or delivery, and more, offering up a number of templates, mobile optimization, and outsource customer support. Los Angeles-based eTailPet , a new startup which helps pet store owners create online e-commerce sites, has received a round of seed funding, the company said this week.

Wix Announces Half Price Flash Sale


Best website builder for first-timers, with great looking templates. Great range of templates. After publishing with a template, you can't change to another one. Head over to and pick a template for your website.

Frameworks Round 1


Why doesn''t your test include more substantial algorithmic work, or building an HTML response with a server-side template?" You are viewing the first round of web application framework benchmarks. We have since posted a second round and third round that each include community-contributed updates. Check out the new stand-alone framework benchmarks site if you are interested in the latest and most accurate data. We have left this first round intact as a historical record.

Mangling JSON numbers


We can no longer write Mustache or Handlebars templates like this: {{! If we have a long (64-bit integer) that we serialize into JSON, we might be in trouble if JavaScript consumes that JSON. JavaScript has the equivalent of double (64-bit floating point) for its numbers, and double cannot represent the same set of numbers as long. If we are not careful, our long is mangled in transit. Consider 2 53 + 1. We can store that number in a long but not a double.

CapLinked Adds Startup Funding Docs


Manhattan Beach-based CapLinked , the developer of a software-as-a-service tool for managing venture capital and angel fundraising efforts for companies, said today that it has launched a free library of document templates covering the startup process. The firm said the templates provide a start to such things as incorporating, conducting good corporate governance, and raising capital.

Doc 152

Framework Benchmarks Round 13


There is room to improve on our other more complex tests such as JSON serialization and Fortunes (which exercises database connectivity, data structures, encoding of unsafe text, and templating). Round 13 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is here! The project now features 230 framework implementations (of our JSON serialization test) and includes new entrants on platforms as diverse as Kotlin and Qt. Yes, that Qt.

Cirrus Insight Launches New App For Salesforce


Cirris said its new app, called Cirrus Analytics, is aimed at helping such things as how many events with prospects a sales team had last week; what leads came from Gmail; how effective Salesforce email templates are; and more. Irvine-based Cirrus Insight , which develops apps which connect Salesforce with Gmail and other Google apps, has launched a new app, which it says helps companies monitor adoption of Salesforce, customer engagement, and email effectiveness.

eTailPet Finds Seed Funding


eTailPet lets pet stores create their own websites, post their catalog, accept orders for in store pickup or delivery, and more, offering up a number of templates, mobile optimization, and outsource customer support. Los Angeles-based eTailPet , a new startup which helps pet store owners create online e-commerce sites, has received a round of seed funding, the company said this week. Size of the funding was not announced. The funding was led by Moonshots Capital.

Nimble Updates CRM Tools


According to the company, led by longtime CRM veteran Jon Ferrara, the updated software includes such new features as embedding within Office 365 and Google Apps; synchronizes contacts, emails, and calendars; new automatic market segmentation tools; personalized outreach emails; new templates for Gmail; and much more. Santa Monica-based social CRM software developer Nimble has rolled out a new version of its platform, which it is calling "Nimble 4.0".

Tool 131

Nimble Enhances Browser Extension


has been redesigned to help enrich leads with business details, including email and phone numbers, logging activities, sending email templates, and more. Santa Monica-based Nimble , the developer of a contact activity tracking tool for Office 365 and G Suite which is led by Jon Ferrara, says it has enhanced its browser extension for helping teams with their sales prospecting efforts. The company did not say which browsers the extension works for, but said that Nimble Prospector 2.0

GameSalad Launches Marketplace


Los Angeles- and Austin-based GameSalad , the developer of iPhone game creation software, has just updated its software, and launched a new "GameSalad Marketplace" which allows users to buy and sell artwork, audio, templates and other project assets to other users. GameSalad's software makes it easy for non-programmers to develop iPhone games, by tapping into templates and game actions.

Instantly Upgrades Offering


Other updates include new templates for targeting specific customer segments, like millennials, grocery shoppers, and others. Los Angeles-based Instantly , the provider of market research and sampling tools, said it has upgraded its offerings, adding a number of key updates to its tools. According to Instantly, it is now offering up unrestricted access to its Instantly Automated Sample tool, which lets businesses target specific consumer for their research.

Sample 125

Velocify Rolls Out New Sales Prospecting Tool


MailCaddy provides personalized emails to reach out to prospects, using email templates. Los Angeles-based Velocify , the developer of leads management and sales software, has rolled out a new tool call SalesCaddy. According to Velocify, the new tool uses social and professional networks to help its users discover and convert potential buyers. Velocify said the tool includes two features--implemented as browser plugins--SocialCaddy and MailCaddy.

Tool 116

Vitesse Targets Internet of Things


Reference designs are used by hardware designers as templates for creating their own applications. Camarillo-based Vitesse Semiconductor , which develops a range of networking semiconductors, said today that it has rolled out a new reference design specifically aimed at the Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. The company said it has rolled out new Gigabit Ethernet PHY reference designs for small form factor, IoT networking, to help power embedded networking for devices.

iRise Targets Ecommerce Sites


El Segundo-based iRise, a maker of software for prototyping web applications and software, is targeting ecommerce retailers with a new set of templates, the firm said Wednesday. According to iRise, it has made pre-configured, business software visualization templates for the firm's products available to ecommerce retailers. The templates help online retailers work through visualization and testing of their sites, before actual coding of their web sites.

Sites 100

CodeSpark Releases New Feature For Kids' Coding Software


CodeSpark's The Foos software is a game design tool, which lets kids learn the mechanics of game design, using step-by-step templates--all designed for kids under the age of 12. Pasadena-based CodeSpark , the startup developingmes which teach kids how to code software, has released a big new product release, according to the company. The startup, led by CEO Grant Hosford, said it has added a new feature called "Foo Studio", which lets kids make and share games with others.

NationBuilder Adds Mac Editing Support


The company said over the weekend that it has launched a new Mac app, which helps designers synchronize their templates with the Mac. Los Angeles-based NationBuilder , the operator of the online service to help manage political campaigns, nonprofits, government organizations, and business outreach, has bolstered its support for the Mac.

Look for your strategic buyer first.


Many large companies have a preferred template from which their deal teams rarely stray. Dave’s note: John Huston is founder and past manager of the 300+ member Ohio TechAngel Funds and a past Chairman of both the Angel Capital Association and the Angel Resource Institute. . By John Huston.

What Startup Advisors Do I Need?


I recommend looking at the Founder’s Institute Founder Advisor Standard Template (FAST) Agreement as a template for this relationship. Bob Dorf just published a post Where are the Hackers? Solving the Founder-Tech Gap that came out of some fun conversations that Bob and I have been having. A large part of this conversation is what kinds of advisors startups should be looking for. A little while ago, I suggested that Every Web/Mobile Startup Should Have a Technical Advisor.

CTO 210

5 Marketing Software Tools Every Business Should Have

Inverted Software

Leadpages comes with 130+ free, mobile-responsive landing page templates for every industry. In today’s connected world, businesses are focusing on acquiring and retaining customers using a wide array of tools. At Inverted Software we have gathers the top 5 marketing software tools we think every business should utilize in order to effectively reach customers while keeping time effort in check. Here is our list: Hootsuite.

PPC 43

Wix Can Now Integrate with Google My Business


Between the beautiful templates, extensive integrations, and great prices ( like regular 50% discounts ), Wix represents the best of the best if you need a business website. Getting your website noticed by local customers just got a whole lot easier for Wix users.

Google 127

Avery, In Partnership


The service matches up Avery''s various label formats with pre-filled templates which include First Class, USPS postage via Brea-based label and packaging products firm Avery and Los Angeles electronic postage provider announced this morning that the two have launched a new electronic postage service for the Avery Design & Print Online service.

The three types of advice


Isn’t that a template for our managerial decision making? So I occasionally read suspense novels to break up the relative monotony of constant business books. A sentence in the one I am currently reading caught my eye. There are three types of advice,” the wise White House Senior Counsel to the President told the young White House attorney. He referred to the three as legal advice, moral advice and political advice. Remember that this was a book about politics.

Bio Roundup: Trump’s Rx Silence, PCSK9 News, Amgen’s Migraines & More


Speculation swirled this week around the incoming U.S. president’s intent to make good on his angry campaign rhetoric on drug prices, while the Associated Press reported that naming-and-shaming—that is, Congress hauling executives into hearings and penning angry letters—certainly hasn’t done the trick.

News 50

PromoJam Debuts New Visual Social Promotions Tool


PromoJam''s tools are aimed at helping users build social promotions without requiring coding or a graphic designer, via templates and easy-to-use tools. Los Angeles-based social promotions software developer PromoJam has rolled out a brand new tool today, a new visual social marketing product called Promotion Builder and DIY Visual Editor.

Tool 152

Illumina Files Another Patent Suit Against Complete Genomics


8,192,930, entitled "Method for Sequencing a Polynucleotide Template." San Diego-based Illumina , the developer of scientific and life science tools and equipment, said this morning that it has filed another, patent infringement suit against Complete Genomics. Illumina said that it filed a patent in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. The firm says that Complete Genomics has infringed on its patent, U.S. Patent No.

Docstoc's Expands To DBAs


License123 is among a growing stable of services aimed at entrepreneurs and small business provided by DocStoc, which is headed by Jason Nazar; DocStoc now provides everything from business forms and templates, to business education courses, along with other related products. , the online site run by Santa Monica's Docstoc which helps businesses file for business licenses, has expanded its services to DBA forms, the company said today.

6 Mindsets That Separate the Most Effective Leaders

Startup Professionals Musings

You as the leader need only to set the template and the tempo, like conducting an orchestra, and demand and reward disciplined execution of tasks that only the team can do. I’m sure you will agree that not all business leaders are created equal, starting from the CEO on down.

Covario Targets Mobile Web Sites


The firm said the software can take an advertiser's existing website content, and place it into a template for all major mobile devices, including the BlackBerry and Apple iPhone. San Diego-based Covario , a developer of search engine marketing and search engine optimization software, said today that it has launched a new product focused on creating mobile web sites. According to the firm, its new product--Mobile COntent Optimizer--helps advertisers create mobile-friendly web sites.

Sites 136

GameSalad Updates iPhone Game Creation Software


Beta version of the software includes such features as better performance and reliability, support for leaderboards in games, along with new game templates. Los Angeles-based and Austin-based GameSalad , the startup developer of software that allows users to easily create iPhone games without programming, said today that it has released a new version of the firm's flagship software, GameSalad Creator. GameSalad said the 0.9.3

9 Crucial Elements Of Every New Venture Funding Pitch

Startup Professionals Musings

Of course, you can find these elements embodied in many of the business plan templates and tools out there, such as the Business Model Canvas.

PromoJam's New Social Promotion Tool Surfaces Esri Startup Effort


PromoJam's new tool helps marketers create their own social promotions, through customizable templates, automating many of the steps of creating and sending out promotions on social services like Facebook and Twitter. Among the new features of the social promotion tool released by Los Angeles-based PromoJam earlier this week: a new link to demographic data from Esri in it analytics.

Tool 177