YP Launches New Organic SEO Service


According to YP, the new product will help local businesses earn top rankings in their organic search results. yellowpages organicLos Angeles-based YP , which offers up online directories and services to help businesses get their companies online, has lauched a new offering, called ypWebsite Pro. YP runs the yellowpages.com site.

Thrive Market raises $111 million for its online organic grocery store

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Buy organic groceries online, at an affordable price. Food Fundings & Exits organic food Diets thrive market funding whole foods Los Angeles greycroft partners

Once Upon A Farm Harvests $3.1M For Organic Baby Food


San Diego-based Once Upon A Farm , a maker of "cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO" baby food, has raised $3.1M Once Upon A Farm's baby food is sourced from local, organic farms, and then minimally processed into the those ubiquitous laminated baby food pouches. once upon farm onceuponafarm baby food organic retailin a Series A funding, the company disclosed this week. The funding came from Cambridge Companies SPG, Seed 2 Growth Fund, and Harbinger Ventures.

CRISPR Organs? eGenesis Raises $38M For Pig-To-Human Transplants


Spun out of Harvard University in 2014—one of the firm’s cofounders is Harvard’s George Church, a leading geneticist—eGenesis wants to increase the supply of organs for desperate patients.

Events.com Aims To Connect Event Organizers, Consumers


San Diego-based Events.com --founded by one of the co-founders of The Active Network--is hoping to make it easier for event organizers and event goers better plan and find events, the company said this week. events.com eventscom event organizer software mobile activenetwork active network startup launch

Lytx Powers Driver Safety For Organic Food Distributor


San Diego-based driver safety systems developer Lytx said this morning that natural and organic food distributor KeHe Distributors has been using its DriveCam video safety service. According to Lytx, KeHe is using its DriveCam video safety system to help its drivers stay engaged on driving, and has been since 2013, to cover its nearly 595 drivers and 489 vehicle fleet. Lytx did not detail how much the contract with KeHe Distributors is worth to the company.

Tinder Launches Group Organization, Dating Features


Los Angeles-based Tinder said today that it has launched a new feature for its app, called Tinder Social , which will let its users plan group dates and get togethers. Tinder says its new platform is aimed at helping its users to plan their night out, letting users see who else is going out during an evening, what they are doing, and connect with other groups who have plans.

Is Your Organization Ready to Become an Ecosystem Driver?


These smaller and younger companies often have fewer legacy systems and are more willing to take a risk with their business models than larger organizations. [ This article is co-authored by Stephanie Woerner. ].

Three LA Organizations Score Funding From Google For CS Education


Three, local Los Angeles organizations -- DIY Girls , LA Maker Space , and Teens Exploring Technology (TXT), have scored nonprofit funding from Google, as part of the 2016 Google RISE Awards , according to the groups. The three are among only 28 organizations, spread across 16 countries, to receive the prestigious award.

Organic vs. Strategic Growth

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Thursday, April 7, 2011 -- Organic vs. Strategic Growth: Why, When and How? Organic growth - accomplished through growth of sales in existing product lines/services or developing new product lines/services internally. Companies typically look for growth in one of two ways. Strategic growth - a growth in sales accomplished through acquisition from third parties of new product lines/services (or a combination of both).

Organic Marketing for Startups

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Monday, January 17, 2011 -- Organic Marketing for Startups. Organic marketing, however, is a massively underleveraged and underinvested channel with powerful potential. Rand Fishkin, CEO and Co-Founder of SEOmoz, co-authored the Art of SEO from O'Reilly Media and was named on the 40 Under 40 List and 30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30, will be discussing why paying for marketing is expensive, challenging and often out of reach for many small businesses and startups.

Gates Grant Helps Sirenas Extend Hunt for Drugs From Sea Organisms


San Diego-based Sirenas , which has developed technology to rapidly isolate and synthesize potential drug compounds from marine organisms, said it has received a $775,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

HireRight Aims At Health Care Organizations


Irvine-based HireRight , the provider of background checks and drug and health screening services, has rolled out a new service specifically aimed at health care organizations. According to the company, it has expanded its medical credentialing verification services, to confirm the qualifications of physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, and other medical professionals.

RxVantage In Deal With Rheumatology Organization


Los Angeles-based healthcare technology software developer RxVantage , which is led by Jay Goss, has inked an endorsement from a organization focused on rheumatology. with the National Organization of Rheumatology Managers (NORM), which will recommend RxVantage''s software to its members. According to the company, it has entered into a strategic agreement.

Fans.lu Ties With Game Development Organization


Los Angeles-based Fans.lu , a developer of an e-commerce storefront to help game companies sell merchandise such as shirts, hats, posters, and more directly to their gamer fans, said over the weekend that it has partnered with the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). According to the two, current and future members of the IGDA will receive a discount on the initial store setup fee for Fans.lu. Fans.lu

At The Pool Redesigns Site, Rolls Out Groups For Organizations


At The Pool , the Los Angeles-based social networking site focused on helping locals meet other locals, said Wednesday that it has launched a major, new site redesign, including adding the ability for local groups to create their own "pools".

Contur Takes On Email Sorting, Organization


A new startup, Contur , launching out of the StartEngine accelerator program today, said that it has created a service which helps users organize their emails by task, projects, and more. Are you overwhelmed with too many emails in your inbox? The startup--which bills itself as a "virtual assistant for email"--said it will offer up its service to professional power users who receive more than 100 emails per day, via a Windows desktop application.

Email 109

Organize globally.


So why not organize from the start around such a strategy and hire those able to demonstrate those organizational skills? Even the smallest business can now reach throughout the globe to find resources for design, development, support and consultation. There are people and companies everywhere willing to work by the hour, providing great skill sets as needed, able to be shed when the job is complete.

Conference Organizers Suck at Name Tags

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If you agree with me, please forward this post to people organizing conferences to save us all the future hassle. Every once in a while I start to feel like I’m taking myself a bit too seriously and I have to slip in a more cheeky post. But to every jest there is some truth.

SXSW Organizes Rare Edward Snowden Interview. Then Google Ruined It.

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Organizers at SXSW and the ACLU scheduled a rare and relevant live interview with privacy advocate Edward Snowden, live streamed from an undisclosed location to a very interested audience. The post SXSW Organizes Rare Edward Snowden Interview.

Local Event Organizers Need to Adopt Social Media


Since I posted on this and since I've been using this approach for quite a while, it has become pretty obvious that part of the reason that old school organizations / event producers are not getting the value of providing this kind of list. If you are an event organizer, but you don't have a system for posting attendance, then at a minimum you should post your event on Facebook and Upcoming and link to those from your site.

Contur Getting Set To Beta Automatic Email Organizer


Los Angeles-based Contur , the email organization software developer recently launched out of StartEngine, told its users that it's getting set to release its automatic email organizer. The company's software is aimed at helping users organize their emails by task, projects, and more. The firm said that its software is now able to sort emails automatically into inboxes 80 percent of the time, and is getting set for a closed beta of the new service.

Email 100

Organizational Organization

Frank Addante

Yesterday, we announced the results from our beta launch here at the Rubicon Project. read announcement here) Our original plan was to launch our beta in January of 2008. We hoped to get 500 websites signed up between January and April of next year. We launched early, on October 8, and in the very first day over 500 website publishers signed up. In the first month, we had over 1100 sign ups

Organizational Organization

Frank Addante

Yesterday, we announced the results from our beta launch here at the Rubicon Project. read announcement here). Our original plan was to launch our beta in January of 2008. We hoped to get 500 websites signed up between January and April of next year. We launched early, on October 8, and in the very first day over 500 website publishers signed up. In the first month, we had over 1100 sign

The Doctor is In! How to X-Ray Your Organization

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How to X-Ray Your Organization. An X-ray of an organization is a look inside to see what is working, what is not and/or what is missing that should be there. Learn how to utilize new tools and techniques to X-ray your organization at this interactive, participant-driven program with consultant and trainer Daniel Feiman, MBA, CMC. Friday, March 2, 2012 -- The Doctor is In!

How to Engineer Tissues and Organs

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Thursday, November 13, 2008 -- "How to Engineer Tissues and Organs" Dr. Bill Tawil, UCLA Scientists are learning how to grow tissues in the lab and make customized replacement organs. See [link] (more

Transitioning to Lean-Agile: Changing the Organization

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 -- Transitioning to Lean-Agile: Changing the Organization. Adopting Lean-Agile software philosophies and development methodologies involves requires that internal organizations and roles change. Find out what drove these organizations to change the way they organized around defining, developing and delivering software and what they learned along the way. SDSIC.

5 Keys to a Customer Centric Organization

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Thursday, March 12, 2009 -- 5 Keys to a Customer Centric Organization. At this premier event, you will learn five keys to successfully structuring and implementing a customer centric strategy along with transforming your organization into a truly customer centric culture. TCOSC. Most every company claims or believes they are customer centric, but are they really?

Leading and Organization Through Major Change

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 -- "Transformation at JPL: Leading and Organization Through Major Change" AeA/LA. How did a major aerospace organization transform itself to meet the vastly different needs of the space program as it transitioned from the era of Cold War competition ($3 billion dollar robotic missions, 10 year development time) to the era of $100-300 million dollar robotic missions, 3 year development time?

Xirrus Aims At Disaster Teams, Event Organizers


Thousand Oaks-based Xirrus , a developer of Wi-Fi networking equipment, announced Monday that it has put together a portable, pre-packaged kit which is designed for deploying Wi-Fi into disaster response and temporary events.

Gaining Passion and Engagement From Your Customers and Organization

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 -- Gaining Passion and Engagement From Your Customers and Organization. Even in tough economic times, it is still tough to retain key employees - never mind maximize their contributions to the organization. Techbizconnection. They want to work for companies who's purpose is in alignment with their own. Customers no longer just buy products - they purchase the experiences from companyies who engage with them and meet their both spoken and unspoken needs.

Blisters and Basketball – How to Boost Excellent Execution in Your Organization

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If we finish five minutes late on a regular basis across our organization, doing the math, we would lose the equivalent of 23 total workdays of productivity in the business per year – that’s many millions of dollars of wasted investment, and almost a full month of opportunity cost.

Scientist.com Raises $24M for “Pharma Markets” that Outsource R&D


San Diego’s Scientist.com set out in 2006 to disrupt part of the pharmaceutical business by providing an Amazon-like approach to the business of hiring contract research organizations (CROs).