Effective Networking Starts With Empathy


We asked him about building relationships and advice for founders needing to expand their network. What is one practical tip you’d give a young entrepreneur who is just setting out to build a professional network? There is no better network builder than providing value.

How to network like a ninja


Outgoing, full of creative ideas, and certainly the best person to teach us how, here is Kim on networking… By Kim Shepherd . Networking with others you want to meet is second nature to some, but it fills others with dread. With a little planning, networking becomes easy.

Framework Benchmarks


Although we expect that the external service is itself caching the small number of rows our test consumes, the framework is not allowed to avoid the network transmission and data mapping portion of the work. About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact. You are viewing a single entry.

Frameworks Round 2


An impressive demonstration of modern hardware and networks: seven frameworks are able to provide a response with 20 individually database-sourced rows (that''s twenty round-trip conversations with a database server regardless of how you slice it) in less than 100 milliseconds on average.

Zenlayer Buys C3 Networks


Los Angeles-based Zenlayer said this week that it acquired the majority of the assets of C3 Networks , a provider of network services. Zenlayer is a provider of software defined networks and services, and is venture backed by F&G Venture and NSFOCUS. zenlayer networks merger acquisition networking colocation cloud software defined

Ixia Wins Barefoot Networks


Calabasas-based Ixia reports a win with Barefoot Networks this morning, saying that the network equipment maker has chosen its 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) test products. Barefoot Networks is using Ixia's equipment for testing its Tofino switches. Ixia said Barefoot is using its equipment to recreate real-life network traffic patterns and load to make sure their switches can perform and scale as designed.

Worst Networking Call Ever


I just got off the phone with someone who wanted my help getting networked into the Santa Barbara business community. Little did I know when the call began, that it would end up being the worst networking call in which I have ever partaken. An important aspect of effective networking is to understand how the person you are speaking with relates to other members of your network. One might think the caller was a young person who is still learning the networking game.

Jeda Networks Takes On Storage Networks


Newport Beach-based Jeda Networks , a new startup in the storage networking arena, said today that it has unveiled its technology, with the backing of U.S. jeda networks venture capital storage area network software emulex

QOS Consulting Becomes QOS Networks


Irvine-based QOS Consulting , a provider of managed services and software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), said it has renamed itself QOS Networks , to better focus its brand around its core competency. consulting networks managed services sdwanThe company, headed by CEO Frank Cittadino, said it focuses on supporting enterprise deployment of SD-WAN technology.

Twitter Networks are Different than Social Networks

Both Sides of the Table

They “don’t care what people ate for lunch.&# They’re fine on their existing social networks, which these days mostly means they’re happy with Facebook. And as a result Twitter Networks are currently different in my mind than many other social networks.

How To Network With Really Busy People


It has never been easier to network with really busy thought leaders who can have a huge impact on your career. When expanding your vitrual network, sincerity and charm make a powerful duo, just like in the real world. Other Networking Tips.

Understanding the Power of Your Human Networks

Both Sides of the Table

The critical skill is not just your immediate network but the network beyond that you can tap into if you’ve earned the right through nurturing your 1-degree relationships. Building Your Network. Either you have a well established network or you don’t.

D-Link Expands Mesh Networking Line


Fountain Valley-based D-Link said this morning that it has rolled out a new generation of its Wi-Fi mesh networking products, its Covr whole home Wi-Fi product. The new system uses what is called "mesh networking"--multiple devices which send traffic to each other--to overcome limitations in Wi-Fi coverage, whether the size of a home or barriers such as brick walls. dlink mesh networking network wifi covr wireless equipment hardware consumer

DataDirect Networks Expands In Colorado


Chatsowrth- and Santa Clara, California-based DataDirect Networks , a developer of enterprise storage systems, announced on Monday that it has opened up a new engineering facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. datadirect networks colorado springs research developmentDDN said the new facility will focus on research and development for the company.

Pray.com Finds $14M For Social Networking For Religious Communities


Westlake Village-based Pray.com , which develops social networking applications for religious communities, has raised $14M in a Series A funding, the company said this week. faith religion investment startup hub101 capital venture religious networking social prayThe funding was led by TPG Growth, and also included Science Inc. and Greylock Partners.

Ingenu Deploys M2M Network In New Orleans


San Diego-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) networking technology developer Ingenu said it has deployed its systems in New Orleans, to help support support oil & gas, logistics and transportation applications. The company, which is developing networking technology for communications with Internet-of-Things devices, said the new network reaches 240 square miles. The company did not say if there are any customers using its network in New Orleans yet.

Epic Fail: Worst Networking Call Ever


It was a rather hapless soul who was seeking my help networking within Santa Barbara''s startup community. In the fifteen minutes that we chatted, the caller made some shocking networking mistakes. It is acceptable to politely ask for something when you are networking.

ClearPath Networks Names VP


El Segundo-based ClearPath Networks , a developer of a cloud-based platform aimed at helping network, broadband, and cloud operators manage their services, has named a new VP. He also is very active in the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a group focused on software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). marketing executive management network platform networks clearpath

Maverick Gets $2.7M For Social Network for Girls


Los Angeles-based Maverick , a new startup launching a social network for girls, has raised $2.7M According to Maverick, its new social network is aimed at providing new opportunities for girls and young women to "exercise and share their creative powers" and connect with the "next generation" of leaders, innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs. smartphone capital venture inspiration female girl networking network social maverick

Veracity Industrial Networks Adds $1.5M In Funding


Aliso Viejo-based Veracity Industrial Networks , which develops secure industrial networking technology, has raised $1.5M Veracity's technology is used in such industrial networking as power plants and water treatment facilities. switch networking security cybersecurity capital venture networks industrial veracityin a Seed D funding, the company announced this morning.

PeeqSee Launches Social Networking App


Los Angeles-based PeeqSee , a new startup developing social networking and media apps, has launched an app which lets users create interactive, visual posts. peeqsee social networking media sharing androidThe startup--founded by Vacit Arat--lets users posts photos with an interactive component, which unveil additional information when users click on objects in those photos.

Social Networking

Tech Coast Venture Network

Manal Richa Social networking is not about technology or what you had for lunch. While creating a major shift in messaging and communication, social networking is literarily changing the way we look at the world. It is about building a global network while having access to instant information and exposing your message to viral growth. Keep in mind though that social networking is a two-way street. Here are few of the social networking benefits: Lead Generation.

Jeda Networks Debuts Product


Newport Beach-based software defined networking (SDN) technology developer Jeda Networks has announced its first product, the Fabric Network Controller (FNC). jeda networks storage area network software emulex ethernet fcoe data

Visible Networking


This past week has had an interesting confluence of events that's led me to conclude that I want to start doing a lot of visible networking among the tech / web crowd here in Los Angeles. I want to take you through a bit of what brought me here, because I think it will help explain what I mean by visible networking. Person 2: Very discouraging (few if any happy with their networking efforts) but not unexpected. It's likely much more time effective than in-person networking.

Mitchell International Buys Medical Consultants Network


San Diego-based Mitchell International , which provides technology and services to the insurance and collision repair industry, said today that it has acquired Medical Consultants Networks (MCN), which it says is one of the nation's largest providers of independent medical exam services in the United States. Mitchell said it will use the buy to integrate its bill review systems with a network of independent medical exam providers.

Zealot Networks Acquires AllScreen


Los Angeles-based Zealot Networks , the digital media company led by Danny Zappin, said last week that it has acquired Culver City-based AllScreen , a video syndication company. zealot networks allscreen merger acquisition digital media video syndicationFinancial terms of the buy were not disclosed. Zealot said the buy will help it with both distribution and technology. The two said AllScreen sees an average of 250 million monthly video views.

BUMP Network Raises $2.3M


San Diego-based BUMP Network , a developer of online software used by membership programs to manage registrations and partnership programs, has raised $2.3M bump network venture capital membership saas software

PacketFabric Picks Up $25M For Terabit Scale Network


Culver City-based PacketFabric , a startup working on connecting major, carrier-neutral colocation facilities with terabit-scale network technology, has raised $25M in a Series B funding, according to the company. PacketFabric said, as part of the funding, it has named Chad Milam, most recently CTO at NantWorks and Mox Networks, as its new President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). fiber fibre route routing networking network terabit colocation capital venture packetfabric

OWNZONES Media Network Names Chief Security Officer


Beverly Hills-based OWNZONES Media Network , a technology and entertainment company which provides products for the motion picture, television and digital content creation industries, says it has named Rob Hopps as Chief Security Officer (CSO), and Senior Vice President, Platform Operations. ownzones media network technology entertainment digital security officer

Ixia Partners With Endace On Secure Network Monitoring


Calabasas-based network testing equipment developer Ixia is in a technology partnership agreement with high speed network recording and playback provider Endace , the two said on Tuesday. According to the tw companies, the partnership focuses on delivering visibility into network traffic, even when that traffic is encrypted. ixia endace secure network monitoring

QuickFire Networks Acquired By Facebook


San Diego-based QuickFire Networks , a developer of technology being aimed at speeding encoding of streaming video, has been acquired by Facebook , the company announced on its website Thursday. QuickFire Networks, which was led by Craig Y.

Zealot Networks Buys ViralNova


Los Angeles-based Zealot Networks , the startup led by Danny Zappin which connects creators and influencers with brands, has acquired viral content site ViralNova. zealot networks viralnova merger acquisition viral content hollywood brands influencer creatorFinancial terms of the buy were not disclosed, but the price was reportedly around $100M.

Vubiq Networks Deploys In Seattle


Irvine-based Vubiq Networks , which develops ultra high speed networking equipment which uses unlicensed, 60 GHz spectrum, said it has deployed its products in Seattle, Washington, in a deal with Atlas Networks. vubiq networks wireless broadband seattle deployment atlast

TYT Network Surges To 6 Billion Total Views


Los Angeles-based TYT Network , the online news network behind The Young Turks, said Thursday that it has just passed up 6 billion lifetime online views. The network--known for its political coverage--has benefited from surge in views this year due to the recent presidential election. TYT Network says that the most recent, comScore numbers from December show it had more online views than CNN Politics, Politicsweekly.com, MSNBC, and Fox News Politics.

Science's SpringRole Targets Professional Networking With Blockchain


has officially launched a new company, SpringRole , which it says will use blockchain to create a new, professional reputation network. The new network looks to be taking aim at LinkedIn, currently the dominant professional networking service. Science said SpringRole is the very first, blockchain-based network incubated by Science Blockchain, which is the startup studio's new Blockchain investment fund. Los Angeles-based startup studio Science Inc.