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Startups Should Focus On Their Net Profit Score Not Potential Promoters


As crazy as this scenario sounds, it is very similar to the “scoring process” companies engage in when they track Net Promoter Scores. The higher a company’s NPS, allegedly the higher its customer satisfaction. Successful entrepreneurs hope less and shoot more.

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Are You an Entrepreneur?


Hint: He was an entrepreneur. The same is true of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is so highly valued in the Western World that some people try to convince themselves that they are an entrepreneur, when in fact they would be better off at a Big Dumb Company (“BDC”). These would-be entrepreneurs are best classified as Wantrepreneurs, as discussed in Entrepreneurial Enterviewing. Most of these instant entrepreneurs were in it for one reason – quick money.

8 Ways To Ensure That Your Website Is Winning For You

Startup Professionals Musings

Use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to help you turn visitors into raving fans. In non-conversion exit surveys, visitors often report that they need to think about it and come back later. Effective guarantees include: price-match, satisfaction, payment-deferral—even weather.