The Odd Couple: Angels and Accelerators

Steve Reich

At a recent accelerator event on the West Side, a friendly young founder told me that he had been coached by his mentor not to talk to Angel groups. As a Pasadena Angel, I wanted to be shocked, but I wasn’t. The Angel funding process can be arduous. But as a community, we have to figure out how Angels can effectively participate in the development of accelerator-based companies. To help with the capital shortage, we have to tap the Angel community.

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Ask the Angels

Pasadena Angel Members Encourage University Students Through the Angel Process. On Saturday, April 28, three Pasadena Angels joined the graduating class of Executive MBA program at the Marshall School of Business to give the students an inside view of how the Angel process works. Alfred Chung presented his company, Site Unseen, which opens up street art to anyone with a smart phone.

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We’re Asking the Wrong Questions

Ask the Angels

I recently reviewed a set of investment ready criteria published by a respected Angel Group (not the Pasadena Angels). No doubt the intention was to fund the company, establish a market position, grow market share and then somehow harvest the venture. I recall conducting a study 5 years ago when I and a colleague reviewed several hundred VC websites to ascertain the extent to which exit strategies were discussed or requested in investment proposals.

Budding Entrepreneurs at CSLA? Yes, Really!

Steve Reich

Mark asked Kevin Scanlon, Chairman of the Pasadena Angels, to critique his student’s draft business pitches, and I joined the two of them. Stay tuned–you’ll see great companies coming out of CSLA as they broaden the program.

How Yapert Puts All Your Interests In One Mobile App, With Phil Kelly


Yapert raised a funding round a few weeks ago from the Tech Coast Angels, Desert Angeles, and Pasadena Angels for its mobile apps, which consolidates news and information about your favorite interests. How did the company start?