Mon.Nov 21, 2022

7 Team Building Principles For Connected Leadership

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Most startup ideas begin in the mind of an individual, but an idea is not a business. It takes a team, with effective leadership, to build a business. Many aspiring entrepreneurs default to team leadership by domination and control.

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Bird Overstated Revenue For More Than Two Years


Santa Monica-based Bird said last week that it had overstated its revenues for more than two years, by recognizing unpaid customer rides as revenue. According to Bird, its financial reports from the first quarter of 2020 through the second quarter of 2022 should "no longer be relied upon". Bird said its systems "recorded revenue for uncollected balances following the completion of certain Rides that should not have been recorded." The announcements came after an audit by Ernst & Young LLP.

TuSimple Gets Warnings From Nasdaq


San Diego-based TuSimple, a developer of autonomous driving technology, said this morning that it has received a warning from the Nasdaq, saying that the company is not in compliance with Nasdaq Listing Rule 5250(c)(1) (the "Listing Rule"), which requires timely filing of all required periodic financial reports with the SEC. The company said the warning came as a result of its change in board of directors and CEO on November 10th.