Sherman Oaks Digital Marketing Meetup

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016 -- Sherman Oaks Digital Marketing Meetup. In this meeting we will be laying the ground work for digital marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media, PPC (pay per click) campaigns, CRM systems, and more. Introduction to the Online Marketing Group. See [link] (more

Learn About Google Adwords and PPC Campaigns

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 -- Learn About Google Adwords and PPC Campaigns. Sherman Oaks Online Marketing Meetup See [link] (more

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Interview with Dan Yomtobian, Scour


Dan Yomtobian is CEO and founder of Sherman Oaks-based Scour (, a meta-search engine which adds social features such as voting and comments to Internet search. Scour is an offshoot of a PPC advertising firm, ABCSearch, which was also founded by Dan. In 2001, I started ABCSearch, which as been in the PPC space for a number of years.

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