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App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)

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But like lemmings, every company in the market rushed to proclaim they were launching WAP versions of their products. I own an iPod Touch (not an iPhone – my house in Brentwood gets literally ZERO AT&T bars). There’s that RIM company with the Blackberry.

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But there's a high price to pay when you consider that it affects the well-being of your company culture. It's important, because a bad company culture can literally "make or break" your firm. Judy Key Johnson , former IBM executive and president/COO of Southern California technology companies. Judy is known as the “Branding Queen” for her work creating strong, effective identities for companies and product lines. Advertising, Direct and PR Agency Executives.

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Interview with Jonathan Zweig, AppOnboard


Our interview this morning is with Jonathan Zweig , the CEO of Los Angeles-based AppOnboard (, which has created software which allows mobile app developers--and in particular, mobile game developers--to create demos of those games which can be played without having to download and install those apps. They can play it, try it, see if they like it, and then the advertiser ends up paying only for very, very highly qualified users.