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7 Grants For Black-Owned Businesses to Apply For in 2024


In recent years, Black-owned businesses have grown at the fastest pace in 30 years. However, despite growing optimism, the path to success for Black entrepreneurs is still paved with systematic barriers in 2024. In addition to the regular pressures of running a business in this climate, Black business owners have to contend with discriminatory lending practices from banking institutions and racial prejudices from buyers – with a recent report revealing that 76% of Black business owners cla

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No surprises! Good advice for all of us.


First, keep your manager or board informed regularly. Most all leaders new to their position underestimate this time requirement. It is good for the company when you share concerns, threats and opportunities with your superiors or your board. The rule of “no surprises” works well for your longevity. But there are always surprises. The rule is: communicate with individuals or a committee of the whole as soon as possible when important issues or threats to the corporation arise.