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Southern California Accelerator Report Card: Q1 2013


On top was OCTANe Launchpad , the Orange County-based accerator for startups in the technology, life science, and clean technology industries. Finally, Amplify LA had a total of 9 funding events which fell into our study period.

Successful Medical Device Company Commercialization

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OCTANe. This event will present a brief case study for branding, grassroots capitalization, and launching of Tenex Health - ForbesĀ® Magazine's Most Promising medical device company of 2011 - through seed, A, and B round investments totaling $19 million. Wednesday, June 13, 2012 -- Successful Medical Device Company Commercialization Without Venture Capital.

PwC MoneyTree Report

SoCal Tech Calendar

OCTANe. The MoneyTree Report is a quarterly study of venture capital investment activity in the United States. Wednesday, June 6, 2012 -- PwC MoneyTree Report. As a collaboration between PwC and the National Venture Capital Association, based upon data from Thomson Reuters, it is the only industry-endorsed research of its kind. The MoneyTree Report is a staple of the financial community, relied upon by entrepreneurs, government policymakers and the business press worldwide.

Essentials of Company Formation

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OCTANe. Favorito will present a business case study on QuantumSphere, and you'll get to hear first-hand from Maloney about starting and growing a company. Thursday, November 6, 2008 -- So you want to start a company. Essentials of Company Formation. If you've ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur, this program is for you. Learn what it takes to start your own business.


Angel Funding Advice

Both Sides of the Table

If you can’t get product released and validated then do user studies. Join local organizations like OCTANe , TechStars or Launchpad LA. This is part of my ongoing series Pitching a VC.