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Retro: My Favorite Blog Post on Raising VC

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On December 2nd, 2006 I wrote the blog post published later in this post when I was CEO of startup Koral about my experiences in pitching VCs. After my company was acquired by I was asked to stop blogging and they took over my blog as an asset in the sale of the company. My blog was wiped out. I had kept a personal blog for more than a year and was new at keeping a professional blog. Remember, I was new to professional blogging.

Avelas Bio Raises $20M to Push Cancer-Illuminating Biologic Agent


San Diego’s Avelas Biosciences , founded in 2009 to advance a fluorescing biologic agent intended to help surgeons differentiate cancerous tissue from healthy tissue, has completed a $20 million Series C round of venture funding. and San Diego’s Avalon Ventures.

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Securing the Door: Amazon Buys Connected Doorbell Maker Ring


The two biggest acquisitions were Whole Foods last year and Zappos in 2009, according to Statista.) Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN ) has acquired smart-doorbell security system maker Ring as the company seeks to expand its home-security business.

SoftBank-led $114M Round Puts Qualcomm’s Brain Corp. on New Path


San Diego’s Brain Corp., founded in 2009 as a Qualcomm-incubated startup to develop software and computer systems that emulate the human brain, seems to have found a new path forward. SoftBank’s new Vision Fund has led a $114 million investment to advance the company’s artificial intelligence technology. Qualcomm Ventures, which previously invested about $11 million in Brain Corp.,

Tealium Adds $35M to Expand Technology, Sharpen Customer Focus


Tealium, a San-Diego startup that provides online advertising tag management and marketing services for enterprise customers, has raised $35 million in a growth financing deal intended to expand its technology and market reach. Georgian Partners and Bain Capital Ventures, the investment firms that anchored Tealium’s $30.7 Tealium also unveiled a new “executive briefing center” (pictured above) at its expanded San Diego headquarters.

Zingle Raises $3M to Expand and Improve Messaging App Technology


The funding, provided by Santa Barbara, CA-based Rincon Venture Partners and Venice, CA-based CrossCut Ventures, represents the first institutional investment for Zingle.

Ostendo Raising Funds to Advance Virtual Reality Display Technology


The financing includes both new investment funding and a conversion of debt to equity, according to a notation in the filing. Adding to the confusion, the most-recent MoneyTree Report on San Diego venture capital activity shows that Ostendo raised almost $10 million in VC funding during the second quarter. Razi, Bussel, and Dull are also on the board of Ingenu, the San Diego wireless technology company known previously as On-Ramp Wireless.

Tech Giants’ Partnership To Explore Ethics, Societal Impacts of AI


Each company is investing untold billions of dollars in developing AI technologies, betting on a future defined by computer systems that can perceive, reason, advise, and decide. We find that discussion of AI has increased sharply since 2009, and that these discussions have been consistently more optimistic than pessimistic. Horvitz says 2009 was an important year in the advancement of machine learning technologies.

Interview with Vince Bianco, Newsforce


San Diego-based Newsforce ( is a startup which is looking to take advantage of the hunger of the newspaper and media business for revenue, and has created a product which takes press releases and commercial content, and inserts them onto news sites in "sponsored content" blocks.

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Interview with Rob Farrow,


has done is give you easy access to a domain, for free, and given you enormously valuable software that you can use for free, and which allow you to use the services you've been part of, invested in developing identities on, and allows you to create and promote that identity in You recently moved the headquarters here from Hawaii, can you talk about the decision to move to San Diego? For me, I was born and raised in Hawaii, but have lived in San Diego in the past.

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This Week in VC with Farb Nivi, Founder of Grockit

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And the broader question of whether VC’s will continue to invest in the Twitter ecosystem. Discussion: Had a long chat about PicClick , a company founded by Ryan Sit in San Diego. Founded in 2009 in Los Angeles by Michelle Crames.

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Startup Grind Turns the Tables on Mark Suster

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We had a finance group for all of the bank branches based in San Diego, and I wrote programs to download stuff from the mainframe so we could do analysis three days faster than they could send us the data. I did programming for the career center at UC San Diego, trying to build programs for the career center. DEREK] So you go to UC San Diego, you graduate, you start working for Andersen at the time, which is now Accenture.

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Material Mix Monetizes the Trade of Recyclables

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28 year old Allison Carmen’s Material Mix began operations in June and she says its helping waste and recycling professionals reduce operating expenses and recover investment on inventory via a dynamic, web-based, customer regulated exchange platform with supply chain management tools.