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What is the Difference Between Retargeting, Remarketing and Loyalty Programs

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In the world of online marketing there are multiple methods to acquire more customers as well as upselling the customers you already acquired to increase your bottom line. Have you ever wondered why once you search for a certain item you now see it everywhere?

The Soft Science of Being a Part of a Team

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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” ” – Michael Jordan. You often hear the term “team player”, but what does it really mean?


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There is More to Software Than Just Making it Work

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“I hired a software development company from India. They outbide all the US based companies I contacted and offered developers at a cheap price. Two years later they are still working on my systems. The number of hours I been billed is staggering and the system is buggy and barely usable.”.

Don’t Let Misconfiguration Leave You Vulnerable to Attackers

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Configuration is an essential part of every application. Misconfiguration can happen at any level of the application stack. From code, to web and application servers, databases and frameworks. Unfortunately, in most cases you will not found out your gaps until its too late. Here are some of the most common issues our DevOps have encountered: Deployment of development configuration to production.

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Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

Opinion: Nvidia’s Business As Usual Strategy Can Cost Them Dearly

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Nvidia was recently hit with multiple class action lawsuits following this year’s cryptocurrency crash. Nvidia, if you didn’t know is the largest maker of GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit). GPUs are designed for graphics and image processing and are extremely good at math calculations, in fact, their highly parallel structure makes them more efficient than general-purpose CPUs for algorithms that process large blocks of data in parallel.

Use Those 4 Questions to Understand if Your IT Project is a Success

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At Inverted Software we pride ourselves in our unparalleled success rate, and while, according to the Standish Chaos Report 68 percent of technology projects is “improbable” meaning it failed, time and time again we keep delivering successful projects to our happy customers.

Bonus – Check for Duplicate Files with This Free Utility from Inverted Software

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If you ever wanted to free up space and wandered if you have any duplicate backed up files on your computer, or a network drive you can safely erase, here is a free utility to help you check just that and just because it’s a Wednesday, we at Inverted Software are giving it away along with a complete source code. Just unzip the installer folder and double click the setup file. Installer. Need to change the source code? Here is a complete Visual Studio solution. FindDuplicates. Enjoy!

3 Mistakes Software Developers Make That Can Cost You Your Business

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At Inverted Software we often help our clients manage offshore and onshore development teams. Our proprietary processes and unique experience helps us evaluate and correct software development practices that have proven inefficient and instill practices that insure productivity and success. Below we have compiled the 3 most common issues developers tend to generate when left unsupervised and ways to mitigate their impact: Checking code at the end of the day.

You’re Doing It Wrong: Stop Making a Mess Out of Your App’s Time Zones With UTC

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At Inverted Software we craft dozens of apps and APIs per year for our customers. One of the many challenges every client / server system face is the synchronization of time. Apps might be using multiple micro services and databases in different clouds and mobile apps might be running on different devices anywhere in the world. How can all those systems coordinate times and subsequently show the correct time to the user regardless of the time zone they currently reside in?

3 Secrets of Wildly Successful Mentors

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Listen to Inverted Software’s CEO talk about success, mentorship and the tipping point of your business in this interview with Stephen Woessner. Onward Nation with Stephen Woessner is America’s best podcast for learning how today’s top business owners Think, Act, & Achieve.

5 Essential key points That Will Help You Plan for Q1

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With this year almost at an end and the next one at our doorstep it’s time to plan for Q1. Q1 is traditionally the strongest quarter of business and hitting the ground running could set the tone for the rest of the year. At Inverted Software we advise our customers to start planning as early as Q4 in order to maximize results and prepare for the upcoming year. Here are 5 essential key points to guide you when planning for Q1: Learn and overcome last year’s mistakes.

5 Companies Millennials Avoid – And What It Means For Your Brand

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With Millennials overtaking Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation at 75.4 million vs. 74.9 million, and continue to grow, there is no denying the economic power behind the most misunderstood segment of our population. Companies are waking up to a new reality. A reality where most of the business is done online, shopping means Amazon and dinner plans mean Uber Eats.

5 Marketing Software Tools Every Business Should Have

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In today’s connected world, businesses are focusing on acquiring and retaining customers using a wide array of tools. At Inverted Software we have gathers the top 5 marketing software tools we think every business should utilize in order to effectively reach customers while keeping time effort in check. Here is our list: Hootsuite. Hootsuite helps you publish and track content by connecting to all of your social media accounts.

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