TikTok Hopes Startups Can Breathe Life Into Its Shopping Struggles


TikTok is struggling to make a dent in the world of US and European ecommerce , and has now enlisted the help of a number of startups to try and reverse that trend and bring the Live Shopping craze sweeping Asia to other markets.

Almost 25% of Laid-off Tech Workers Start Their Own Businesses


A new survey of over 4,000 laid-off tech workers has revealed that a remarkably large proportion start their own businesses shortly after being made redundant.


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Seven Tech Startups To Watch Out For In 2022


Well, another year has come and gone, and while we're yet to leave the pandemic behind, it has led to a record number of small businesses starting up. With all these businesses forming, it's possible that some future household names are finding their footing as we speak.

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Square Sellers Will Get Apple’s ‘Tap to Pay’ on iPhones This Year


Square is teaming up with Apple to enable the ‘Tap to Pay' iPhone functionality within the Square Point of Sale app. With it, customers can quickly use contactless payment, giving consumers an easier shopping experience while helping sellers use the Square system with even less friction.

Can You Ask for Office Rent Relief? How to Manage Your Lease During COVID-19

Office leases are one of companies’ largest expenses, and if your whole team is working from home with no clear end in sight, you may be wondering what to do about your lease.

Report: 33% of US Small Businesses Couldn’t Pay Their Rent Last Month


The rent crisis is getting worse, according to a new report that found a full third of all small and medium-sized businesses are behind on their rent for the month of May. That figure has risen 5% since April, and the situation's even worse in Canada, where 39% of SMBs couldn't make rent.

Why Massive Cryptocurrency Selloffs Highlight a Tech Industry Downturn


As of Thursday, the entire cryptocurrency sector has plummeted, losing $200 billion across the entire market within a day.

Tech Giants Mandate Vaccines for Return to Work


As the world slowlyachieves successful Covid vaccine rollouts, tech giants Netflix, Google, and Facebook are now seeking to keep their employees safe by imposing strict vaccine mandates within their US workplaces.

US Postal Service Launches Next-Day Shipping for Local Businesses


Do you run a small business that ships products locally? You're in luck. The US Postal Service has just launched a delivery service for you.

Etsy Is Boosting Seller Transaction Fees By 30%


Ecommerce company Etsy is hiking its transaction fees for sellers for the first time since 2018. Starting on April 11th, fees will rise from 5% to 6.5% for each sale. The decision comes after a record fourth quarter in which Etsy gained $717.1

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The First Day of the Etsy Boycott: Sellers Are Striking All Week


In February, ecommerce platform Etsy revealed that a record fourth quarter had earned them $717.1 million in revenue and added 10 million active buyers. Etsy also hiked its transaction fees by 30%, raising the costs to sellers from 5% to 6.5% on each sale. Now, those sellers are responding.

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Buy Now, Pay Later Service Affirm Is Teaming Up With Stripe


The buy now, pay later service Affirm has just landed a new partnership with popular payments company Stripe.

Celebrating the Life and Work of Tony Hsieh


By Frank Gruber and Jen Consalvo. It’s with profound sadness we mourn the loss of a true visionary, author, mentor, thought-leader, investor, and friend, Tony Hsieh. Readers may be interested to know that

Shopify Just Bought the Deliverr Shipping Network for $2.1 Billion


Ecommerce company Shopify supports small businesses with technology like ecommerce website builders and retail Point of Sale systems. Now, it's dramatically expanding capacity in another area, fulfillment, with the acquisition of Deliverr. Shopify is paying $2.1

Shopify Plots Amazon Affiliate Marketing Attack


Shopify is planning to strike a blow at Amazon by entering the affiliate marketing space. An ecommerce giant with huge clout in bricks-and-mortar store retail, too, Shopify can boast to having more than one million retailers using its platform.

Tech Startup Culture May Have Changed For Good


You know what a startup is, right? Or at least you have an idea of what a startup is like to work in? Long hours in co-working offices with CEOs fresh from university with big ideas and a lot of vague, nebulous chat about platforms.

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Amazon Has Acquired Ecommerce Startup Veeqo


Amazon could substantially expand their dominance over the ecommerce market, as the Seattle-based tech giant has announced the acquisition of Veeqo, a UK-based ecommerce startup. Everyone knows that Amazon has been pretty acquisition happy over the last few years.

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Instacart Drops Its Valuation by Almost 40%


Grocery delivery startup Instacart used to be valued at $39 billion. Now, it has dropped that valuation to just $24 billion, a drop of 38%. Instacart cites “market turbulence” and a need to attract talent as reasons why it has reassessed.

Shopify Reveals Generous New Scheme for App Developers


Shopify has announced a new scheme for all of its App Store developers. Developers will not pay any commission on the first $1 million that they make in a given year. This scheme starts on August 1st of 2021.

PayPal Pumps Up Processing Fees


PayPal has announced price hikes for some of its merchant fees. The new changes, which take effect in August, will see fees rise from 2.9% to as much as 3.49% for some PayPal Digital Payments. These changes could have big impacts on some small businesses.

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Judge Rules Gig Worker Law Proposition 22 Is Unconstitutional


A California judge has ruled that Proposition 22 violates the state's constitution. Under the less-than-a-year-old measure, gig-economy app companies like Uber and DoorDash could classify their workers as independent contractors rather than employees as they would otherwise be considered.

Wix Can Now Integrate with Google My Business


Getting your website noticed by local customers just got a whole lot easier for Wix users. The leasing website builder has announced an expanded partnership with Google to integrate Google My Business into the platform.

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Trello Redesign and New Features Launched to mark 10th Birthday


Companies all around the world use Trello to help manage projects and coordinate team tasks and responsibilities. However, 10 years after the software was first released, the kanban-based system is getting a major overhaul.

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CES 2021 Is Now Officially an All-Digital Experience


All the optimism in the world couldn't make an in-person CES 2021 happen, as the world's largest trade show has officially been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon’s Selz Acquisition is Encouraging News for Small Businesses


It's been a big week for Jeff Bezos. Not only has he become the richest man in the world again, leapfrogging a certain Mr Musk, but it has also been revealed that Amazon has quietly acquired ecommerce platform Selz.

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How the Tech Giants are Adjusting to Working From Home


The coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to embrace working from home. And for some, the transition will last much longer than others. Google has announced that its staff will work from home until at least July 2021.

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How the New Shopify-TikTok Partnership Helps Small Businesses


A just-announced partnership between the social giant TikTok and the ecommerce giant Shopify could mint a brand-new class of TikTok-friendly ecommerce stores. The two platforms are both huge in their respective markets: By connecting TikTok's audience with small businesses online everywhere, this team-up could offer a lifeline to business owners amid a rocky economy. How the Partnership Works.

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Best Tips for Working from Home Effectively


The coronavirus outbreak has many businesses urgently considering their work-from-home policies. If you're soon likely to be logging on from your living room, there are some best practices for working from home that will keep your tasks efficient and your business secure.

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How One Co-Working Space is Dealing with the Pandemic


The current Covid-19 pandemic has had an epochal effect on businesses, and even the humble office space has taken a blow, with millions of us now working from home.

The New Style of Startup Vision: Smaller But Sharper?


Startup tech businesses used to land on the scene with big ideas about how their tech could change the world. Facebook, for example, decided in 2008 that its mission was to “help you connect and share with the people in your life.”

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Amazon Quietly Slashes Affiliate Rewards


Amazon has discreetly made massive changes to its affiliate rewards scheme, with huge implications for sites that have come to depend on monetizing this way.

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Wix Announces Half Price Flash Sale


Wix has announced a limited-time half price sale on its website builder plans, with a 50% off deal beginning today and ending on Wednesday. The half price sale is open to new users and anyone currently using Wix's free plan.

More Than 50 E-Scooters Pulled From Portland River


The e-scooter vandalism pandemic continues, as Portland authorities have reportedly hauled more than 50 e-scooters out of a Portland river last week. E-scooters have begun taking over US cities in recent months, with Chicago being the latest to implement the technology just last month.

Best Alternatives to the Amazon Affiliate Program


Jeff Bezos didn't get to be the world's richest man by writing a lot of checks, and one recent way to keep Amazon's profits healthy has been to cut its affiliate commissions scheme.

22 Los Angeles Startups You Need to Watch Out For


While the Bay Area hold the title of most prolific startup ecosystem , there’s no denying that California is a veritable gold mine of entrepreneurial talent. Los Angeles, for one, is not only brimming with innovative ideas, it’s also home to a wide range of unique startups that are solving the problems of the world. Everyone knows that a startup is only as good as its leadership, which is why the 22 startups listed below are helmed by some of the best and brightest in Silicon Beach.

$190 Million in Cryptocurrency Missing Due to Lost Password


Cryptocurrency is rarely out of the news, but the recent case involving Canadian currency exchange QuadrigaCX is a real show stopper. With the sudden death of its founder, Gerald Cotton, customers are owed an estimated $190 million due to a missing password only he knew. A huge amount of cryptocurrency is believed to be stored on a device that is now inaccessible, leaving customers in the dark as to what has happened to their funds.

Monzo: What do you need to know?


In June 2019, banking start-up Monzo announced its plans to launch in the US. The UK finance company has garnered a lot of attention, both online and in real life, thanks to its distinctive coral-colored cards, and its intention to make the banking process easier. But what is Monzo, exactly?

Tech.Co Has Been Acquired by Global Digital Media Business


Today, I’m excited to announce that Tech.Co has been acquired by MVF , an international publishing and tech company. MVF was founded in the UK by five friends in 2009, and has driven incredibly fast growth over the past 9 years. They opened an office in Austin, Texas and have expanded their workforce to over 400 staffers. Most importantly, we like them. They are incredibly excited about the Tech.Co brand, and have impressed us with their ability to scale businesses.

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How to Start a Podcast


2019 was the year podcasting turned into a major industry. A few high-profile acquisitions put Spotify into the running against Apple, while buzzy new startups like Luminary jumped into the pool as well.

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Lime Scooters Being Hacked in Australia


Pranksters in Brisbane, Australia, have hacked the audio files on rentable scooters owned by transportation startup Lime. At least eight scooters had their messages switched. According to local news, the scooters had their audio messages replaced with more edgy statements, although Lime has failed to see the funny side. The news follows a series of unfortunate events for scooter companies, from criticism from environmentalists to vandalism. What Has Happened to the Lime Scooters?

Study Finds Tech is Number One Industry for Workplace Drinking


Workplaces and alcohol have a long and tipsy history together, from 60s-era Mad Men culture to a co-working space hot-button topic today. It’s no secret that the tech industry is pretty drink-friendly, with a beer fridge often nestled between the ping-pong table and a snack bar on the list of attractive workplace perks. But, in recent years, we’ve started side-eyeing tech’s drinking habits.

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Gimlet Media and Anchor: What Spotify’s Acquisitions Mean for Podcasts


After a deal that just closed this week, Spotify is stretching its streaming wings beyond music and into podcasts. It reportedly paid a hefty $230 million to acquire the podcast publisher and network startup Gimlet Media, and has also acquired the podcast monetization platform Anchor for an undisclosed price. It’s the biggest podcast industry acquisition ever, and Spotify isn’t done.

Study: 17% of Tech Workers Are High on the Job


Nearly 17 percent of tech workers admit to being under the influence of marijuana while at work at some point in their careers, according to a new study. Not only that, but the number is on the rise: Either a steadily increasing number of people are getting high at work, or they’re just increasingly willing to admit it. Here’s a look at the phenomenon, along with a few educated guesses as to the reasons behind the the growth of the stoned working class. Getting High Is On the Rise.

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