Streamlining The Sports Recruiting Process with FieldLevel


That''s what Los Angeles-based FieldLevel ( has been working on, making it easier for coaches to network and exchange information on athletes. What makes it really different, is our platform empowers coaches. It''s exclusive only to verified coaches.

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Stage 32: An Education Hub For Entertainment Industry Creatives


by providing cutting-edge online education to a global population of people looking to make it in the ever-evolving entertainment industry. There’s a community feel even to our education. Jon Sperry – a highly respected dialect coach who has worked with Harvey Keitel, Sofia Vergara, and Russell Crowe – taught a Stage 32 class that was attended by members from over 40 different countries. And the ability to bring education to the world has been our intention from day one.”.

Achieve Greatness for Yourself, Become Far More Useful to Others

Eric Greenspan

When I started coaching AYSO I was confused, often bewildered. Turns out also, AYSO has much better processes and education than I had expected. ” Then I started coaching Pony baseball. That said, coaching baseball is far more work. But I loved coaching.

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What Should We Make of Peter Thiel’s “20 Under 20? Education Program?

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We need to take some risks in education and in innovation in this country so anybody that it trying to break through the traditional mold and try to create a new model ought to be lauded, not attacked. The value of a college education. I am very passionate and on record about the value of education. Education is self discovery. The challenges of a system that aims to educate all equally. I do struggle still with our college education system in the US.

Google Launching Its Own Computer Science Courses on Campuses


Early next year, twenty students will have the opportunity to study machine learning for 10 weeks with Google engineers, college professors, and coaches—free of charge. The course will then be held at four other higher education institutions in the summer.

Yes, You Can Get A Scholarship To College To Play Overwatch


The scholarship also includes access to coaches, personal trainers, and a team psychologist, according to the school. videogame game video content esports education school scholarship irvine overwatchAre you a competitive, e-sports player specializing in Overwatch , the popular title developed by Blizzard?

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Accelerators: a recent and positive trend


Accelerators are organizations that selectively accept entrepreneurs into a program of intense coaching in a physical environment sponsored by the accelerator that also provides seed funds for the startup to begin its business.

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Turn the tables: What’s an angel look like?


Several times in our angel group, one of the largest in the United States, we have queried our group as to their motives in being active, risking their money, taking their time to research, perform due diligence and then coach entrepreneurs of young companies.

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A Teachable Moment on Race

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From Mike Ditka, Hall-of-Fame coach of the Chicago Bears, in typical bullying form : “If they don’t like the country, if they don’t like our flag, get the hell out. Breaking: 76-year-old white football coach doesn’t see the atrocities going on in this country.

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codeSpark:Teaching Kids Software Coding Without Words


Like me, he was a dad, has three kids, and was a Lego Robotics coach for 7 years. These are skills that are being talked about by educators, things such as impulse control, mindfulness, and executive functions in general.

The 18-month rule and a harrowing tale


I have an industrial psychology educational background but could not count upon myself to be completely objective here, of course.). It can take 18 months from initial concern about a critical employee to getting a replacement up to speed. Of course, I’ll tell another harrowing story here.

Interview with Richard Koffler and John Morris, The Tech CEO Network


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Meet the 2017 Startups from the Disney Accelerator


The company has a majority stake in Team Liquid, a top esports team in the US and Europe with 60 pro players, coaches, and analysts competing in nine games as well as a minority stake in Super League Gaming.

AgilePalooza Los Angeles

SoCal Tech Calendar

A fun, low-cost event linking internationally recognized coaches and trainers with the local software development community, AgilePalooza is a day of collaboration, education and advancement of agile methods. Thursday, July 15, 2010 -- AgilePalooza Los Angeles. AgilePalooza is a community event presented by VersionOne.

How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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Her network from her educational institutions alone has friends in all of the top tech, media & banking institutions. She is a coach and mentor to team members. Let me start with the news that I’m excited to share with you.

Practice Entrepreneurship With A Purpose – Before You Start A Company


Who you are – your interests, experiences, education, why you are so bloody interesting. Get A Coach. Like athletes, entrepreneurs benefit greatly from a coach, in the form of a caring mentor. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.


SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, July 7, 2011 -- LA CEOs, an education and support group for CEOs presents: New Media Training. Our featured speaker LeeAundra Keany an executive communications coach. The power of a video of you speaking or your own words in a blog introducing your product, service, a key event is tremendous and every CEO should leverage it. The potential for missteps and misinterpretation is huge. A lackluster performance can seriously undermine your efforts.

This Entrepreneur Fought America’s Toughest VCs… And Won


Once The Funded was firmly established and effectively keeping venture capitalists (relatively) in check, Adeo turned his attention toward educating emerging entrepreneurs. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding: $50,000 Per Startup

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The first two years of the program focused on education & mentorship. This education will continue. We sort of think of ourselves as an “accelerator” who provides strong education & mentorship.

Open Angel Forum San Fran – Team Calacanis Raises the Bar

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ThereNow has build a platform (physical camera + software platform) to help remote coaches help improve teachers. The classroom activities are recorded and the video is appended with comments from a remote coach. Udemy is an online education platform similar to EduFire and others.

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Management Philosophy: Owners vs CEOs

Jason Nazar

But for an immigrant with limited education, he did an amazing job of piecing together the smallest of savings to start buying real estate decades ago. Owner Management. Do Whatever Needs to Be Done – We are responsible for everything. There can’t be any hubris or ego about a job too small.

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Of Course #BlackLivesMatter — How Could Anything be LESS Controversial?

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It’s not acceptable to live in a country where black families have to coach their children how to behave around the police for fear of being killed. Black lives matter. Saying it out loud is obvious. And important.

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How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

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The basic components are obvious: talented founders, great engineers, angel money, venture capital, access to larger corporates (for business, funding & talent), great education / research (for IP breakthroughs) and a sufficient ecosystem of mentors, advisors, executive coaches and mavens.

On Leadership. And Diversity of Character.

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Try managing a diverse team of people with different ages, education levels, incomes and motivations.” He wanted to play midfield this season but the coach asked him to play center defense. *. What does it mean to be a leader?

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8 Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Investors and Board

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By spending more time educating your board on your business you get more valuable advice from them. If nothing else you will create board cohesion and board education by engaging your board. Rob Bailey is the CEO of DataSift.

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Launchpad LA – More Details Revealed

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I set out some simple objectives, picked 13 startup CEO’s, planned a series of events, spent time personally trying to coach people through their fund raising processes and waited to see where it went. Today we announced Launchpad LA V2. Full press release with more details is here.

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The Benefits of Top-Down Thinking & Why it is Critical to Entrepreneurs

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He coached me that I had to start with the answers. So the real question is – do we spend more of our time and limited resources helping our channel or educating and marketing to their customers. - For the first 5 years of my career I was a “bottom up&# thinker and worker.

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

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Yes, I know it’s my job as the CEO to be the coach for people and that’s fine. This person was educated at the best US schools and had worked for a top-tier strategy consulting firm – one of the big 3. This is part of my Startup Advice series.

10 Reasons To Start A Company In An Economic Downturn


Victory usually satisfies, but it seldom educates. John Wooden, US basketball coach.

Board members must protect the coporation before themselves.


Once again, there is a need to educate board members that in conflict of interest cases, the corporation comes first. Should board members therefore withdraw and not participate in corporate planning, coaching the CEO and other issues not related to the duty of care or duty of loyalty? All other board functions are secondary. Even venture capitalists who sit on boards where they have significant investments often forget this point.

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StartupWeekend Next Teaches Teams How to Level Up

Tech Zulu Event

The program is based on a highly developed process created by entrepreneurial thought-leader and Ivy League educator Steve Blank , author of the book The Four Steps to the Epiphany.

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The 18 month rule.


I have an industrial psychology educational background, but could not count upon myself to be completely objective here, of course.). As I recall, he stated quite clearly that in many instances he is hired to repair relationships at senior levels in companies with such problems, paying special attention to coaching and training the offender, sensitizing him or her to the traits probably not noticed in self.

Where You’d Least Expect Them


In 2016, the renowned international university programming tournament — attended by student competitors, coaches, and parents — took place in Phuket, Thailand. But longtime ICPC student coach Antonette Logar, Ph.D.,

Fuel50: Helping Employees Figure Out Their Career Path, With Anne Fulton


You can find a mentor, a coach, a project, or experience, to help you prepare for the role you are looking for. We were originally operating as a coaching company, and we built out this assessment technology for our own clients. The education around new products and bringing them to the market is the same in both markets. If you're an employee in a big company, sometimes it can feel like you're not sure when your career is going.

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Choose Your VC Investor Carefully

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There are people like Gus Tai who any entrepreneur who’s worked with him well tell you is that he has helped coach them into building a great business. Beware of VC Seagulls, who shit on you and then fly away (or worse yet leave you with Red Herrings).