Spotting, Nurturing and Mentoring Talent – The Power of Troy Carter

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In the 90’s most of us studied, “ Crossing the Chasm ” by Geoffrey Moore in which he preached serving a narrow market that are passionate fans about your tech product before trying to bring it to the masses.

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Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Skip College?


Should millennial entrepreneurs go to college? If you believe the mythology surrounding the handful of entrepreneurs who did not obtain a degree, you may think that the path to entrepreneurial success is enhanced by avoiding college.

Find Your Mentor: Here’s How…

Jason Nazar

I never bought books, rarely went to class, and hardly studied for exams. But I did spent those four years starting businesses and courting many mentors to help me along the way. Instead of studying for my classes, I’d set up new meet & greet meetings with successful alums. At the end of every meeting, I’d ask, “Would you consider being my mentor?” — and every time, I got the same response. Ignorance is Blasphemy: Why You Need a Mentor in the First Place.

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Take On Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment


Although many are entertaining, most fail to provide entrepreneurs with a sufficient return on their time investment. Unfortunately, most business books do not offer entrepreneurs an adequate payoff. For instance, Guy refers to an entrepreneur’s venture as their “cause.”

Huddlewoo Wants To Connect You To Mentors You Admire Through Online Video

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Huddlewoo a live video platform set to launch early 2013 to give people the ability to access extraordinary people for one-on-one conversations and mentoring. Will Zell (CEO) is based in Columbus, OH, and is an Empact100 entrepreneur who was honored at The White House in 2011.

How This Entrepreneur Raised $28,000 Using Airbnb to Fund Her Startup

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She actually IS the prototypical entrepreneur. But Tracy did what entrepreneurs do. Tracy studied SEOMoz and several other online sources of SEO tips. Sam is the managing director of Launchpad LA and we were about to pick our 2012 class of entrepreneurs.

Paving The Way For Future Women Entrepreneurs | Technovation LA Pitch Night

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At the Technovation Challenge LA Pitch Night hosted by Iridescent , we saw six teams of high school girls from various Los Angeles City Schools pitch a number of mobile app ideas to a panel of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Steve Blank Discusses: The Ideal Venture Capitalist


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Blank, author of Four Steps To The Epiphany , Stanford Professor and noted entrepreneur. The subject discussed in the video below is Steve’s belief that Venture Capitalists should begin their careers as operational entrepreneurs.

Moving Analytics | Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

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You recently conducted a pilot study. Can you share with us how the learnings of this pilot study impacted your strategy? Before we did the study we did a lot of research to see how best we could show the data. And the funding for this study came through the PhD program at USC?

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UCSB Tops Harvard & Wharton In Startup Wars


Want to be an entrepreneur? In addition, Entrepreneur Magazine recently included UCSB in its Top 50 Schools For VC Backed Entrepreneurs at number 37. Salty Girl Seafood - Another focus of the TMP is the recruitment and mentoring of women entrepreneurs.

The Danger of Crocodile Sales

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YOU Selling – My wise old friend & mentor, Ameet Shah, once told me after a meeting we had with clients (when I worked at Accenture), “there are two ways to run a meeting: asking or telling. This is part of my series on Startup Advice.

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Interview with Scott Ferreira, MySocialCloud


That same summer, Richard Branson actually sent out a note looking for people to nominate young entrepreneurs doing exciting things in their field. Both have been great mentors ever since. Whta were you studying before the startup?

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Craft your roadmap. Plan your trip.


Richa is a successful entrepreneur and technologist giving back to the entrepreneurial community in many ways, including his weekly Internet TV program on entrepreneurism, and participation in several mentoring programs. . By JJ Richa.

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How Amavitae Wants To Help Youth Find A Career They'll Love


Since then, I have worked extensively with mentoring youth, and helping them figure out what's possible in terms of careers. Fifty percent of college graduates wish they studied something else after they graduate, and 42 percent of employers don't think those students are workforce ready. deborah ramo amavitae interview startup entrepreneur career skills education mobile workforce development millenial youth

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What Makes a Great Independent Board Member?

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When an entrepreneur takes on investors who take equity (i.e. The second is that they are usually very experienced operators that can mentor the founding team. I think when you choose an independent board member you should be thinking about somebody who can mentor you.

You Can’t Rely on a VC for Your Hardest Decisions

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*. What is the role of a VC for entrepreneurs? I was recently contacted by an entrepreneur who was consider a few different business models for his company. My job isn’t to predict markets but rather to find entrepreneurs who want to create markets through insight and conviction.” It’s to find great entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving a problem.

Want To Be A TechStar? Read Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson’s New Book: Venture Deals


I concluded that it is an effective tool for leveling the playing field between sophisticated investors and emerging entrepreneurs. I have subsequently recommended the book to number of students as well as emerging entrepreneurs, all of whom expressed positive feedback. .

How to Be a Good Board Member

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I started this series in part to help entrepreneurs but also to help newer investors because I’ve know with so many new companies you have so many new board members and many people are trying to figure out there respective roles.

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The Odd Couple: Angels and Accelerators

Steve Reich

At a recent accelerator event on the West Side, a friendly young founder told me that he had been coached by his mentor not to talk to Angel groups. The entrepreneurs in startups are trained to go fast and run lean. ” And the Kauffman Foundation just published a major study pointing out that all but the top 10% of VC firms fail to create value.

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Why Solving Big Food & Healthcare Problems Will Yield Spectacular Companies

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We know that to be successful we need to fund truly transformational entrepreneurs grounded in unique academic skills and with the self confidence and ambition to try and achieve results in which the market will naturally be skeptical.

As Populist as it May Feel, 98% of VCs Aren’t Dumb

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After all, I am no stranger to the publicly expressing the frustrations of dealing with the downside of this industry as I wrote about in 2006 when I was an entrepreneur. The best VCs don’t try to help entrepreneurs. Get to the entrepreneurs earlier next time.

What Should We Make of Peter Thiel’s “20 Under 20? Education Program?

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Thiel and friends will also agree to mentor these young entrepreneurs. Actually, they’ll get even more attention because this selection will put them in an even more exclusive peer group and will introduce them to even more connected mentors. In the US we now have some very well established incubation programs run by high-caliber mentors including IdeaLab, yCombinator, TechStars, BetaWorks and Launchpad LA. At least not as an entrepreneur.

Southern California Accelerator Report Card: Q1 2013


There''s been a lot of activity over the past two years in the Southern California accelerator/incubator market, with numerous groups (Amplify, EvoNexus, K5, LaunchpadLA, MediaCamp, Science, StartEngine, and many, many others) looking to help entrepreneurs start and fund their companies.

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Brad Feld Drops Knowledge. Here’s What He Said …

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So we can say no based on geography, we can say no based on it doesn’t fit in our themes.“… “Then we engage with the product and the entrepreneur and because we know these areas very well we don’t have to spend a lot of time understanding the market or understanding the customer.”.

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Top 30 Startup Posts for July 2010


Welcome to the Lost Decade (for Entrepreneurs, IPO’s and VC’s) - Steve Blank , July 15, 2010 If you take funding from a venture capital firm or angel investor and want to build a large, enduring company (rather than sell it to the highest bidder), this isn’t the decade to do it. Wannabe entrepreneur symptoms and cures - Gabriel Weinberg , July 25, 2010 I was once a wannabe entrepreneur.

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Upstart | The Startup is You

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Through one lens, it looks like a way for aspiring twenty-somethings to raise capital and find mentors that can help them pursue their dreams”. Backers browse the profiles to identify high-potential upstarts according to their areas of interest or study.

Interview with Bruce Huang, UCLA Silicon Beach Innovation Lab


The idea came about, because we see a lot of people coming through our program at UCLA, who might have the desire to be an entrepreneur, and to get into the technology field, by studying data science or cybersecurity. I go to lots of events in Los Angeles, and there are many entrepreneurs who want to start companies, are bootstrapping, and everyone has a great idea and is figuring out how to launch their products and launch their startup.

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Interview Behzad Kianmahd, TAU Ventures


One of the ideas, was to potentially send students here, to learn how to start a business, and it later became an immersion program, which introduced them not only to mentors but also those active in startups, to learn how to create presentations, how to clean up their ideas, and also introduce them to potential seed and angel investors. Is there anything entrepreneurs here can learn from the ecosystem in Israel?

7 Startup Lessons from NBA Finals

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When you ask any NBA player what inspired them to be successful and how they got there, they will most likely mention having an idol or a mentor to guide them through every step of the way.

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The Gap Has Two Sides


At the center of the conversation would be the results from the Diana Project, a research study that examined our industry and the stark lack of representation of women investors and funded entrepreneurs.

Carpooling Wants You To Share Your Car, Meet New Friends & Get Paid For It!

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While studying at university, one of the founders had a girlfriend who lived in another city. Do you have any mentors, Investors? As far as entrepreneurs are concerned, the US startup scene does not seem so different than the one in Europe.

Observations on Women in Business Gained from Conferences, Books, Interviews and More

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Almost all credited their spouse, or a mentor, in helping them achieve their success. It’s been a fascinating sociology study starting with the first panel of all female executives I heard during a conference on the Santa Monica Pier all the way up until now.

Africa’s Largest and Fastest Growing Social Network | Interview with LAGbook’s Chidi Nwaogu

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Who are your mentors, role models? We don’t have mentors at the moment. Students have to register with their matriculation numbers, and supply upon registration, their course of study, faculty, department, mode of entry, year of entry etc.