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Friday, October 17, 2008 -- Maverick Bootcamp For Entrepreneurs. The Bootcamp Will Teach You To: Make a Successful Investor Pitch; Create an Effective Executive Summary; Develop a High-Impact Slide Presentation and more. See [link] (more

Interview with Richard Yen, Saban Ventures


So, in summary, we're looking for a company, early on, with a good understanding of the industry they're attacking, with a proposition that is unique, with technology behind it which gives it a differentiating barrier to entry, and has a huge market opportunity.

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Interview with Richard Yen, Saban Capital


So, in summary, we're looking for a company, early on, with a good understanding of the industry they're attacking, with a proposition that is unique, with technology behind it which gives it a differentiating barrier to entry, and has a huge market opportunity.

Move Gets Win In Patent Case


District Court for the Northern California District, has granted a summary judgetment in favor of the firm. Los Angeles-based Move, Inc., which operates the,, and other related web sites, announced this morning that it has scored a win in a patent case. The firm said that a district court judge in the U. Move had been sued by Kevin Keithley and TREN Technologies Holdings over a patent, 5,584,025, covering the display of real estate information from a database.

What Most People Don’t Understand About How Startup Companies are Valued

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That was written in September 2008. In September 2008 this was the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the rippling effect was massive. In Summary.

Do 4 Year Vesting Schedules Still Make Sense?

The Quigley Report

In summary, 4 year vesting is not a very attractve compensation structure for start ups given the current IPO time line. Four year vesting is one of the sacred cows of Silicon Valley. It is a birth right. A practice that can not be questioned. The persistence of this labor friendly term in start up comp plans would make the Teamsters Union proud. When it comes to pay packages in Silicon Valley, everything is negotiable EXCEPT the length of stock option vesting. That has to be 4 years.

Stock Market Drops. Then It Rallies. What Happens Next for Funding?

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By 2008 I had gotten more serious about championing companies through our investment process. It was September 2008. The following is a 2-week graph of the end-of-week price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) in Autumn 2008. tl;dr summary. Summary version?

The Changing Structure of the VC Industry

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Summary: Cheap, mobile, social, global, always-on, one-click-purchase =. There has been much discussion in the past few years of the changing structure of the venture capital industry. On the surface the narratives have been. The rise of “micro VCs” or seed-stage funds.

Streamlining The Sports Recruiting Process with FieldLevel


We worked night and weekends, fleshed out the concept, and in July and August of 2008 we launched the product, took on some angel funding, and started the process. When they''re in there, they put in a summary of an athlete.

Coach 66

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

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Executive Summary. If you want to watch the video version summary of my advice on fund raising it’s here. But the summary for you is: - get an intro. Then make sure to send out VERY high-level summary emails to update key investors on your company progress.

As Populist as it May Feel, 98% of VCs Aren’t Dumb

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2008 App ecosystem on iOS = $0. In Summary. By now you will likely have read Andy Dunn’s scathing post about Venture Capitalists in which he decries the industry’s masses. I read Andy’s post with a knowing smile on my face.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 5.0 – I’m just going to chill out for a bit… (OK, for a month…)

Frank Addante

► February (1) Building and Developing an A++ Team ► 2008 (14) ► December (1) Develop a Culture Roadmap ► November (2) Green Week - Save the Environment and Your Cash Creating a Culture of Innovation: Cultural Values.

Want to Know How First Round Capital was Started?

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I think you'll enjoy hearing him, but if you're in a rush check out the summary notes below. In 2008 they raised a much larger fund $132.5 Highlights/Lowlights – summary of key events since the last meeting.

Raising $$ on AngelList? Working w/ McClure? Ask Jody Sherman

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He was raising money initially in the worst market in a decade (we met in 2008), he’s in his mid-40′s, is doing a mom’s site (he has no kids) and he has a JewFro. That said, a summary below is available for those who prefer to read the notes version.

This Week in VC with Jim Armstrong of Clearstone

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Some summary notes are below. Online advertising platform for local businesses; ReachLocal reported over $203 million in revenue for 2009, compared to around $146 million in 2008. million loss in 2008. million, compared to a $7 million net loss in 2008.

Good Times Ahead for VC-backed Tech Companies?

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Summary of Montgomery & Co’s views on the road ahead for tech M&A of venture backed companies: (the whole presentation is later in the post, which I suggest you look at because it has insightful data.

How brain-amputated developers created the social media plague

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