PodcastOne is launching LaunchpadDM, a free hosting platform for independent podcasters

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PodcastOne , the celebrity podcasting network from the founder of radio powerhouse WestwoodOne, is launching a free hosting platform for podcasters. TC Apple digital audio digital media founder Los Angeles podcast Podcasting Spotify world wide web

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


” In our performance consulting work, we often hear variations of the following: “Our web application was running fine with a few hundred users. Web application performance is a broad discipline. Overall, performance is in the service of user expectations.

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LogicMonitor Ties Into Amazon Web Services


Santa Barbara-based LogicMonitor , which develops IT infrastructure monitoring software, said today that it has connected its tools to Amazon Web Services. The company said its platform now has the ability to monitor Amazon Web Services instances and services. logicmonitor amazon services infrastructure monitoring

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NetDNA Connects CDN To Web Apps, Services


Los Angeles-based content delivery network (CDN) provider NetDNA is making it easier for web application developers to use its CDN services, saying Monday that it has launched a new service to embed web acceleration capabilities into their web services and applications. NetDNA said customers for the new service include Wordpress Hosting service WPEngine, game developer network Player.IO, and others.

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Google Cloud’s LA region goes online

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The new region is launching with all the core Google Cloud compute services, like App Engine, Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine, as well as all of Google’s standard database and file storage tools, including the recently launched NAS-like Cloud Filestore service.

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Will Porsche Fans Ever Live in a Driverless World? Porsche Says No.


Imagine the transportation future 20 years from now. Here’s one way things could roll on a weekday: Many of us get picked up at home by a sturdy, standardized, driverless car that will also scoop up a few of our neighbors who work at other businesses near ours.

Framework Benchmarks


Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks. Among the many factors to consider when choosing a web development framework, raw performance is easy to objectively measure. Web servers.

Roambi Debuts New Cloud Platform


Roambi , the developer of business data visualization apps, has debuted a new cloud-based platform, the company said this morning. The San Diego firm said that its new Roambi Business lets companies load their data onto a cloud-based platform to serve up data visualization via its apps. The new cloud-based platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and lets any kind of company upload their data to the cloud.

Hackathon Targets Orange County Web Developers


In one of the newest "hackathons" to hit Southern California, a group of companies are looking to draw Orange County software developers to a new hackathon, geared around WebRTC, the open "Web Real Time Communications" framework aimed at helping developers create voice and video chat applications. The companies said they will award a grand prize of $5,000 to the winning entry into the hackathon, which takes advantage of the WebRTC standard in a project, product, or service.

Choosing Internet Platforms


The topic is: Betting Your Company On An Internet Platform? However, these platforms could be interesting for prototype and pilot solutions. The other conclusion was that you need to have a migration path from the platform. Finally we get to: Peter Coffee , Director of Platform Research, Salesforce.com His premise is that we should be beyond having to buy servers, software, or any other infrastructure. application services (security, integration), etc.

S?qster Exits Stealth with Web-Based Tech for Managing Health Data


Comparing itself to the personal finance platform Mint.com, the San Diego startup says its platform integrates personal health information from a variety of sources, including electronic medical records (EMR), wearable devices, and genomics data.

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Mission Debuts Managed Services, Cloud Consulting After Merger


The company--led by longtime cloud and hosting services veteran Simon Anderson--offers up managed services and consulting for cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The company said its core customers are in the media and entertainment, mobile gaming, digital media, education, consumer goods, marketing, ecommerce, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) verticals.

Curating The Web Using PublishThis, with Matt Kumin


If you're a web publisher, or even a brand developing your own outreach to customers through a newsletter or microsite, how do you efficiently gather and curate all of the news and information out there? It's all about what is happening on the realtime web.

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The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

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In it he asserts that the web is dying and in its ashes will see the rise of the “App Internet.” The web is dying and will be replaced by “the App Internet.” Enter the World Wide Web (WWW). Web & Social Change the Landscape of the Web.

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Creating a Responsive Web Design for Business Development

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One of the best ways for increase in business development is to create a more responsive web design. A great website design simply reflects well on your business and the quality of your service. Development Apps & Software Business Dev & Design Applications Web Apps Design

Plankk Launches New Streaming Fitness Service


Los Angeles-based Plankk , a developer of custom apps for the fitness and exercise industry, said it has launched a brand new, live- and on-demand streaming service for fitness enthusiasts. According to Plankk, its new service, Plankk Studio , let users access both live and on-demand workout videos from a large roster of fitness influencers. The new service costs $14.99 The service is available on iOS, Android and the web, with other platforms on the company's roadmap.

MaxCDN Ties With Web Firewall Provider


Los Angeles-based content delivery network operator MaxCDN said this morning that it has integrated its platform with a website firewall provider, Sucuri. Sucuri develops the CloudProxy Website Firewall, which is designed to provide firewall and intrusion detection for websites, in addition to protectin gfrom distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

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SoftBank’s Arm to Include Cybereason Security Services in IoT Hub


Cybereason’s security services will be incorporated into the Arm Pelion IoT platform , a suite of Web-based tools that help businesses manage Internet of Things devices, their connectivity, and the data they generate. Arm Software startups Treasure Data Web Web-based Software wirelessSecurity-tech company Cybereason is announcing another boon flowing from close ties with its biggest investor, Japanese telecom and tech giant SoftBank.

Disney Debuts Cloud Movie Service


Burbank-based Walt Disney Studios has launched a new, cloud movie service this morning, called Disney Movies Anywhere. According to Walt Disney, the new service--available via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and the web--allows users to purchase and watch movies from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel. Disney said its new service will feature over 400 digital titles. disney cloud movie service itunes apple ipod iphone mobile download streaming hollywood content film

The Web is Against the Ropes, But it’s Not Dead

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I had a really fun 20-minute interview with Howard Lindzon of Stock Twits as part of a 5-part series on whether the web is dead. The topic of whether the web is dead was kicked off by Chris Andersen of Wired Magazine in this article.

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Morphlabs Takes On Amazon AWS With OpenStack Platform


Morphlabs , the developer of cloud-based infrastructure software, announced today that it has launched a new, Openstack-powered public cloud platform. The firm said the new software allows service providers to implement their own, public cloud software--and claims that it out-performs the giant in the market, Amazon Web Services. Morphlabs said its software is aimed at helping service providers compete head-to-head with Amazon Web Services.

Onica Raises $20M For Cloud Migration, IT Services Efforts


Santa Monica- and Irvine-based Onica , a provider of IT services focused on cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), has raised $20M in a funding round, the company announced this week. Onica said it will use the new funding to focus on growth of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting and managed services business. onica services amazon cloud venture capital corpinfo consulting consultant

Rubicon Project Launches New Technology Platform


Los Angeles-based The Rubicon Project , which operates a service to optimize the selection of ads on web sites, said today that it has debuted a new technology platform is it calling REVV for Publishers. The firm said that the REVV product--targeted at premium Web publishers--now gives publishers control of non-guaranteed inventory, ability to manage sales rights by geography and other parameters, as well as continuing to optimize network ads, among other new features.

Dropoff Brings Same Day, On-Demand Delivery Services To LA


Dropoff , an on-demand, same day delivery startup, said today that it has launched its services in Los Angeles, as the first expansion of the startup into California. The startup, based in Austin, Texas, says it is targeting its on-demand delivery service at businesses, particularly those in the film and television, health care, professional services, food and grocery, and retail area. dropoff ondemand delivery service mobile smartphone business same startup

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RightScale, Zend Tie On PHP Platform


The firms said that the new, RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack will provide a pre-configured, open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to help for faster launch and management of web applications in the cloud.

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Google Eyes TV As A Platform


Search engine giant Google is entering the television guide and consumer electronics market today, saying at the Google I/O conference that it is working with Sony, Logitech, and others on embedding technology to search for and view both web and television shows within devices. Google said its new technology--Google TV--is based on Android and the Chrome browser, and will allow consumers to search for and browse both web and television content.

Degreed Raises $75M to Expand in Growing Workforce Training Sector


Degreed , which helps businesses upgrade the skills of their staffers through an online gateway to learning resources, announced Thursday it has raised $75 million to grow the service and expand internationally. San Francisco-based Degreed is among the educational technology companies now classified as “learning experience platforms,’’ because they organize staff participation in skills development training and coordinate it with the goals of employers, who are their clients.

Ford’s Autonomic Pairs With Alibaba Cloud On Mobility Hub for China


Ford—one of the automakers competing in China’s huge car market—is now making a bid to provide China’s leading software infrastructure hub dedicated to streamlining transportation by connecting cars and riders with mobility services. Ford’s recently acquired unit Autonomic , which co-created the automaker’s Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC), inked a deal Tuesday to partner with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing division of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

ExactTarget Acquires Pardot and iGoDigital to Redefine its Marketing Platform

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Email marketing and cross-channel interactive marketing saas solutions provider ExactTarget has acquired Pardot, a marketing automation provider and iGoDigital, web personalization provider in a move that will revolutionize its marketing platform.

CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

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CreatorUp is the online web series school teaching the next generation of web series creators how to make and market their own new video projects on the web. We also host video-conferences with students who want to learn specific topics around web video.

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Facebook: Lip Service to Privacy is Over


Trust in all social media platforms is plummeting. As publicity-shy Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before both houses of Congress last week amid an avalanche of criticism about the dearth of user privacy on the world’s biggest social media network, it became crystal clear that the entire social media industry has entered a new and perilous phase.

Mingly Launches Mingly Web and MyPeople | Manage Your TwitFaceMailBookLink

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Last fall, Mingly released their first product last fall to help users manage their endless webs of connections. Fast forward to the present with Mingly announcing the launch of two new products to expand their services to a wider audience of users.

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Frequency Debuts New Video Management Service


Frequency provides apps on the iPhone, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, the web, and smart televisions, helping publishers to publish their content across all of those platforms. Los Angeles-based Frequency , the video publishing software provider headed by Blair Harrison, has launched a new product, saying at NAB that it has launched Frequency Sync, which helps users publish their videos across the company''s range of video applications.

Arterys, GE Healthcare to Roll Out Next-Gen MRI Scans of Heart


Arterys feeds the gigabytes of MRI information into its Web-based software application, which takes advantage of the outside computing power now broadly available from the network of servers-for-hire we call “the cloud.” Arterys uses Amazon’s Web servers to analyze data from the scans. “A

As a Google Partner with Fresh Capital, Zesty.io Aims to Disrupt CMS


After establishing a partnership with the Google Cloud Platform, Zesty.io CEO Gerry Widmer said Wednesday the San Diego-based company is expanding its workforce and extending its Web content management system (WCMS) to international customers.

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