Delane Parnell’s plan to conquer amateur esports

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As a player, what that experience means is you play on a team, in a position, with a coach, in a season that culminates in some sort of championship. Most of the buzz about esports focuses on high-profile professional teams and audiences watching live streams of those professionals.

UK-based women’s networking and private club, AllBright, raises $18.8 million as it expands into the US

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The club’s first American location will be in West Hollywood, and is slated to open in September 2019. The largest club, in Mayfair, has five floors and boasts more than 12,000 square feet and features rooftop terraces, a dedicated space for coaching and mentoring, a small restaurant and a bar. AllBright , the London-based women’s membership club backed by private real estate investment firm Cain International , has raised $18.8 million to expand into the U.S.

Everyone needs to manage their mantra or move on.


I recently spent fifteen minutes in front of a table-top display, attempting to coach an entrepreneur who repeatedly tried to state why his business was better than a competitor (one I didn’t recognize) and never explaining what it was that he did.

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Five ways to make your company stand out.


Coach, Bentley, Patek Philippe, and Chanel are brands defined by elegance, not feature-functionality and certainly not by being the low-priced competitor. There must be at least several companies out there right now positioning to compete with you.

Which Circle Do You Want To Be In…The Blue One (NHL) or the Red One (TED)?

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They are coaching our kids in their spare time, or full time, and IMHO, they are standing in the blue circle, maybe a slightly different one, but it’s still in the middle of what matters. The NHL centre ice circle is blue. The TED carpet that speakers stand on is a red circle. Both are highly desired places to stand, speak or skate. But the best way to get to either is to focus on what will get you there, not on getting there.

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How ProGuides Is Helping Gamers Master Their Game, With Sam Wang


We spoke with ProGuides founder Sam Wang to better understand what the company does, and why users are joining its service and using its marketplace to find professional video game coaches. We have highly engaging courses, taught by professional players, and where you track your progress, driven by data, and which also features an on-demand marketplace to help you find any coach you want to help you improve your play on any game.

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Reflections On 2018: Matt Stodder, Startup Boost LA


During the holiday season, our tradition over the last few years has been to post reflections on the past year and some predictions for 2019 from Southern California's technology industry. AIs continued growth is something I will be keeping my eye on in 2019. Matt is also an executive coach and partner at Evolution Services (link: [link] a high growth executive coaching and consulting firm based in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and New York.

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Lytx Wins Concrete Hauler For Driver Safety Systems


The Lytx system involves videos cameras and other sensors, with "positive, constructive feedback" and coaching to help change driver behaviors in the eye of safety. San Diego-based Lytx , which develops vidoe-based driver safety systems for the commercial and public sector, reported this morning that it has scored a win with concrete company Lauren Concrete.

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Interview with Robin Richards, CareerArc


The final piece is online coaching, which allows people, 7 days a week, to click and talk to a professional development coach, and help them go through questions, answer things like what should by resume look like. Our interview this morning is with Robin Richards , the CEO of Los Angeles-based CareerArc (

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Two Local Tech, Investment Executives Named In College Fraud Investigation


Two people associated with Southern California's high tech investment and startup industry have been named as part of the far reaching investigation into a college admissions scandal , which named Hollywood actresses, CEOs, coaches at USC, UCLA, and UCSD, as well as many others.

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Female Entrepreneurs, AI and Investing: A Chat With Meredith Finn, March Capital


The last thing, is understanding how open and receptive all of these CEOs were to feedback, coaching, and improvement. Earlier this month, the annual Montgomery Summit conference was held in Santa Monica, including a special portion of the conference dedicated to the Rise of the Female Entrepreneur. The summit is now associated with March Capital Partners (

Meet the Xconomy Awards San Diego Digital Trailblazer Finalists


San Diego’s prowess in computer science, medical devices, and life sciences makes it a natural hub of innovative digital health companies.

Plankk Launches New Streaming Fitness Service


Plankk said its roster of trainers include FitByValen CEO Valentina Lequeux; IFBB Bikini Pro Ashley Kaltwasser; Jessie Hilgenberg, creator of Jessies Girls Fitness; fitness coach Zoe Rodriguez; and personal trainer Ingrid Romero. Los Angeles-based Plankk , a developer of custom apps for the fitness and exercise industry, said it has launched a brand new, live- and on-demand streaming service for fitness enthusiasts.

Reflections on 2018: Anna Barber, Techstars LA


For the second year in a row 8 of the 10 companies selected for Techstars LA were local and we anticipate that trend continuing in 2019. A certified executive coach, Anna works with her portfolio companies to build great teams, develop a sound strategy and create a strong network. Editor's note: All this week, and into the start of next year, we'll be featuring reflections on 2018 from notable investors, entrepreneurs, and others from Southern California's technology community.

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