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Why GoToMeeting’s SaaS Playbook Wouldn’t Work Today


It was a decade ago that I led the sale of Expertcity (creator of GoToMeeting) to Citrix. During the early 2000’s, my team grew the company to one of the largest SaaS businesses of its day, with sales of $70 million. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

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Seismic Acquires Savo Group, Rival in Sales Enablement Software


In the eight years since it was founded, Seismic has become a leader in the market for Web-based software used by corporations and other big customers to manage the online marketing materials created to support sales reps in the field.

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Isaac Garcia, CEO and Founder of Sales Insider


For our interview this morning, we caught up with Isaac Garcia , a serial entrepreneur who previously founded and sold his last company, Central Desktop, and now is working on a new startup, Sales Insider. What is Sales Insider? Isaac Garcia: Sales Insider is a talent marketplace for hiring software sales reps. Why software sales reps? A big area people struggle with is hiring software sales people.

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Leads360 Links With Mortgage Software Firm


Los Angeles-based Leads360 reported today that it has linked its sales lead management software with offerings from web-based mortgage software firm Optimal Blue. Leads360 said that its software--used to manage sales leads from online channels--will help mortgage lenders using Optimal Blue's software to close the gap between leads and revenue. Tags: leads360 sales lead management software saas mortgage optimal blue

Chrome River: Building An Enterprise Software Leader In LA, with Dave Terry


A few weeks ago, Los Angeles-based enterprise expense reporting software maker Chrome River ( took a significant venture funding round--worth $100M--to help expand the company's growth in the enterprise software market. What does Chrome River's software do? It's software-as-a-service based, and we have organizations worldwide, from very small companies, to 100 employees and up, to Fortune 500 companies, across a wide variety of industries.

Report: Cornerstone OnDemand Hires Investment Bankers For Review


Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand has hired investment banking firms Centerview Partners and Goldman Sachs, in a move that could result in either a sale of the company, or help in fighting off an activist investor, according to a report. cornerstone ondemand cloud learning software merger acquisition investment banking saas goldman centerview

MaintenanceNet Acquired By Cisco For $139M


MaintenanceNet develops cloud-based software used by companies to manage the renewal of service contracts and maintenance contracts, automatically handling quoting, notifications, and also online renewals. Cisco said the move would help it partners capture high-volume and low-dollar sales opportunities that may risk being overlooked. maintenancenet cisco merger acquisition renewal service contract saas cloud channel

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ServiceNow Files For Secondary IPO Offering


The firm said it will not receive any proceeds from the sale by the selling stockholders. ServiceNow is a provider of IT automation software. servicenow merger acquisition saas software managementSan Diego-based ServiceNow is looking to sell $300M in a secondary IPO offering, according to a filing made by the company Wednesday. ServiceNow went public in June, pricing at $18.00 per share; the firm is now trading around $30.65 per share on the NYSE as NOW.

CapLinked Looks To Challenge Data Room Services With Update


CapLinked , the Los Angeles-based developer of enterprise software for managing M&A transactions, venture deals, and other business deals, is aiming squarely at legacy, virtual data room services with its latest updates. The company is now focused on providing a platform to help streamline deals like asset sales, financings, and mergers & acquisitions, according to the company. sharing files deal saas software enterprise virtual room data caplinked

Want to Get Rich? Listen to Your Customers Like These Founders……

Steve Reich

MindBodyOnline is a terrifically succesful SaaS company, based in San Luis Obispo, that provides scheduling and transactional software for Yoga studios, hair salons, and spas. ” Not “we will take over the world” or “we’ll make a spectacular acquisition” We’ll make the product easier for our small business customers to use, and make it easier for partners to work with us.

CapLinked Adds Security Features For Deal Management


The firm said today that it has tapped security software developer Quipa, to deliver what it says is "military-grade" security for sending business and financial transactions through the cloud. CapLinked's platform is being targeted at businesses running things such as asset sales, financings, and mergers & acquisitions; the firm is backed by FF Angel, Siemer Ventures, 500 Startups, and Peter Thiel.

ExpenseCloud Acquired By TriNet


Human resources service provider TriNet confirmed Thursday that it has acquired Los Angeles-based expense report management software provider ExpenseCloud. Financial terms of the sale have not been announced. ExpenseCloud's management team, including both co-founder and CEO Eric Sikola and co-founder and CTO Dan Fritcher, will join TriNet as part of the acquisition. cloud saas resources human report expense trinet acquisition merger expensecloud

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Interview with Elizabeth Cholawsky, HG Data


For this morning's interview, we caught up with Elizabeth Cholawsky , the new CEO of Santa Barbara-based HG Data (, which develops software which helps marketers and salespeople understand the "technology stack" of their potential customers and prospects. The business model, is people use this to do better marketing and sales targeting when they sell their own products. Prior to that, for seven years I was at Citrix in Santa Barbara, at their SaaS division.

EntComm Sells Division


Gardena-based EntComm , a developer of software-as-a-service products, has sold its product division to a Indian software firm, TAKE Solutions. Financial terms of the sale were not disclosed. Tags: entcomm saas software merger acquisition take supply chain

Interview with Wes Nichols, MarketShare


For our Friday interview, we thought we'd catch up with Los Angeles-based MarketShare , the Elevation Partners-backed software provider, to hear where the firm is nowadays. You mentioned that you've been growing the company recently, and made a recent acquisition?

Drive your recurring revenues.


Typical examples are software as a service (SaaS) models, or any kind of content-driven subscription model. Especially for a provider of a virtual good or service, costs of goods sold do not scale with sales, as they do in the real world.

REACH NeXT Alumni Gets Into 500 Startups! | Batch 15 Announced

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A bundle of software services for SMBs to manage their inventory, accounting, manufacturing, and purchasing. B2B Demand Generation on Auto-Pilot – Metadata analyzes your inbound signups and automates b2b user acquisition by targeting new look-alike prospects. Sales Huddle Group.

Why Misunderstanding Startup Metrics Can Cost You Your Business

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profitable and companies like Amazon who chose to focus on growth > profitability were not losing money on each book sale (ie they were gross margin positive). CAC is often measured incorrectly and doesn’t often doesn’t capture the true costs of acquisition.


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“the ecommerce company gained fauxmentum by raising artificially high amounts of venture capital and spent lavishly on customer acquisition despite long payback periods and questionable LTV” __. But as with any sales advice, revenue diversity matters. __. faux·men·tum.

Non-millennial Bootstrapping – These 50-Something Entrepreneurs Rejected VC $ And Nailed It


Without taking a dime of outside capital, the company has achieved impressive success in a competitive, SaaS market segment, landing companies such as Nike, Intuit, NASA, AutoDesk and PBS. We build product roadmap software – it’s a SaaS company based here in Santa Barbara, California.

Entrepreneur Hack: This Remote Team Of 12 Generated $100M


In contrast, TaxJar, a SaaS solution which makes automates online sales tax calculations, reporting and filings, is an entirely virtual company. He then joined Picasa and was instrumental in its acquisition by Google. A version of this article previously appeared Forbes.

TechZulu Presents: The Annual Startup Forecast

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Topics of discussion will be Wearables Technology, Bitcoin, SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, Gaming, Social Markets, what surprises are coming for 2014, creating value with your company, hiring problem solvers, and building a sensible businesses. Pierce also led the acquisition of Xfire from Viacom.

What is the Right Burn Rate at a Startup Company?

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We want money to make some acquisitions (investors would prefer to fund M&A if they know specific deals – not to encourage bad behavior. This is why investors really like SaaS software companies where you have recurring revenue and your largest customer accounts for < 5% of your revenue and your renewals rates are > 90%. But software companies often take longer to scale top-line revenue than retailers so it takes a while to cover your nut.

The Startup Guide To SXSW Panel Picking

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Software Labs: Petri Dishes for Tech Innovation. Bootstrapping enterprise, marketing, Sales. . In 2009 my art blog earned $188,138 in gross sales from 205,839 unique visitors. Pedro Galván, Software Guru magazine. Sales of mobi.

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