A Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Uncovering Awesome Startup Ideas


His talk was especially intriguing, as he attended UCSB, but dropped out to start a clothing design company. In this 8-minute video excerpt from his recent talk, Seth describes the practical, hands-on methodology that he uses on a day-to-day basis to identify and vet his entrepreneurial ideas.

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Why Resilient Teams Are More Important Than Big Ideas


How important is having a “big idea” for startups? Ideas can generate a lot of buzz and capture attention from investors and potential customers, but long-term success really depends on the capabilities of the team. The founder’s idea has to be good enough to serve as a lure for talent.

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Here is Why Non-Obvious Startup Ideas Can Yield the Largest Results

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It has become so synonymous with Internet companies that the French have invented a disdainful term including Amazon: “les GAFA,” which they refer to as Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon to talk about American dominance of the Internet. Amazon. It is a household name.

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Here Comes New Ideas from BPM

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Following are some of the powerful benefits of using business management software to transform business processes in a manner that produces the type of results that will improve a company’s customer satisfaction rating. The post Here Comes New Ideas from BPM appeared first on TechZulu.

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Fixing Tech’s Gender Problem Starts With Company Culture


On a micro level, you can do your part to fix tech's gender problem by recruiting people with diverse backgrounds and place them in a company culture that rewards those who challenge the status quo. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

3 Great Ideas You May Steal

Eric Greenspan

There’s great ideas everywhere. My idea is to never plant anything you can’t eat. The time is ripe for the next generation keyboard idea. Keyboard idea 1. Keyboard idea 2. ” My latest company, Zodiac805, has taught me a valuable life lesson.

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Snapchat Settles With Reggie Brown Over Idea For Startup


Venice, California-based Snapchat said Tuesday that it has settled a dispute with Reggie Brown , the fellow Stanford University student who had claimed that he came up with the idea for Snapchat. Brown had sued Snapchat, CEO Evan Spiegel, and CTO Robert Murphy in November, as well as all of the company''s investors, saying they had stolen the idea from him.

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The Silent Killer – The Company Your Community Never Created

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I was at a dinner recently in Chicago and the table discussion was about building great companies outside of Silicon Valley. It’s not the great companies you build, it’s the silent killer of those that should have been build locally and weren’t. For example, Lookout is a mobile security company that was founded by three talented graduates of USC. Klout was an LA company – sold for $200 million to Lithium.

Maximize Your Exit By Not Selling Your Company


However, in many cases, acquiring companies behave less rationally than Mr. Jackson. Citrix politely approached us, told us they had an interest in acquiring our company and then asked us, “How much?”. Our response was that there was no “price” as our company was not for sale.

Entrepreneur's Brilliant Companies List Pinpoint SoCal Startups


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No Doubt About It: You Need Video Ads for Your Company


And while independent freelancers offer alternatives, it’s still a bit too expensive and time consuming for startup companies. Tech-based companies immediately understand the need for an explainer video to showcase the rich features of their app or web platform.

JumpStartFund Takes On Crowdfunding, Advice For Research Startups


A new, Los Angeles area startup launched this morning, hoping to use the power of the crowd to help take ideas to launch. JumpStartFund , which is based in El Segundo, opened up its service this morning to help use the wisdom of the crowd to move ideas, patents, and research from individuals, federal research labs, universities, and research organizations to the market. jumpstartfund jumpstart girvan incubator crowdfunding crowd ideas research technology transfer idea advice

Three LA Companies Selected For Commerce.Innovated Accelerator


Three, Los Angeles area companies have been selected for a accelerator being run by Silicon Valley Bank and Mastercard, the companies announced this morning. Silicon Valley Bank and Mastercard said the startups will go through a four-month virtual program that provides resources to help refine and enhance their business ideas.

Insights: Five Customer-Focused Trends for Companies in 2016


In fact, eighty-nine percent of companies expect customer experience to be the most important factor as they compete for business in 2016, according to research firm Gartner. Our Insights and Opinions section features contributed article from our readers, about topics of interest to others.

Lessons Big Companies Should Learn from Entrepreneurs

Jason Nazar

Entrepreneurs often lament big companies, but most of us hope we’ll create just that. Add in public company demands, lawsuit targets, & millions of customers to continually satisfy, and you have to have great respect for those doing it well.

Silicon Beach Fest Hollywood, LA Tech Summit, and Idea to Screen | Why You Need to Attend Any or All

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Those who are more involved in traditional entertainment are seeing a major shift online which is why an additional one-day seminar was created to coincide with Silicon Beach Fest Hollywood as a partnership called, Idea to Screen.

The Challenges (& Opportunities) of Starting a Tech Company in LA

Jason Nazar

I recently hosted a panel at the Twiistup Conference about LA tech companies. I have some pretty specific thoughts on the differences between companies in the two cities, as I wrote about in my previous post A Tale of Two Tech Cities.

Follow the Leader | California Regulators Approve Transportation Ridesharing Companies

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As Liz Gannes of All Things D reports : The California Public Utilities Commission today approved a decision to legitimize for-profit ride-sharing companies. I liked President Peevey’s idea when it was just an idea. Regulations can be suffocating.

Clinton and Trump Platform Analysis: Which Is Best for Education Companies?


Probably the most costly long-term idea is to make a degree from an in-state public university or college either debt-free or tuition-free for students from U.S. If that policy goes forward, edtech companies might be enlisted to help those schools accommodate a flood of new student demand. With election day less than a week away, voters are trying to imagine what turns the country might take under each of the presidential hopefuls.

Founders from MIT With a Plan to Change How We Grow and Eat Food

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In our industry we always talk about funding big ideas or funding things with more meaning. We loved the idea. They’ll just tell us it was their idea and roll their eyes.). Startup Companies

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Is That An Egg in Your Fridge? How One Quirky Company is Crowd-sourcing the Internet of Things

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One of the best examples of this is a company called Quirky. An invention company based on the idea that the best products in the world come from problems real people experience, Quirky takes ordinary people’s ideas and turns them into solutions to everyday problems.

Congrats To The Spotlight: LA Tech Summer Presenting Companies at CalTech

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The Spotlight is shining down these amazing LA companies! The evening will consist of a series of live stage demonstrations guaranteed to impress and inspire new ideas among all in attendance. Spotlight: LA Tech Summer SuperDemo is all electric car company CODA. Its Time!

Ginkgo Builds Out Robot Labs as Microbe Design Business Grows: Photos


Today the synthetic biology company announced an expansion of its headquarters in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood, including a second, larger lab space for designing and making custom yeast and other microbes.

Build a company – not just a product.


Some businesses are built around a single idea. And sometimes that idea is just too small a slice of the big picture to be interesting to investors. She stated that she had rejected the investment being discussed, because in her mind the entire company was “just a button, on a feature, in an app.” Far too many companies have been created around a button on a feature, and not upon a solution to a need in answer to a void in the market.

Congrats To The Spotlight: LA Tech Winter Presenting Companies at Caltech

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Months of submissions and the amazing help from our judges , the Spotlight is shinning down on awesome companies that were born right out of Southern California. The evening will consist of a series of live stage demonstrations guaranteed to impress and inspire new ideas among all in attendance. And now without further ado I present the Spotlight: LA Tech Winter Companies: Spotlight Companies. Bill serves on the boards of directors of numerous companies.

Great Companies Tell Great Stories

Frank Addante

At Rubicon Project, I’ve found these tools to be vital in helping me convey the story of our company. When you’re telling your story, include a hero: someone who is a champion of your company’s purpose. Let the way you convey an idea be new, and in your own words.

Why Solving Big Food & Healthcare Problems Will Yield Spectacular Companies

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I’ve spoken before about our desire at Upfront Ventures to fund really big ideas that solve hard problems, are science led and if successful will both have a positive effect on people’s lives as well as make great financial returns.

Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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RSS ); Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles By: Laura Rich February 26, 2010 It used to be, if you were serious about starting a tech company, you went to Silicon Valley. And as a result we have bred a culture of companies that have been quite innovative on making money.

Conversations with Richard Chino, pt. 1

Ask the Angels

I was drawn to entrepreneurial projects, and I wanted to work with friends and pursue new ideas. During my seven years at the company, we went public, were acquired by Yahoo , and I continued at Yahoo for two more years. We sold the company to ValueClick , now known as Conversant.

The three step dance – creating a great company


Creating a gerat company in a relative vacuum is an exercise in complete trust that the entrepreneur knows what’s best for the customer, perhaps even without interaction with such a customer.

Small Ideas, Big Benefits


Such ideas require little-to-no capital, usually last for a relatively short duration and are of nominal size. Note that I am not purporting that these are particularly amazing or unique ideas. This mini adVenture did so well that not only did the student earn enough money to travel to Europe after graduation, the entrepreneur franchised the idea to a lower classman, who then sold the same prints the following year and split the profit with the entrepreneur who originated the idea.

Radicle Accelerator Fund Launches to Nurture AgTech Innovation


Radicle, a new accelerator fund focused on agricultural ventures, is launching today with plans to seed and nurture the next generation of agtech companies addressing global farming problems. We expect a deeper and better prepared pipeline of new agtech companies to emerge,” he said.

Funding the Big Idea

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011 -- Funding the Big Idea! The event features our premier Speed Dating* program where you can personally meet one on one and present your idea to Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Private and Public Equity Investors. To culminate your event experience watch entrepreneurs and investors in action inside the Piranha Pool as four finalists from Speed Dating pitch their companies.