Earbuds lets audiences stream the playlists of athletes, entertainers and each other

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Earbuds , a new startup from Austin founded by former Detroit Lions lineman Jason Fox, wants to bring the power of social media to your eardrums. On social media, players would take screenshots of their playlists and post them to platforms like Twitter or Instagram, Fox said.

More investors are betting on virtual influencers like Lil Miquela

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Meanwhile, new venture-backed companies like the superstealthy Shadows, SuperPlastic and Toonstar are all developing virtual characters that will launch via social media channels like Snap and Instagram, or on their own platforms.

Beyond Entertainment | Social Media as a Tool for Marketers

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Since its inception into the mainstream fabric of people’s lives, social media and the concept of social networking has gone through a rather peculiar evolutionary transition. The capability for a social app to monetize is now the new standard – like it or not.

Social Media Marketing Dinner

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Thursday, June 25, 2009 -- Social Media Marketing Dinner. Join iHollywood Forum as we re-launch our popular monthly dinner series looking at whats next for the business of entertainment. Well look at latest trends in social media, branded entertainment, audience tracking, interactive ads, integrated and cross-platform marketing and much more, backed up by video case studies.

The makers of the virtual influencer, Lil Miquela, snag real money from Silicon Valley

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The account “hack” was architected by brud as part of an ongoing virtual reality drama playing out on Instagram and other social media platforms between avatars it had developed, all designed to attract media attention, according to people with knowledge of brud and its plans.

Next 10 Ventures is launching an incubator for YouTube personalities

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“At YouTube, I saw over 5x growth in watch time, commercialization and really, globalization of the platform,” Grubbs told TechCrunch. “I have three kids ages 9, 7 and 4 and I’ve seen it there too in how they are consuming media.

Fullscreen Aims At LinkedIn


Los Angeles-based social entertainment firm Fullscreen , which is part of Otter media, is targeting LinkedIn with a new platform management and strategy practice, the company announced this morning. Fullscreen said the new practice comes because of LinkedIn's faster growth rate compared to other social platforms in the last year, with a 7.2 fullscreen linkedin brand strategy consulting branding social media ottermedia

Ford’s Autonomic Pairs With Alibaba Cloud On Mobility Hub for China


Together, the two companies plan to offer a standardized platform where all participants in the transportation ecosystem—including Ford’s rival automakers—can build services, from their own ride-hailing apps to entertainment channels for passengers marking time in self-driving.

Full Speed Ahead! Social Media Week Is Here!

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Social Media Week (SMW) is finally here and is set to be one amazing week filled with panels, discussions, networking, and much more. What is Social Media Week? Social Media Week is a global platform that connects people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media. Social Media Week as partnered up with Ustream to bring some of the events live.

Action Sports and Social Media Live Wednesday

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Tomorrow starting at 8pm PST We will be live streaming ( click here to view live stream ) the "Action Sports + Social Media Marketing Mash Up" event put on by SoCal Action Sports Network.

DreamJobbing: Melding Online And Media To Create A Platform For Dream Jobs


We spoke with Lisa Hennessy , one of the founders of DreamJobbing and an entertainment industry veteran, to learn more about the startup. This is an interesting combination of media and online website, can you talk about the strategy there?

Facebook's Impact on Entertainment PR and Marketing

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Monday, September 19, 2011 -- Facebook's Impact on Entertainment PR and Marketing. Learn first-hand from an all-star panel how the entertainment industry is using Facebook and other top social networking platforms. Social Media Week LA. PRSA LA. Well cover best practices, case studies and strategies for success (as well as those to avoid).

Worlize | Virtual World Tied To Facebook, Twitter and Now Your Blog

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Worlize is a user-created social gaming and chat platform for Facebook and social networks including Twitter, MySpace and OpenSocial. The 2D platform brings together a new world of interactivity for users, including the ability to play and create their own worlds and games.

Bedloo: Find The Answers In Life | Founder Interview, Startup Life & LA Tech

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Bedloo is a social media voting platform for those who want to find the right answer in life. TechZulu catches up with one of the co-founders of Bedloo, Vincent Plummer, and talks to us about social media, startups, and Bedloo. Life is full of decisions.

The Right Marketing For A New Business Costs Least

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The power and influence of paid media advertising, including print ads, TV commercials, radio, and even online digital campaigns is waning, in favor of unpaid earned and owned messaging from your website, social media, key market influencers, and existing customer word-of-mouth.

WESAWIT | Experience Events Through The Eyes of The Crowd

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The mobile app and website that allows people to capture and share images and videos of events through social media. The cool thing is we were not only taught about film and TV, but also about new media. One of our teachers was teaching new media and it was really inspiring.


YouTube Marketing | Top 8 Tips to Increase Sales with Video

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So here are the top 8 tips from 2 successful brands on what we can do to create engaging content and market our brands using YouTube as our platform. Nick Tran, Director of Social Media for Taco Bell.

Bionic Hands, Mind Control, and AI Oh My! | Techstars Disney Accelerator Class of 2015

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The ten companies in this year’s program represent a diverse cross-section of technologies, and are inspired by their visions for the applicability of these technologies in the media space. Video Engagement Platform. Techstars Disney Accelerator class of 2015 was announced yesterday.

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15 Hacks to Raise the Most Money for Your Indiegogo Campaign

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This is where you go to influencers, bloggers, media and press, but instead of saying May 9th, tell them a later date (for example, Tuesday May 11th) and ask them to wait to publish any news on your campaign until that later date (May 11th). Social Profiles.

The Future of Shopping | Vidzey Interactive Videos

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And this in a nutshell, is what our lives as media consumers has turned into: a constant stream of impatience and auto-pilot interactions with ads. Enter Vidzey , the in-video shopping platform that seamlessly combines media, entertainment and e-commerce. Imagine it.

Solaborate: Professional Connections | Founder Interview Labinot Bytyqi

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Solaborate is a blend of great social network platforms, by taking in all the greatest bits and putting it all into one. Consumers all have access to social networks, but the business-side has never really caught on. There are multiple platforms used to get the job done.

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Kabam Launches The Godfather: Five Families Exclusive to Google+

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Big news in the social gaming sphere as major interactive gaming player Kabam announces the launch of The Godfather: Five Families out of beta and into commercial exclusively with Google+ Games. This is the first social game based on a major movie franchise on any social platform, period.

Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

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has provided a platform since 2005 for indie producers, distributors and advertisers to provide viewers with this kind of content. Embedded in the page are standard social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Disqus and good old fashion email as methods to recommend programming that you like.

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Marketing The Funniest Site On The Internet With Patrick Starzan of Funny or Die

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He is a marketing professional with over 8 years of extensive online and social media marketing experience. Immerse yourself in data and become an expert in all online marketing strategies from social media to search. No social network has stood the test of time.

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Earbits | Free Your Music

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Earbits was founded by Joey Flores and Eric Doyle in 2010 and both have created a new social way to listen to music. Earbits is a win-win platform where both listeners get their music service for free and the music industry is able to bring in more fans.

Demo Video Lab | Crowdfunding Secrets to Success

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Crowdfunding Secret to Success will take you through the process of planning, having a structured timeline, creating an awesome video and harnessing important social sharing triggers to make your campaign viral. Cause related campaigns (only for certain crowd-funding platforms).

Chill.com | A Place To Chill And Watch Online Video

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Chill.com , from the makers of Namesake , is a video community sharing platform. Everything from hip hop music videos to entertainment news and gossip, there is sure to be a lounge to suit your taste. I was inspired by the combination of content, social networking and gaming.

SnapMyAd Wants You To Monetize Your Instagram Pics

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No, we are currently self funded but entertaining offers. We envision consumers buying products, attending events, going on vacation and reflexively posting photos on our platform to show off, recommend, and enter in to win perks and earn rewards.

Why Hollywood is Joining the Video On-Demand Market


VOD Streaming Platforms Are Open for Independent Filmmakers. But VOD also provides Indie producers a platform forth which to display their works. For those who are more confident in their Indie film brand, they usually move onto platforms like Hulu that offer income from ad supported platforms (AVOD). Indie movies are promoted by building them up around a virtual distributed version of a screening event through social media.

Popbase helps YouTube stars build closer relationships with their fans

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Entertainment has changed. New platforms led by YouTube have emerged to change the dynamic of broadcast media — once dominated by the rigid programming of TV — while the internet has enabled new media stars to engage with their audiences in new, high-touch ways.

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Viddy Announces Series A Raise | Mobile Social Video App

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Now you can experience that feeling again with Viddy, the mobile social video app. Some of the visual effects make for highly entertaining videos such as my recording from the beach. Remember that feeling the first time you got an iPhone?

Disney Taps Square's Dorsey For Board


Disney said the move will give it a perspective into the "latest technologies and platforms" to reach more people, due to his influence in the social media and commerce space. twitter executive studio hollywood entertainment disney walt square In a move to add some Silicon Valley cred to the company''s board, Burbank-based The Walt Disney Company has added Jack Dorsey, chairman of Twitter and CEO of Square Inc.,

Silicon Beach At USC | TZ Hooks You Up With 10 Free Tickets!

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The conference will feature rising leaders in entertainment, technology, new media platforms, entrepreneurship and investment. Sessions will explore the collision of the technology and entertainment businesses, the rise of new ventures taking advantage of traditional Hollywood content and new media platforms, and opportunities for innovation and new ventures in the industry. Apps Entrepreneurship Events Marketing Social Media Amplify.la

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TZ Startup Hot Seat | Vincent Borel Co-Founder of Webdoc

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Webdoc is a web platform that allows you to easily create interactive posts mixing different web contents through a simple and intuitive drag & drop interface. Imagine a white canvas that allows you to create a mixture of any kind of media you want in one space.

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Dana White, Scott Monty, Guy Kawasaki and More | NMX Keynotes 2013

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TechZulu had the pleasure again this year to help bring all the New Media Expo (NMX) 2013 Keynotes sessions live. Amy Jo Martin Speaks about Social Communication, developing a proprietary equation to measure a brands Return on Influence (ROI).