Ownzones Launches Media Management Platform


Los Angeles-based OWNZONES Media Network , a provider of technology for the motion pictures, television, and digital content market, said on Monday that it has launched a new product for delivering content over "over the top" (OTT) market. The company said its new product, Zypline, helps media owners deliver video to OTT platforms, automating and simplifying the process of distributing content to Roku, Hulu, Verizon, Comcast, LeEco and other OTT platforms.

Aclima sucks in $24M to scale its air quality mapping platform

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” “Our technology is really a proof point for emerging and new legislation in California that’s going to require community based monitoring across the entire state,” she adds. I incorporated Aclima 10 years ago and started really working on the technology around 2010.

AdGreetz Rolls Out Automated, Personalized Ad Marketing Platform


Los Angeles-based AdGreetz , which develops personzlied advertising technology, announced a new product this morning, and automated and integrated marketing platform it calls AdChef. AAcording to the company, the new software allows companies to produce, upload and deploy millions of unique creative versions of ads to the most popular digital media platforms and demand side platforms, in real time.

SGN Launches Cross-Platform Development Tool


Los Angeles-based social and mobile game development firm, SGN , said today that it has launched a new tool called MasterKey, which it says can be used to develop cross-platform titles. gaming development tool cross platform videogame software mobile android social facebook

Spreeify Launches Social Ad Platform


Los Angeles-based Spreeify , the social marketing software startup led by Ruben Dua, announced this morning that it has launched a new, social advertising platform it is calling SocialActive. Spreeify says the new technology has already been used by Swarovski, Adobe, and others.

Qualcomm Announces Connected Car Platform

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San Diego-based Qualcomm has announced a new, reference platform, which it says is designed to help automotive manufacturers build their own, connected cars. According to Qualcomm, its new Qualcomm Connected Car Reference Platform is aimed at accelerating the adoption of advanced connectivity into connected cars, and includes the integration of wireless technology such as 3G/4G LTS, GNSS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other protocols with other features, and more.

Sightly Launches Video Ad Platform


San Diego-based Sightly , which develops video advertising technology, said Thurday that it has launched a new platform aimed at delivering personalized, video ads from local businesses to prospective customers. Sightly said its video ad platform provides micro-target audiences in hyper-local areas for advertisers. sightly video advertising technology local targeting mobile

Corent Wins MapR Technologies


Aliso Viejo-based Corent Technologies , which develops cloud migration software, and AI and data analytics software developer MapR Technologies said this morning that MapR Technologies has selected Corent's SurPaaS platform to help customers access MapR's Data Platform for AI. corent mapr technologies migration cloud data analytics software saas

Invested.in Looks To License Technology Platform


Los Angeles-based Invested.in , the developer of a site which helps users raise money for projects and ideas, has launched an effort to provide a white label version of its platform. platform allows anyone to create their own, white-labeled crowd-funding sites, according to the company. s founder, said the new offering is aimed at both media companies and entrepreneurs who might be interested in licensing the platform for their own uses.

Triton Digital Launches New Ad Platform


Los Angeles-based audio advertising technology developer ,a href="[link] Digital said today that it has rolled out a new, "supply side platform" (SSP) aimed at the online audio market. The company said its new platform connects to demand-side platform providers such as The Trade Desk, AppNexus, RTBiQ, AudioTrade and StrikeAd, and others and helps to simplify the management of programmatic audio advertising inventory.

Microsoft, Disney Link On Cloud, Technology Deal


The Walt Disney Studios , in Burbank, and technology giant Microsoft Corp. are in a new deal where the two will work together, where Disney will work with Microsoft on ways to create, produce and distribute content on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, the companies announced on Friday morning. Financial details of the cloud services and technology deal were not announced.

Swell Launches Social Impact Investing Platform


Newport Beach-based Swell , a new fintech startup, said on Tuesday that it has launched a new online platform which lets consumers invest in specific portfolios focused on social impact. Swell said it lets users invest as little as $500 into such themed investments in the areas of green technology, renewable energy, zero waste, clean water, healthy living, and disease eradication.

Rubicon Project Launches New Technology Platform


Los Angeles-based The Rubicon Project , which operates a service to optimize the selection of ads on web sites, said today that it has debuted a new technology platform is it calling REVV for Publishers. The new software expands Rubicon's product from optimizing remnant ad network impressions, and into the domain of managing direct and in-house advertising.

uSamp Rolls Out New API, Platform


Los Angeles-based online survey and sampling services and technology provider uSamp said Wednesday that it has rolled out a new, fully open Application programming interface (API). The new API is part of its new SampleCORE platform, which it says helps automate sampling for its customers.

Framework Benchmarks


Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks. The high-performance Netty platform takes a commanding lead for JSON serialization on EC2. Let go of your technology prejudices.

Rutkowski Gets New Platform on KFWB


Ken Rutkowski , the well connected Los Angeles founder of networking group METal International and KenRadio , has a new platform for his musings on technology and media, on a new show on KFWB.

OpenX Debuts New Ad Quality Platform


Los Angeles-based online advertising technology developer OpenX said today that it has launched a "next generation" traffic quality monitoring platform, which it is using to help eliminate fraud in programmatic advertising. OpenX said its new platform detects and blocks suspicious activity in its network using big--data analysis, and also ties into human review.

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Science 37 Raises $31M For Clinical Trial Platform


Los Angeles-based Science 37 , a startup developing a technology platform aimed at enabling clinical trials, said this morning that it has raised $31M in a Series B financing round. The company says it has developed a platform which allows companies to extend clinical trials to people's homes, reducing the amount of travel time for patients in clinical trials, using telemedicine and in-home doctor's visits.

Smart Audio – A Lucrative Platform… If You Figure Out How To Leverage It


Neither Google nor Amazon offer ads on their platforms. Entrepreneurs who utilize a user-centric, thoughtful approach will ultimately gain the greatest benefit from smart audio platforms. However, the speed with which the technology is being adopted is astonishing.

10 Startup Survival Tips in the Age of the Platform

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According to many technology pundits, including Phil Simon, in his new book “ The Age of the Platform ,” these four exemplify the rise of platforms with applications as a business model, rather than a single product or service. Temper expectations and overshoot on technology.

Spot Runner Launches Media Platform


Los Angeles-based Spot Runner , a developer of services which help advertisers buy TV advertising, announced today that it has launched its Malibu Media Platform, which the firm says will help improve the process of buying and selling television advertising. Tags: spotrunner media platform advertising television

WebVisible Enhances Ad Platform


Irvine-based WebVisible , the provider of local online marketing software for small and medium sized businesses, said Wednesday that it has enhanced its technology platform, adding new mobile optimized landing pages, use of Amazon Cloud Front for video, and expanded listings in business directories.

Mogreet Launches MMS Ad Platform


Los Angeles-based Mogreet , the mobile marketing and mobile video technology firm headed by James Citron, has launched a new product today, aimed at providing monetization of MMS messages. The firm said its new AdStitch mobile advertising service ads pre-roll and post-roll adds to MMS videos, which allows companies to combine advertisements with MMS video messages. The firm said the tool makes it simple for companies to generate advertising revenue from opt-in, MMS messaging campaigns.

Rubicon Project Extends Ad Platform To TV


Rubicon said it will power automation technology for AdMore, which will allow advertisers to use programmatic buying to target linear TV audiences. Los Angeles-based Rubicon Project is in a deal to extend the company's advertising marketplace to linear television, in a partnership deal with AdMore , the companies said this week. AdMore, which is backed by The Carlyle Group and HIG Growth Partners, helps agencies and marketers automate their TV advertising. READ MORE>>.

Gumgum Rolls Programmatic Ad Platform For Images


Los Angeles-based Gumgum , the online advertising technology developer led by Ophir Tanz, recently rolled out a new, programmatic ad platform for its in-image advertising. According to the company, it has partnered with Xaxis, a programmatic media and technology developer, to launch a programmatic product for buying in-image advertising. Gumgum provides in-image advertising technology, which integrates ads into a site''s photos.

Choosing Internet Platforms


The topic is: Betting Your Company On An Internet Platform? However, these platforms could be interesting for prototype and pilot solutions. The other conclusion was that you need to have a migration path from the platform. Finally we get to: Peter Coffee , Director of Platform Research, Salesforce.com His premise is that we should be beyond having to buy servers, software, or any other infrastructure. VRM - his company - goal is to provide a Level 4 platform.

3 Sales Tips for Startups – Creating a Burning Platform

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Many entrepreneurs who start technology companies are product people, technologists or savvy business people who worked previously for a larger company. This is part of my ongoing series Startup Advice.

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More investors are betting on virtual influencers like Lil Miquela

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Meanwhile, new venture-backed companies like the superstealthy Shadows, SuperPlastic and Toonstar are all developing virtual characters that will launch via social media channels like Snap and Instagram, or on their own platforms.

Rubicon Project Launches Mobile Video Ad Platform Out Of Beta


Los Angeles-based online advertising marketplace and technology provider Rubicon Project is launching its mobile, video advertising platform out of beta, the company said today. According to Rubicon, its Mobile Video Platform (MVP) is now reaching more than one billion unique connected mobile devices globally.

Qualcomm Targets Consumer Drone Market With New Platform


San Diego-based Qualcomm has launched a new reference platform, specifically aimed at helping designers incorporate its chips into drone aircraft, the company said Thursday. According to Qualcomm, its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, has launched a new reference platform called Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight , which is specifically aimed at use in consumer drones. Yuneec is expected to launch its Qualcomm-based platform in 2016.

D2 Technologies Buys Webia Technologies


Santa Barbara-based D2 Technologies , which develops embedded IP communications software, reports today that it has acquired Webia Technologies , a developer of products for the Google Android OS platform. technologies voip software embedded android webia merger acquisition

Phunware Gets $26.25M For Mobile App Platform


The funding was led by the Firsthand Technology Value Fund, and also included Fraser McCombs Ventures, Maxima Ventures, Wild Basin Investment and the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN), as well as new strategic investors Cisco and WWE. Phunware , a developer of mobile advertising, application, analytics, and other tools for brands which has operations in both Newport Beach and San Diego, said this week that it has raised $26.25M in a Series E funding.

2018 Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018 -- 2018 Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival. The Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival (HETF) is an exciting international event bridging the US and China, with expert speakers and panel discussions on trends in entertainment technology, cross-border opportunities, and investments.

BlueCava Gets $13M For Ad Technology


Irvine-based BlueCava , a developer of a cross-screen advertising platform, said Thursday that it has raised $13M in a new funding round. Blue Cava had previously been focused on device reputation and security services, and appears to have pivoted the company to apply that same technology to ad targeting. bluecava advertising platform cross venture capital targeting

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Vid Gets Strategic Funding


Los Angeles-based Vid , a startup developing a social video platform, announced late Monday that it has received a strategic investment from Ontology, a developer of blockchain technology. capital venture social platform video funding strategicFinancial terms of the investment were not announced.