PASHpost Aims At Focused Social Networking


A new, Los Angeles-based startup, PASHpost , said today that it has lauched a new service called PASHGroups , a social destination which aggregates posts from such sites as Craigslist, Google+, Reddit, and YouTube, and sorts content from those sites into a single, interest-focused community. pashpost social networking startup

Communly Takes On Social Networking Around Interests, Not Friends


Is there room in the world for another social networking site? Los Angeles-based Communly thinks so, and recently has launched a new site aiming to help connect users not based on who their friends are, but instead by a users'' interests.

Social Networking Addiction Bears Fruit

Eric Greenspan

I’ve been engaged with social networking for some time now, starting with Myspace and Facebook and just recently (within the last 30 days), Twitter. I have vanity urls setup at just about every site on the web. Isn’t social networking amazing?

Stage 32 Targets Film, TV, Theater With Social Network


Does the entertainment industry need its own social networking site? Los Angeles-based Stage 32 thinks so--and so far, has 325,000 members for its online social networking site, which it says ties together film, television, and theater creatives. According to the site, it has been around since 2011, and can be described as "Lynda meets Linkedin" for creatives. stage32 social networking hollywood content film theater television artist

Jammcard Launches Social Network For Musicians


Los Angeles-based Jammcard said this morning that it has launched a new, social networking site specifically for professional and amateur musicians. The startup, which is led by Elmo Lovano, said it provides a platform where artists can present or share their repertoire and abilities, and network with others in the business. jammcard social networking music musican industry business

Two San Diego Sites Rank Tops In Rising Social Networking Interest


A report issued this week by Experian Marketing Services has identified two, San Diego niche social networking sites as being among the fastest growing sites between July of 2011 and July of 2012. social networking analysis pinterest experian skillwho stocktwits ranking

AtomicMe Connects Social Networking, Revenue Sharing


A new, Los Angeles startup, AtomicMe , said this week that it is looking to tie together social networking activity with the interests users are passionate about--by sharing advertising revenues with those users. AtomicMe said it will pay 30% of the net advertising revenue generated through impressions on the site, for any user that can attract more than 100,000 unique visitors to a page within a month. atomicme advertising social networking sharing revenue

Social Networking Addiction Bears Fruit FAST

Eric Greenspan

I’ve been engaged with social networking for some time now, starting with Myspace and Facebook and just recently (within the last 30 days), Twitter. I have vanity urls setup at just about every site on the web.

LiveOffice Adds Social Networking Support


Torrance-based LiveOffice , the provider of email archiving, compliance, and backup services, said yesterday that it has linked with SocialWare , a provider of software for connecting companies to social networking sites. According to the two firms, the link will allow users of LiveOffice's AdvisorMail software to pre-review and route social networking updates through a company's compliance workflow.

Stockr Raises $1.5M For Social Networking Site For Investors


Stockr , the social networking service aimed at financial investors based in Los Angeles, has raised $1.5M discussion networking social financial trading stock stockrin a seed funding round, the firm said yesterday. The company said the round came from Personal Capital, The Doyle Investment Group, and Adam Townsend.

Social Network ‘Gigmor’ Connects Musicians for Jam Sessions

Tech Zulu Event

Gigmor intends to reinvent the ways in which musicians and bands are connected with paid gigging opportunities and the way industry talent buyers discover new talent through its social network for musicians, bands and industry talent buyers.

Forget Facebook? Pushup Social Adds a Social Network to Your Website

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Pushup Social, a startup that lets you add a social network to an existing website, has raised $300,000 to build out its technology and launch this Spring. Our early investors saw the potential right away,” said Pushup Social CEO Dan Lohman. “As

More Women Than Men Using Social Networking Sites, Says Report


The latest report out of Internet traffic analysis firm comScore finds that there's a higher percentage of women than men using social networking sites. percent of women globally used social networking sites in May, versus only 69.7 The report also found women were spending "significantly more" time on social networking sites than men, at 5.5 percent of women are using social networking.

Social Networking Entreprenuerial Opportunities


Last Saturday, I was a panelist at the CalTech - Social Networks event. My main points were: Social Everywhere - I work with a lot of different shapes and sizes of companies and it's interesting how each one has opportunities to leverage its users to form different kinds of communities, create connections, encourage contribution, etc. It is almost universal that there are opportunities around social networking.

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

Both Sides of the Table

I recently spoke at Caltech at the Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum on “the future of social networking,&# the 30-minute video is here and the PowerPoint presentation is here on DocStoc ). What are the big trends that will drive the next phase of social networks?

Social Networking and Business Value


Just a quick note that I'll be moderating a Technology Council Event : Social Networking as a Business Strategy May 19, 2009 - Culver City Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. Can social networking be a money-maker for companies?

Sgrouples | The World’s Private Social Network, Interview with Forrest Hanson

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Sgrouples is the world’s private social network. Mark Weinstein , the founder and CEO of Sgrouples, was a pioneer of the early social network experience online with his first creation in 1999, Supergroups, one of the first real social networks on the Internet.

Africa’s Largest and Fastest Growing Social Network | Interview with LAGbook’s Chidi Nwaogu

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Today they say its Africa’s largest and fastest growing social networking utility with over 4,000 daily new sign-ups. They also add that LAGbook ranks #2 in the city of Yaba-Lagos, where the social network was incepted, and #37 in the city of Hirtshal, Denmark.

Greenwala Launches Green Social Networking Site


Lake Forest-based Greenwala , a new startup, launched its social networking site Wednesday, saying that it is hoping to connect people with brands focused on sustainable lifestyles. The firm said that the site will allow companies to showcase green-based products, through a network of community members who want to help others live a greener lifestyle.

ResearchGate | Social Network For Researchers Only

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ResearchGate , the professional network for scientists and researchers, was founded by virologists Dr. Ijad Madisch and Sören Hofmayer, and IT specialist Horst Fickenscher. 2 million Researchers On site.

The dinner that destroyed Gawker

TechCrunch LA

Peter Thiel’s vague idea to do something about Gawker, the site that had outed him as gay in 2007, was concretized into conspiracy on April 6, 2011. This is an excerpt from Ryan Holiday’s new book Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue, available now.

Central Desktop Adds Social Networking


Pasadena-based Central Desktop, a provider of on-demand project management and collaboration software, has rolled out new social networking features on its site. According to Central Desktop, it has released new abilities for its customers to share their stories and best practices, through online discussion forums, social networking communities, and links to social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Delicious, and Flickr.

At The Pool Redesigns Site, Rolls Out Groups For Organizations


At The Pool , the Los Angeles-based social networking site focused on helping locals meet other locals, said Wednesday that it has launched a major, new site redesign, including adding the ability for local groups to create their own "pools".

amSTATZ Social Network For Fitness Gurus, Athletes & Events | Interview With Founder

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The fitness professional network develops business tools that make it easier for fitness professionals to run their businesses and keep their clients engaged between training sessions. Advertising revenue is generated from each site visitor, paid or otherwise.

In Control: Who Will Own the World of Social Networks?

SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, April 18, 2009 -- In Control: Who Will Own the World of Social Networks? Meanwhile they tire of repeated data entry, are leery of ever-proliferating and incomprehensible "Terms of Service," and outraged when a site overreaches. Socnet" proliferation amplifies issues that increasingly worry users. They are questioning "what access do 'friends of friends' have? Is my content still mine? What about advertisers?"

ReachLocal Gets Social With New Local Business Site


Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal said today that it has launched a new, beta of a local business site called Bizzy. The new site is launching first in New York, San Francisco, and Dallas. Zorik Gordon, CEO of ReachLocal, said in a statement that the new site is a "separate, unique place" for local business owners to communicate with their best customers. Tags: reachlocal bizzy social networking business

PurePhoto Buys, Launches Photo Site


Westlake Village-based , a new startup headed by former NextMedium COO John Ellis, and whose exec team includes prior executives from ReachLocal, ValueClick, and, said Tuesday that it has acquired the assets of Los Angeles-based PhotographyMentor , an online photography education and social networking site. Tags: purephoto merger acquisition photographymentor photography photo camera social networking startup

MySpace Debuts New Site, Logo Plans


Beverly Hills-based MySpace , the online social networking site, is set to debut a new new site design and logo, the firm said late last night. In a statement, MySpace CEO Mike Jones said the move is an "exciting turning point" for the site.

Sites 151 Launches Personal Finance Site, Backed By $3.5M


Los Angeles-based , a new startup led by Scott Saunders, said Tuesday that it has officially launched its free, social finance site.'s web site centers around sharing dreams and saving goals with others, and earning special badges for reaching steps along the way to those goals. In particular, the firm is looking to help consumers pay off their debt and meet savings goals, with a social twist.

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Rippol Removes Logins, Rolls Lightweight Site


San Diego-based Rippol , a startup which is looking to use social networking information to help users discover new videos and online shows, has quietly rolled out a new "lightweight" version of its site, and has removed requirements to login and register with the site to view videos. The firm said the lightweight site has been up for a few days, but is still in the midst of design refinement.

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Stockr Looks To Create New Stock Discussion Site


A new, Los Angeles startup, Stockr , is looking to connect the world of social networking with stock tips and trades, and recently has emerged in a private beta. StockR looks to compete against Yahoo Finance and social stock discussion services like StockTwits. stockr stock trading tips stocktwits social networking

Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation Launches New Nonprofit Site


Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation , the nonprofit arm of talent management software developer Cornerstone OnDemand , said this morning that i thas launched a new online learning and social networking site for nonprofits. Launches Reviews Site


Tags: lunch reviews community social networking

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Report: Apple Working On Snapchat Clone


A report, published Thursday by Bloomberg, says that Apple is working on a clone of the software from Venice, California-based Snapchat --in a bid to make a renewed push into the social networking area. The report said that Apple is working on video sharing, editing, and "filter" features within its mobile apps, which could be sent to contacts or to existing social networking sites. snapchat apple clone social networking photo sharing

Grindr Launching Digital Magazine, INTO


Los Angeles-based social networking site Grindr , which serves the "gay, bi, curious and queer" market, is launching a new online, digital magazine called INTO today. The magazine said it will provide "fresh, relevant stories and beautiful photography" on the site, which is led by Editor-in-Chief Zach Stafford. grindr into intomore social networking curious queer dating lgbtq millenial content magazine publishing