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Tech.Co Has Been Acquired by Global Digital Media Business


Today, I’m excited to announce that Tech.Co has been acquired by MVF , an international publishing and tech company. MVF was founded in the UK by five friends in 2009, and has driven incredibly fast growth over the past 9 years.


Aerie Pharmaceuticals Names VPs


Irvine-based Aerie Pharmacueticals said this morning that it has named two new executives. According to the developer of glaucoma therapies, it has named Nils Hauptmann as Director of Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance and Tim Swan as Director of Sales and Transparency Operations. Hauptmann was previously at Avanir Pharmaceuticals and Fibrogen. Swan was previously at Allergan. READ MORE>>. aerie pharmaceuticals executive glaucoma therapy nils hauptmann swan


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How to keep ahead of evolving cyber threats


Not long ago, malware and other viruses were nothing more than occasional mild annoyances, but cyber crime has become big business in the past few years. With organisations across the world now using the Internet every day to do business, criminals have taken advantage.

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8 Reasons Startups Should Not End Their Year on December 31st


A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. During a Invoca Board meeting, an interesting idea was raised by Brett Queener, a former Salesforce senior executive.

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Members Hire Associations, Members Fire Associations


Members hire Associations, Members fire Associations is what the new mantra will be for Association Executives in 2018. The evolving external environment is continually redefining how member executives assess the impact of their memberships.

10 Step Checklist To Rank Your Startup Ideas


A version of this article first appeared in Forbes. Steven Johnson, author of How We Got To Now , analyzes technological breakthroughs, looking for patterns that allow entrepreneurs to identify “How We’ll Get To Tomorrow.”

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In Quest to Drug RNA With Small Molecules, Expansion Pulls In $55M


Drug developers have long thought that targeting RNA with small molecule drugs was too difficult, but new insight into RNA biology is starting to change their minds. In the latest sign of this growing interest, a new startup, Expansion Therapeutics, today announced a $55.3

Silicon Beach Report Jan. 5: Snap’s Unusual Structure Led to Breakthroughs, But Also Problems

L.A. Business Journal

Snap’s unusual structure led to breakthroughs but also problems; Hulu nabs ‘Lost’ exclusive subscription streaming rights from Netflix; and SpaceX now targeting late January for Falcon Heavy launch

10 Causes of High Sales Rep Turnover – Which One Is Yours?


By now you know some of the sales people that won’t be with you next year. But, which of your A-Players are planning to leave after they get their bonus? This post gives you some factors that may predict the. Article Sales Strategy Talent Strategy mishire New Rep Turnover sales rep turnover turnover

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e-Gaming and e-Sports: The Opportunities Abound

SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, January 20, 2018 --.


First U.S. Gene Therapy, Approved for Vision Loss, to Cost $850,000


The first gene therapy approved in the United States will cost $850,000, its developer Spark Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ONCE ) announced today.

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Silicon Beach Report Jan. 2: Spotify Hit with $1.6 Billion Lawsuit from L.A. Music Publisher

L.A. Business Journal

Spotify hit with $1.6 billion lawsuit from L.A. music publisher; Faraday Future founder defies Beijing order to return home; and SpaceX launching top-secret Zuma satellite for U.S. government this week

What’s a company board good for, anyway?


Some of you have gotten along forever without a board of directors, or used your spouse as the “other” board member from the start. But there are some very good reasons to build a great board composed of some outside members. And good board members can add real value to you and the company.

Candidate Experience and Rapid Growth: The Secrets Only Experts Know


Congratulations! Your company is growing rapidly. This brings many new challenges and is an exciting time. But there’s one thing you can’t afford to ignore while expanding: your candidate experience. Rushing through the hiring process negatively impacts the candidate experience.

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After Boom Years, Starburst and Podium May Signal Big Data’s Future


It seems like ancient history now, but “big data” was once a hot field with startups, investors, and big companies all buzzing with hype. Then the tech industry moved on, and marketers crowned data science and machine learning the Next Big Things (at least until blockchain takes over). Of course, big data never really went away—though many companies did.

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How To Deliver Your Presentation In Half The Time You’d Allotted


Talking faster during a presentation is a bad idea. Here are a few better ones. It’s the day of your big presentation. You’ve spent the last few weeks fine-tuning every detail. You rehearsed last night, and you were flawless. You’ve never felt more prepared. Read Full Story. Leadership

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Assessing the Impact of Meltdown and Spectre: Companies Rush to Mitigate the Threat


As Intel is hit with class action lawsuits, enterprises are working quickly to assess the potential impact of the flaws

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Cybersecurity Firm Illumio’s Alan Cohen on the Tech Backlash of 2017


One of the largest and most consequential data breaches in 2017 afflicted credit reporting agency Equifax, and it was hardly the only victim. Any year-end review of technology news must also include reports on Russian hacking of the 2016 election campaign, and the manipulation of social media channels to spread false and divisive political messages.

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Tamr’s Andy Palmer on Diversity in Tech & A.I.’s Data Challenge


As 2017 comes to a close, we’re surveying business and technology leaders from around our network to get their perspectives on the year in tech—and what’s next. Below are the highlights from our e-mail exchange with entrepreneur and investor Andy Palmer, the co-founder and CEO of Cambridge, MA-based Tamr , a “data unification” software company. Palmer previously co-founded Vertica Systems, now part of HP.)

In 2018, Everything Old Is New Again…At Least As Far As Recruiting Is Concerned


The recruiting world is a funny place. We have to bend, all the time. We scale up when supply is not in our favor, spreading our budgets thin and leveraging all resources. The sense of urgency, of securing “that hire” yesterday, is incredible. When supply is in our favor, we trim the budgets, and maximize time to fill. When one resource or tool no longer meets our needs, or generates nominal ROI, we move on.

Silicon Beach Report Dec. 28: LeEco Founder's Assets Seized as China Pursues Absent Web Mogul

L.A. Business Journal

LeEco founder's assets seized as China pursues absent web mogul; Snapchat developing ‘Stories Everywhere’ outside the app; and TaskUs grows to more than 8,000 employees

UTD’s Guengerich on the Promise and Peril of Tech Innovation in 2017


A series of events this year—from the Equifax data breach to the foreign use of social media to influence the U.S. presidential election—has prompted some to question the utopian promise of innovation, especially when it comes to Web companies and cybersecurity. To help put things in perspective at year’s end, Xconomy reached out to Steve Guengerich, executive director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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What Can Seattle Learn from Amazon’s HQ2 Search? 3 Takes


Perhaps the biggest story in Seattle last year was Amazon’s decision to seek a second headquarters elsewhere in North America. The tech and retail juggernaut has transformed this city and its economy over the last decade, for good and for ill. So, what lesson should Seattle take from Amazon’s move? We put that question to Seattle-area innovation leaders, and asked for their best guess on where Amazon will land its HQ2. That decision is expected sometime this year, eh.

Bio Roundup: Trump, Gottlieb, Gene Therapy Prices, IPO Hopes & More


Welcome to the new year. What will it bring? Hopefully a lot less hatred, greed, stupidity, and angst than 2017. But we’re not holding our breath. We emerged from the winter break pondering several of the year’s burning biopharma questions, including the volatility of the U.S. president and what it means for the biopharmaceutical business, a frequent target of his scattershot rants.

Tech Industry Must Implement Old-School Corporate Best Practices


There is little doubt that Silicon Valley has taken a reputational hit in 2017, partly as a result of the media’s usual star-making and -breaking process, but mostly through self-inflicted wounds.

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Silicon Beach Report Jan. 4: Jimmy Iovine to Leave Apple Music in August

L.A. Business Journal

Jimmy Iovine to leave Apple Music in August; Chrome River raises $35 million more and eHarmony's “scientific” match ad banned in UK

Genalyte Takes Aim at Lab Testing Giants with Cloud-Based Service


Genalyte, a biomedical diagnostics company that has maintained a low profile in San Diego while raising almost $92 million, is getting ready to debut technology that targets a market long dominated by centralized lab services providers.

Silicon Beach Report Dec. 27: Library of Congress Ends Comprehensive Twitter Archive

L.A. Business Journal

The Library of Congress will stop archiving all public tweets; LG is working with a mapping provider to create products for self-driving vehicles; and Amazon released details from the recent holiday shopping season